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A diary

Diary > first grade diary_ Today, my brother came to school to pick me up. He almost didn't find me. He said it was very hot today and made people feel bad. I think so, but it was not like this in the morning. The strong wind blew in the morning and made me a little cold. I asked my mother who sent me to school next to me why the wind was so strong. My mother said it was because of the typhoon, but I don't know what the typhoon is. It seems to be the wind that can lift the house up, I want to ask, but we have arrived at the school, so we waved into the school. Diary 100 words

My brother and I returned home. My brother magically took out three hamburgers. My saliva flowed (a little exaggerated) and I asked my brother to. My brother always annoyed me. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. I cried again. My mother came out of the bedroom and scolded my brother. I broke my tears into laughter again. Ha ha, we ate the hamburger and lay happily on the sofa. It's so comfortable.

What a happy day!

Grade one: a 275 word diary_ 200 words on a sunny morning, I got up early in the morning and found my mother walking around in the kitchen. What's the matter? I walked gently to my mother and asked, 'Mom, what's the matter?' The mother replied anxiously, 'there's no milk. How to make breakfast!' At this time, my mother seemed to see the Savior and shouted happily, 'baby, will you help my mother buy some bags of milk?' Then he stuffed the money into my hand. I had to go for my breakfast.

'Lala Lala' I hummed and walked to the convenience store. When I came to the convenience store, I searched and searched, and finally found milk on a shelf. After choosing several bags of milk and paying the money, I left the convenience store with great strides.

Back home, my mother looked at the milk in my hand and smiled happily & hellip& hellip;

Grade 3 of Longxi Normal primary school in Xiangcheng District, Zhangzhou, Fujian: a weekly record of Chu Xue Li Yue (Lu Zhiyi)_ 200 words first week of October

WOW! At more than 6 a.m. on national day, the news broadcast a good scene of flag raising in Tiananmen Square in the morning. At that time, I thought people had not got up. It turned out that Tiananmen Square was already a sea of people. People came to see the flag raising. We can see how much they love their motherland.

The five-star red flag is red. It was dyed red by the blood of the revolutionary ancestors. Today's happy life is bought by them. We should love our five-star red flag and our motherland. I want to study hard, be a useful person to the society when I grow up, and live up to the expectations of my teachers and parents. I decided to make a five-star red flag myself and remind myself all the time, so I took out cardboard and scissors, made a beautiful five-star red flag and hung it in my bedroom. Whenever I see the five-star red flag, it reminds me to study hard, make continuous progress and become an excellent three good student. I believe that as long as I work hard, I can do it.

Fourth grade of Qishan primary school in Jieyang, Guangdong: Fang Jingying