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Happy weekend

On Saturday, the sky was clear and blue with white clouds.

Xiao Hong is playing with dragonflies in the park. There are so many dragonflies in the park! Groups of dragonflies fly very fast. Xiao Hong is catching up happily with her net. There are many flowers dancing with the wind in the park! After a while, Xiao Hong pounced on a lot of dragonflies. At this time, she remembered the song "little dragonflies are beneficial insects" taught by her teacher in the music class, and quickly released the dragonflies.

Xiao Hong felt that she had done something meaningful. She had a very happy weekend! Happy weekend 650 words weekend, I heard my mother said that my father wants us to play in Xupu. I was very happy after hearing the news. After school, I went home to tidy up and went to my father. When I got to the station, I found a lot of people, so my mother and I got on the bus. When we got to Xupu, my father and mother went home to sleep after dinner.

The next day, early in the morning, my father asked me to go to the Golden Square to see the model of the house. I counted it first, and then estimated that the building had 20 floors, in fact, only 13 floors, including 14 floors on the top floor. On the other side, it was estimated that there were 10 floors, in fact, 12 floors, including 13 floors on the top floor. In addition, we've seen models of houses in other places.

After seeing the Golden Square, we will visit the Central Park. The Central Park is very big. The scenery inside is very beautiful. There are willows, bridges, flowers, pavilions, lotus flowers, bamboo groves and so on.

After the Central Park, we went to the city museum. In the city museum, we can see the planning plan of Ganzhou City, the historical development of Ganzhou City, the planning plan of key projects, the revolutionary history of Xupu, and the cradle of Hakka, I love new Xupu hellip& hellip;。 After reading the plan of Ganzhou City, I learned that Ganzhou City is very big and beautiful. In the afternoon, when I got up, I found my mother busy. I asked: 'what's the matter, so busy.' Mother replied, "wait a minute, we'll go fishing with brother Xiang Haitao and Yang Ye." After listening, I packed my things and set out.

After fishing, we also went to the bath center to get a license, change shoes, take a sauna and take a bath. Everything is so fresh! After coming out, I feel fresh. To the bath center, licensing, shoes, sauna, everything is so fresh

My father took me to eat hot pot, and the self-help hot pot surprised me again, vegetables, fish, seafood, mutton & hellip& hellip; Ah! Too much, too much, my little stomach will be full soon& hellip;& hellip;

We go home with happiness and satisfaction. Today is my happiest day. I see my father is more happy than me. What's in his mind?

I guess, dad is happy for my happiness, because my happiness is his happiness! Dad, I love you, we will be happy every day.

Happy weekend 350 words today I am very happy, because my parents want to take me to my aunt's home to play. After lunch, my brother and sister took me to play. We came to the leisure square, where there are green lawns, flower beds full of flowers, Jasper like pools, and graceful rockeries & hellip& hellip; It's a great place to visit. We decided to play cat and mouse here. Stone scissors cloth, sister lost, the first sister when the cat. My brother and I immediately hid. When my sister counted to 20, she came to catch the mouse. Which one was caught first, it was his turn to be a cat. Sister while looking for, while meow meow meow, but also bent over, really like a cat. I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing. When my sister heard me, she immediately brought me out of the flower bed, and soon found my brother. Now it's my turn to be a kitten. My elder brother and sister went to hide. I searched a lot, but I still couldn't find it. It's a coincidence that I found my sister. Ha ha! It turned out that my sister was in the flowers and her buttocks were exposed. I yelled, "big mouse" raised her hand. My sister obediently surrendered. It turned out that there was a big mouse in it. It took a lot of effort to find two mice in one go, and the harvest was really great. Then we played other games for a while. Today, what a wonderful weekend! Happy weekend 150 words weekend, no matter how busy dad will go home with me. In his words, weekend is parent-child time.

Today, it's the weekend again. I'm very fond of my father. In order to make a good life for our mother and daughter, he is busy all day and never brings home the troubles in his work. He always goes home happily. I also want to bring happiness to him, so I show him the dance that I have been preparing for for a long time. I dance seriously, and my father watches attentively. Looking at my dance, my father showed a happy smile on his face. When I saw the smile on my father's face, I made up my mind to work harder and be more confident. Let the father, who is busy all day, think of his daughter with a kind of comfort and pride in his heart.

I have a happy home. There is my father and mother who love me. I deeply feel that I am a happy child. Happy weekend 150 words make me happy weekend a lot, but I think the happiest weekend is this weekend.

I played chess with my father that day. My father said: 'choose! I can beat you in every game. ' I secretly remembered one thing, that is, my father can't play Gobang, so I chose Gobang. When my father saw that I took Gobang, he thought: the form has changed! I must have lost this time.

Before I started, I said to my father with a strange smile: 'come on, our father and son will fight for 300 rounds. If we are not tired, we will not return.'

