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Digital quarrel

Diary > second grade diary number quarrel_ 100 words are broken, and the digital babies are quarreling again! Diary 400 words

The little sister said proudly, 'you all have to call me the boss. Didn't I make 100 points?' 0 brother frowned and said, 'there is only one 1, and I 0 have two!' 2 brother jokingly said: 'there are big duck eggs! People praise me as a beautiful white swan. " In this way, they quarrel every day.

Today, uncle 9 couldn't help saying, '1 little sister, 0 brother and 2 brothers, you all have your own skills. You should unite and help each other!' 1 little sister, 0 brother and 2 brother all blushed, apologized to each other and became best friends.

Grade 2, central Dongdao primary school, Hedong District, Tianjin: quarrel in Zhang Zhouyao's 1 schoolbag_ 400 words that day, there were bursts of noise from Xiao Ming's schoolbag.

The pencil said loudly, 'if it weren't for me, could the master write such beautiful words? I'm the best. " The eraser retorted: 'if it weren't for me, don't make a mistake. Who should rely on when "read. 4hw. Com. CN" pushes words for you? That's why I'm the best.' The arrogant Book shouted, 'you're a hairball. I'm the best if the master doesn't have to look at me to write well.' The pencil retorted, 'how can the master write without me!' The pencil sharpener angrily said, 'what are you? If it weren't for me, how could your head be sharp? Can you write such beautiful words? " The stationery box suddenly pressed the eraser out of breath and said, 'if you have seed, come to compare martial arts. Look at my Taishan Mountain. " As soon as the voice fell, the pencil said loudly, 'eat me a stick.' The pencil knocked the pencil box over.

At this time, the noise startled grandpa schoolbag. After listening to the pencil and describing the reasons for the quarrel, he said earnestly: 'you only find your strengths and don't find your weaknesses. You should learn from each other and unite as one to do better for your master. Only in dedication can you reflect your value.' After hearing what grandpa schoolbag said, the stationery lowered their heads in shame. Then the pencil picked up the stationery box, bowed deeply and said, 'sorry, stationery box man.' It's all right, little pencil brother. " The stationery box replied. So everyone went to their places.

The stationery returned to their schoolbags and quietly waited for their master's call & hellip& hellip;

Grade 5: Liu Xinrong