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Diary > diary of grade two_ 100 words this summer vacation, I decided to read the contents of the last page of "pig sighing and snoring" from "read. 4hw. Com. CN" for you to push the next episode. Diary 400 words

There are two volumes in this book. The first volume contains four chapters, five for each, and 20 stories, with a total of 170 pages;

There are three chapters in the second volume, each of which contains 4 stories, a total of 12 stories, a total of 142 pages.

The book tells some very interesting stories. Although the stories are short, the truth is very profound. I especially like reading this book. I read it almost every day. I can read a few pages every day. However, because of too many stories, I watched them for more than a month.

Grade two of Yankui primary school in Haicang, Xiamen: Chen Yexiang 1's interesting mathematics diary_ I'm going to learn dancing tonight because I don't have any water. So, we are going to the supermarket to buy a bottle of mineral water. Usually my mother bought it, so I don't know how much a bottle of water costs?

My mother gave me one yuan, but! The aunt of the shop assistant said it was not enough. A bottle of mineral water costs 4 yuan. WOW! It's four times more expensive than I thought.

I ran out to get money from my mother again. My mother gave me ten yuan this time, and I gave it to the aunt of the salesman again.

I calculated it myself, 10 yuan - 4 yuan = 6 yuan, the aunt of the salesgirl should find me 6 yuan. I'm really accurate. The aunt of the salesman gave me 6 yuan in change.

I gave the rest of the money to my mother, who praised me for being great!

Grade one of the third experimental primary school in Fengze District, Quanzhou, Fujian: Xu Yue