I killed dad in the beginning. He lost, I won.

The second round started. I was one step away from winning. Fortunately, his eyes were quick. It's ruined my move. In the end, no matter how hard dad fought, he still lost.

Isn't this Gobang war wonderful! I had a great weekend. Happy weekend. On Saturday afternoon, I went to Miss Liu to learn table tennis. This training was praised by the teacher, and my mother bought me a new pair of shoes when she was happy. I played for two hours. Liu said: 'your spiking posture has improved a lot.' When my mother came to see me for training, I happily said to my mother: 'Miss Liu praised me today.' Proud also made a face at his mother, mother laughed, I also laughed. I pestered my mother and said, "these shoes are so hot!" My mother seemed to know what I meant, so she said, "go, buy shoes." Instead of being coquettish, I became very active. I was walking on the street happily, many people looked at me, I blushed a little, but I was still secretly glad that I had new shoes to wear today. I still follow my mother. After walking for a long time, I finally got to the shoe store, and I jumped into it with pride. My mother and I looked left and right, and my mother saw a pair of shoes. I didn't like the style I liked, and my mother didn't know how to look at it. So we went on and on the shoe rack, and finally we reached a consensus. When I saw it, I said, "it's better to compare the goods." My mother and I looked around again. We took the shoes and felt them again. We asked me to try them on again. Comfortable, uncomfortable. At last we came back. I took this pair of shoes off the shelf again and tried them on. My mother was very surprised and said, "your feet will be broken in the future." I think so! My father's feet are only forty-two. If they grow like this, I'm afraid I won't be able to buy shoes in the future. I walked out of the shoe store happily with my new shoes. I thought it was the happiest weekend for me. Books bring me 350 words of happiness. When did I immerse myself in the world of computers? At that time, I thought that only computers can bring me happiness.

You accompanied by a quiet fragrance of books, came to me, let me realize that there are better things than computers.

With the fragrance of ink breath, I went into the dream of the red chamber. I saw 'two curved eyebrows like a frown, not a frown, a pair of eyes like a smile, not a smile', such as water Daiyu; She is a kind and delicate girl; Sometimes like silly as crazy, finally see through the world of gems; There is also the shrewd and capable but vicious Sister Feng & hellip& hellip;

Their distinctive personality makes me love and hate each other, and I have to admire the portrayal ability of Cao Xueqin, the author, which makes me deeply involved.

This book undoubtedly brought me great joy.

In addition to Daiyu, there is also a woman who makes a deep memory for me. She went to Xiongnu by herself. Her awe inspiring righteousness, the content of this page from "read. 4hw. Com. CN" to push you her no regrets, her "wish to protect the Han and Xiongnu for a hundred years" oath, all let me deeply moved and admired.

And this move, this admiration, all turned into the attachment to the book, even dependence.

In the process of being with you, I have come to understand that if I want to be like Paul, I have to go through a lot of tempering. Just like an ugly caterpillar, only through painful transformation can it become a beautiful and noble butterfly, dancing in the sky.

Have you, have happiness.

With you, I will have no regrets in my life. Happy women's Day 600 words, mom, happy women's day, you work hard!

As the saying goes: who said inch grass heart, reported three spring sunshine. Isn't this poem just to describe my mother!

Most people who have read novels know that novels do not need the high intonation of poetry to read, nor do they need to read ancient poems that have great charm. No matter Lao She. Ba Jin. Or Lu Xun's novels have this style. This is just like my mother. Although she doesn't need to go down in history, she deserves my gratitude all her life.

I am quietly waiting for this year's' 38 'women's day, because I want to give my mother a surprise, to briefly repay my mother's upbringing.

Finally, today is women's day. I thought of two plans early and put them into practice today.

One: send cards.

I have already prepared a card made by myself. A small piece of paper is very delicate. I drew a picture on it

A lovely Pooh is eating honey. I wrote a few words from the bottom of my heart:

Mom, let me bathe in the sunshine of maternal love as soon as I was born, you have paid too much for me & hellip& hellip;& hellip; I can't repay you. Happy women's day, mom. You've worked hard!

After I made the card, I secretly put it next to my mother's pillow. I quietly hid in the corner and watched my mother go in. My mother found the card. She gently held up the card with her hand and carefully examined the contents of the card. There were tears in her eyes& hellip;。。

Second: help mother do housework, let her rest.

Today, the house was cleaned, and dad was in charge of the study and bedroom. Sweeping the balcony; My task is relatively light: just clean up my room, my mother's work is always the heaviest, this time is no exception, she is responsible for the toilet. bedroom. Mopping and plastering in the living room. I think it's just a big cleaning today. Why don't I take this opportunity to help my mother clean and lighten her burden? Do what you say and do it now, I think