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Diary > first grade diary_ Diary of the weather on Tuesday, December 14 diary of the fourth grade

I like to play rock kingdom.

Locke is a cartoon, it is a pink, two pointed ears, the head is also surrounded by a scarf, looks lovely!

Every time I play Locke Kingdom, I go to the pet garden first and click the bouncing seed. Bouncing seed has a flower on its head that is not in full bloom, numerous thorns on its body and a pair of small hands., Then I started to fight against bouncing seeds. My pet was a hamster. The hamster had a pair of yellow ears and a dozing mouth. It had only one trick, which was to bump. The hamster ran to the center of the field, jumped up and whirled down on bouncing seeds. Bouncing seeds covered their faces with two hands and gave a cry. Then they disappeared as soon as their eyes closed. Bouncing seeds failed, I won. That's fun! Every time I play, I think the time is too fast. The time stipulated by my mother is coming again.

I love my rock kingdom.

First year of KANGYI School: Chen Xinhao enters Locke Kingdom at night_ 400 words in one night, I played rock Kingdom and turned off the computer after ten o'clock. Before I turned off the computer, there was an email that I didn't notice, so I didn't care about it. After I went to bed, this is the starting point of my dream. When I woke up, I found that my costume was a dragon knight suit. I found that my home was like the home of Locke Kingdom. I looked in the mirror and found that I had become Locke. I want to take my pets out for a walk. My pets are Scorpio baby, Aquarius baby, chaos Pisces, Taurus baby, boxing champion and weight-loss cat. Have you found that all my pets are out of print, because I want to collect constellation pets. Well, after that, I want to go to the Kingdom castle and blow the wind on the terrace. I find Enzo's figure on the terrace. It seems that there is also the figure of cattle and chickens. I'll go to the king and discuss with Lancelot. They asked me which way they were going. ' To the magic school, 'I replied. The king asked, "what is there in the magic campus that Enzo and the cattle and chickens should go to?" My team leader and I said with one voice: 'no study When we got there, they took out a demon and stung it out. It was only level 45. My chaotic Pisces was level 50. At last, I defeated Enzo and Niuji troops. Then I woke up, ah! It turned out to be a dream! I turn on the computer to play rock kingdom is after my QQ has two e-mails, the first one: ChiYan ﹣ rain moxibustion dance, after 11 o'clock, please visit rock world! President Griffin's second letter: red flame rain moxibustion dance thank you for beating Enzo for our rock kingdom! Principal Griffin! It's not a dream, it's a reality!

Fifth grade, Anpu primary school, Lianjiang City, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province_ The 750 drawbridge is very steep. It creaks when you walk on it.

I don't know how Cullen got there. He walked like flying. When he got to the middle of the suspension bridge, he stopped.

"Hum, if you want to go to the mechanical king, you'll pass me first!"

'This Cullen! Why do you stop us? " Rocky yelled angrily.

'it seems that if you don't make a deal, go ahead, Cheryl! " I know I can't get through this hurdle. I'd better have a good fight.

Rocky also released Shuai.

Cullen laughed scornfully, as if laughing at our pet class.

"What are you laughing at? You have the ability to let your pet out!" Rocky was in a hurry, he said angrily.

'well, I'm really ignorant.' Cullen laughed for a while, took out a grunt ball and threw it carelessly.

At the same time that the pet ball was thrown out, I turned on the analyzer, um, demon sting, level 6, huh? It's only level 6, my Qili grass level 8, water blue level 9; Rocky's meow level 6, Shuai level 5, can beat it, coulon, don't be so arrogant!

I ordered Cheryl to attack hard.

Two tendrils protruded from the flowers on the head of Qili grass. One of them attacked from the right and the other from the left. The devil bit and flashed, and then took the opportunity to spit out a fireball.

Now it's Shuai Shuai's turn to come on the stage. He jumps and shoots a stream of water at the fireball. He not only extinguishes the fire, but also hits the devil Ding.

I looked at the blood volume on the analyzer, and it was obvious that the blood volume was reduced by half.

Qili grass lost no time to run behind the devil bite, the head of a vine stretch, it defeated.

Kulun was surprised when he saw it. He had no choice but to put his hands together and close his eyes. Welcome to wechat: www4hw to get more knowledge., He said a few incantations in his mouth, and his body flashed. It was very strange.

I quickly closed my eyes and used my magic power to perceive Cullen's actions.

"Ah!" I called out, 'Cullen's split up

'…& hellip;' Before rocky could recover, Cullen found out. He laughed coldly and said, 'ha ha ha ha, even if you beat me, I won't surrender! Hum, go and see the machine king. You'll be surprised! "

At the end of the speech, Cullen used a move skill, and it disappeared all of a sudden( I use perception to sense)

We looked at each other uneasily and ran to the residence of the mechanical king.

(to be continued)

Grade 5 of Lianyungang Teachers College attached primary school, Xinpu District, Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province: Wang Zijian