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Spring Festival

Diary > diary of grade two_ In the morning of the first day of the lunar new year, the sun gradually rises, the sun dispels the mist, the sky is blue. The streets are very busy. The air is filled with the smell of firecrackers. People are wearing brand-new clothes. They are all jubilant, especially the lively and lovely children, who are playing firecrackers in pili. Laughter and firecrackers are mixed together. The children in their mother's arms are holding red, yellow and green balloons in their hands, Giggle and laugh. Diary grade five diary

Grade 2 of 856 primary school: 300 Tang poems in ink by Zhang Yuan 1_ 150 words

A brief introduction to Tang Poetry

Du Fu lived in Chang'an occupied by the rebels during the an Shi rebellion.

When spring comes, there are only dense weeds growing in Chang'an city. Sad current affairs, hate parting, see spring flowers but tears, listen to birds but sad. After three months of fighting, the news was cut off and the family letter was worth ten thousand dollars. The more the white hair is scratched, the less the hairpin is needed.

Appreciation of Tang Poetry

The country is breaking through mountains and rivers, and the city has deep vegetation in spring. When I feel the flowers splashing tears, I hate the birds.

A letter from home is worth ten thousand gold. The content of this page is pushed by "Sihai reading network" for you, and you are eager to get a hairpin.