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Pickled eggs with vinegar

It's sunny on Friday, October 19

The teacher asked us to go home and make vinegar soaked eggs. When I went home, I thought the vinegar made my hands hot. Did the teacher let us boil eggs without fire. Diary diary

When I got home, I took out vinegar and water cup, poured vinegar into the water cup, I chose a red preserved egg and put it in the cup. I asked my mother if she did it when she was a child, but she said she didn't. I looked back and saw that the egg was bubbling all over. When I touched it with chopsticks, the red color fell off, leaving my mark and turning into white, so I wrote my name.

I fell asleep in the vinegar.

It's fine on Saturday, October 20th

In the morning, I wake up in the smell of vinegar and rush to see my vinegar soaked eggs. There is a layer of foam on the vinegar. I pour out the vinegar. Ah, the egg is soft. I take it out and rub it with my fingers. It's like the ash on my body when I take a bath. I gently rub it clean, like a balloon full of water. I can also see the yellow inside. I want to wash the ash off it. As soon as the tap is turned on, The strength of the water broke it all at once, and the slippery egg content on this page was pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" for you, and entered the sewer from the middle of my fingers.