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I like Locke Kingdom

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The game on the Internet is Locke Kingdom. I have 48 elves in it. All my elves are level 20. The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". They all look very cute, such as melon and little Unicorn & hellip& hellip;。, They are very powerful. The elves in there are sonic dogs and fireworks. They can defeat those larger than them, and there are all kinds of places in there, ah! The kingdom of Locke is fun.

Grade two of Quanzhou Dongyuan Central Primary School: a Book influenced by Luo Yi 1 -- Locke Kingdom_ 350 words from the summer vacation to now, I am still by Locke Kingdom. Attracted by the stories in adventure notes, I have seen not only this book, but also the film of Locke Kingdom and played games.

The 'Locke trio' is composed of the talented little Locke Lodge, the unruly and willful Princess lihia, and the kind but somewhat timid little kitchen god filt. After countless frictions, the three people with different habits formed an alliance. They joined the MPI Association, solved many fan cases, went through many adventures, smashed the conspiracy of the black wizard Enzo and his men, and guarded the beautiful and happy Locke Kingdom.

Rocky, they're both smart and eager to learn. Smart and brave little Locke. The problems they encountered in the exploration were somewhat similar to the knowledge we learned. I unconsciously felt that I was exploring and fighting with them. It turns out that knowledge is the key to all problems. Knowledge is like the sea. We are a boat in the ocean of knowledge and roam in the ocean. Only by studying hard can we move forward like rocky until we win.

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