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Diary three 100 words

Three Diaries

May 11 Sunday Sunny diary 400 words

Today, my family went to have breakfast. At the place where we had breakfast, a sister and her brother were also eating there. The younger brother is very unreasonable, this does not eat, that does not eat, finally ordered a bowl of noodles, he said inside the onion is pepper, refused to eat. His sister said: 'it's not pepper, it's scallion. It's nutritious to eat.' As a result, he still didn't eat and poured out the noodles. My father couldn't bear to see it any more, so he criticized him and said: 'why don't you cherish food so much? It's the hard work of Uncle farmer. " I think my father's words are very reasonable. We should all be diligent and thrifty children.

It rained on Sunday, June 2

Today is the wedding day of Uncle Zou Chuan and aunt Zhou Qian. One of the most interesting is the scene of the bridegroom picking up the bride. In order not to let the bridegroom pick up the bride easily, we set up three levels. The first level is to step on the balloon. The stairs were covered with balloons, and the groom had to break them all in time to get in. Of course, the bridegroom can't help himself. He asked a lot of children for help with a red envelope. The second level is guessing the room. There are three rooms. The bridegroom has to guess which room the bride is in. But only one chance, guess wrong, but to punish the red envelope of yo! The third level is couplet. The first couplet is: "holding (humble) hands for a hundred years, a beautiful and full moon.". My uncle is worthy of graduating from Tsinghua University, and he was right all of a sudden. His next couplet is: "wear (Sichuan) more love, forever.". The bridegroom finally took the bride away with his intelligence.

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Yesterday, when I was playing with some children, I accidentally loosened my teeth. Today, Dad took me to the hospital to film my teeth. When I got to the studio, I saw many instruments I had never seen before, and my heart was pounding. The doctor told me to open my mouth, bite an iron bar, hold the plastic bar in both hands, and fix my head with an iron clip. I couldn't move. I was more scared. After about a minute, I finished shooting, and my heart finally calmed down. Filming doesn't hurt at all, but I still have to learn to protect myself in the future.