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It's an umbrella

When you

In the time of failure

Clear the dark clouds for you


It's a piggy bank

When you

When there's a secret

I'm very conservative for you


It's also a book

When you

In the time of confusion

Show you the way


It's a light

When you

When you lose your way

Light up the way for you


Make more friends! A friend is like a door. When you open it, you will see many different sceneries all over your heart.

In primary school, I have many friends, "close friends" should be Liangxia. I also have "friends on the road". We just communicated with each other on the road we went through together and told each other about the unpleasant or happy things we had met. Our friendship was built on that road. My good friend Liang Xia and I are not like this. We are classmates in primary school, good sisters and good friends. In learning, we help each other and make progress together; They care for each other in life.

After entering junior high school, although she transferred to another school, our relationship is not distant. No matter how time goes by and how time changes, it can not take away our memory. In the heart of her and me, there is a pure land full of our mutual care. She has a round face, thick eyebrows inlaid with a pair of black and bright eyes, a collapsed nose and a big mouth are the most obvious characteristics of her body. If she laughs, her mouth is wide open, not only she laughs, but also others can't help laughing. But if she cries, people will be at a loss, and then they will be dejected. I remember once, Xiao Xiao, Xingli and Liangxia and I were dancing rubber bands. Lu zhouneng came to join us. Xiao Xiao and I didn't want to, but Liangxia insisted on standing on the side of Lu zhouneng and said to us, "if I don't join Zhou Neng, I won't play any more!" The two sides have different opinions, so we have to stop playing because we haven't made up for more than a week. Finally one day, she couldn't help it. She came to me and said, "Ali, I'm wrong. We don't want to fight any more. I won't talk back to you any more." Then I took her hand and ran out of the classroom. Since then, we have been very humble to each other. We often talk about our heart together. At the thought of leaving, we can't help but shed tears. Finally, the day of parting came. I took her to the station. When she got on the bus, I saw the tears in her eyes. Two weeks after I left her, I received her letter, which made me very excited. A white letter flew to me like a dove. I couldn't wait to open it and read it: "send my fondest miss to my dearest friend. Although the days pass by at different times, the Miss comes at different times, I hope that when our arms of struggle are folded, we will live together on the campus of the University, breathe together and share weal and woe

”Tears inadvertently blurred my eyes. The days when Liangxia and I were together were full of laughter. In those past years, we used sincerity and joy to weave a colorful picture of friendship. In the days after that, we will continue to make wonderful mistakes into our unfinished parts, adding a warm and brilliant smile to the success of friendship. Now, I understand the fragrance of sincere friendship flower, is the transparent heart together to send out sweet fragrance. What is a friend? A friend is a cup of sweet wine, intoxicating; A friend is a gorgeous rainbow, which fascinates people; A friend is a beautiful flower umbrella, shelter you from the wind and rain

Friends, is the cold winter can put on the cotton padded clothes for you; Is the hot summer can bring you a cup of herbal tea; It is the yearning far away from thousands of rivers and mountains; It's the fragrance of the breeze. In the midsummer filled with memories, the boat is drifting with friendship, which reminds you of the comfort of "the peach blossom pool is thousands of feet deep, not as deep as Wang Lun's sending me love"; Feel the warmth of "you can't see you in the mountain circle, and you can't see you in the snow"; I feel the good wishes of "I wish you a long life and a beautiful life together". The strong aftertaste of coffee, rendering the whole midsummer, is you feel the delicacy and smoothness of friendship

Friends are the bridge to success. In the road to success, some friends share the hardships with you. They hold up umbrellas in the rain for you, become houses in the storm, meals in hunger, and words in loneliness. When you are sad, they become your loyal audience, share your sadness and cheer you on. When you are afraid, it becomes your drama, brings you joy and dilutes your fear. The loyalty of friendship is incomparable. Another year has passed. In the cold winter, the warmth in your heart will make you feel like you are in the spring breeze. Friendship is the sunshine taking care of you; It is the spring that moistens you; It's cotton padded clothes that protect you; It's the fragrance of the breeze.

As the saying goes: "one more friend, one more road." we should cherish every friend around us. Friends, do you like the fragrance of ink, do you yearn for the palace of knowledge? Do you want to ride the wind and waves and be a thorn bird to capture wisdom?

