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Drawing with computer

Diary > first grade diary drawing with computer_ 50 words I want to draw a picture on the computer. The name of the picture is civilized society. I can draw a picture with only three keys. This is what the teacher taught us. The first key is Ctrl, the second key is C, and the third key is v. these keys are all function keys. Ctrl C is copy and Ctrl V is paste. Diary winter vacation diary

Beijing XX primary school grade one: Jin Ruiqi [micro composition] animation_ 50 words in my childhood, I always had a friend who accompanied me to grow up. Although it was virtual, I was very content, because he always welcomed wechat: www4hw to get more knowledge. Abandon me, come out to accompany me when I am bored, come out to comfort me when I am sad, he is Doraemon, my best friend.

Meng Xianglong's cartoon of micro composition_ I still remember when I was a child, we always sat in front of the TV, quietly waiting for the theme of sergeant black cat or the cry of "master, I'm here". We always imagined that we were the just Monkey King or Altman, beating the monster to pieces. That innocent childhood is always mixed with humorous and just cartoons. Salute to you!

Second day of junior high school: Tang Zhou