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After the exam

Diary > after the second grade diary examination_ The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN" for today's mid-term exam. After the examination, I am a little nervous, maybe I can get 100 points in Chinese, maybe I can't get 100 points in Chinese, I'm so bored! Diary 400 words

I don't have confidence in myself. I must have scored above 95 in Chinese.

I am full of confidence in mathematics. I am sure I can get 100 points in the exam.

I will continue to work hard to get full marks in the future.

The second grade of Shouxian Experimental Primary School in Anhui Province: after ruoyuxuan 1 got the test paper_ 500 words' PA! " With a loud noise, the Chinese teacher appeared on the platform. Look at the stack of papers, look at the teacher's eyes, we understand - we failed the exam again. Just like a vegetable market, the classroom suddenly became silent.

'Wu Yuwei 89, Zhou Heli 90, Liu Yiting 91 & hellip& hellip; Fang Yuxin 72 & hellip& hellip;' There was a blank in my mind, and I didn't listen to a word of the following.

Finally, it was school time, and the teacher said: 'well, today's test paper should be signed by parents! Hand it in tomorrow. ' Oh, my God, what can I do?

It's a long way home. When I got home, I called out: "Dad, mom!" Eh, no one agreed. Oh, they are going shopping today. God help me! I sat down on the sofa, eyes kept turning: how to do? Let me change the score! I found the red pen I just bought, and 73 instantly became 93. " Haha & hellip& hellip;' I was laughing triumphantly when the doorbell rang.

As soon as I opened the door, my parents came back. As soon as my father saw the paper I was holding in my hand, he asked me: 'another exam I respectfully handed the test paper to my father. When he saw it, his face was full of joy: "good test. I'll take you to McDonald's next week."

I thought my father would wave his pen and return the paper to me after signing. What I never thought was that my father sat on the sofa and looked at the paper carefully. What I was afraid of happened. Dad's face became more and more ugly. He stood up from the sofa and came to me with a hanger. I don't want to tell you what happened later.

Next, I listened to my mother's chatter. I now understand that it doesn't matter if I lose my score, but the most important thing is honesty.

Xi'an New City District, Shaanxi Province