Don't always complain about hard study and low test scores. We are not slaves of scores, but masters of scores. Don't let scores affect us.

Just like mountains without edges and corners will be eclipsed, if the long road to study is smooth, it will be dull. You need to know: wind and rain can wash away people's dullness, thunder and lightning can wake up people's soul, ruggedness can temper people's will, torrent can wash people's downfall. You may fail for a while, but don't be discouraged. You should regain your confidence and give yourself courage.

An authority said: "what makes you feel difficult is not the towering mountains in your eyes, but a grain of sand in your shoes." Yes! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Don't be a giant of words or a dwarf of actions. Don't always show your empty determination to God, envy other people's rapid development, and complain why God is so unfair? Fortune always favors others? Remember Mozart's words: "what I harvest is what I plant." Success is always distributed according to one's work. Only when one has a hard time can one be a superior person. Only pay more sweat than others, you can get satisfactory expectations.

All kinds of pressures and concerns are like grains of sand. They surround you all the time, making you blind. But you should shine your eyes, don't be confused, and face your study calmly at any time.

Finally, a poem and friends encourage each other:

Three lights, five chickens,

It's time to study hard.

Black hair doesn't know how to study early,

Haoshou hates reading late. A friend, a true friend, is taken care of in love; True friends grow up in understanding; True friends are sublimated in the competition. A true friend needs the magnanimity of "brothers all over the world", the purity of "a piece of ice in the jade pot", and the depth of "the peach blossom pool is a thousand feet deep, not as deep as Wang Lun's love". Yes, there are many songs praising the beauty of friends, such as "it's hard to buy a thousand gold, it's a friend, it's a good way to go when there are many friends..." "friends go together all their lives, and those days are no longer there. In a word, the content of this page is pushed by" Sihai reading network ", and you'll have a lifetime of love and a cup of wine." I wish you a safe life is a friend, help you a hand is a friend, and you see it at first sight is a friend, and you have a different blessing, but with the difficult when also a friend. A true friend is not a flash in the pan, but an evergreen pine and cypress. A phone call, a greeting, a text message, a few lines of catchwords, how many surprises, how much concern. Friends, blood like intimacy, life like eternity! Friends are roads, teachers are trees. Don't get lost. Rely on trees.

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A friend is a cup of tea when you are angry, which dissipates your anger; A friend is a lighthouse in your maze, guiding your way forward; A friend is a tour guide when you can't see the direction of your life clearly. He can find the door to success for you.

Things gradually retreat, my brain seems to be a blank, thoughts floating to the afternoon.

When that hateful mathematics paper slowly fell in front of me, my little heart can no longer be calm, the bright red 85 stung my eyes. I flipped over the roll of paper, which pitifully showed the red back of the river.

The first question on the back is wrong! I squeezed the red pen hard and painted on the grass paper, sometimes biting my teeth and sometimes biting my pen. Even close your eyes, hands together, heart silently broken read: God! Give me strength!

I couldn't compete with that question alone, so I decided to ask the remaining five people in my group.

"Do you know how to do this problem?" How many prayers and desires are contained in this sentence!

However, when I asked the whole group, their answers were exactly the same, as if they had discussed "this question, I am also wrong."

I turned my head hard and asked, "back table, dear back table, do you know the first question on the back?"

I took out a roll of paper from the back table, glanced at it carelessly and said, "this question is not divided. I'm not right either." Then I heard a "pa", and the red oil pen I was holding fell to the ground.

When I picked up the red oil pen again, I found that there were dark clouds outside. I didn't dare to ask the teacher, what should I do?

In the twinkling of an eye, school is over!

I stepped into the math class with heavy steps, and my eyes lit up. The apple was waiting for me!

I ran to my seat and took out my math paper: "apple, you've always been good at math. Do you have a look? Will this problem work?"

She just glanced at my back desk, but she was not the same as my back desk. She picked up the roll of paper and finished in two or three minutes.

I suddenly brightened up, in the heart of the moment a wisp of spring breeze.

A good friend is a mentor in life; A good friend is a bright light in life; A good friend is a ray of sunshine in life.

"Friends go together all their lives, and those days are no longer there."