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First computer class

Today is my first computer class in this semester. The teacher came to the class and asked us to line up in the form of exercises. Then the teacher took us to the computer room. There are many computers in the computer room. The teacher taught us how to use the computer. First of all, the teacher taught us what to press when we turn on the computer and how to turn it off. All the students turned it on, and I started with the computer In order to wait for the next open, the original computer they played turned on, I also turned on, because I opened the time is the slowest, so it is the slowest boot, the teacher told us to open the Jinshan typing pass, let us go to practice typing, do not understand can ask the teacher, the students began to practice, most of the students are very slow, only I and a female classmate of the class play faster.

Many students want to play ancient poems, but I hit the screen full, many ah, after six minutes or so I finished, did not expect to have the next level, time flies, after school, the students turn off the computer, so a computer class is over. A few years ago, my father bought a computer, a few days later I learned to turn on the computer, but I never played it.

One day at noon, my father just played landlords on the computer. When he finished cooking, I sneaked to the computer. I opened a 'thing' curiously, and I saw another 'thing' called '4399 game' in it. I think this is what people often call a computer game! I click it curiously with my mouse, but I didn't expect to open it. There are thousands or tens of thousands of games in it. What an eye opener! It's fun to play with this, and it's fun to play with that. At this time, Dad came, I had to stop playing.

Computer games are so much fun. I must do well in the exam, so my father will let me play computer games. The first time I stole 1100 words from a computer, the first time I rode a bicycle, I understood that riding a bicycle should keep balance; the first time I read a book, I found that the book contains rich knowledge; the first time I went into nature, I saw that nature contains many mysteries & hellip; & hellip; among them, I still remember the first time I stole a computer. Outside the window, the sun shines on my cheek through the thick leaves and colorful curtains. I sit in front of my desk and read a Book absently. I touch my head with a big hand and say with a kind smile: 'sure, I'll go out to pick up my mother and come back right away. You're going to do your homework. 'My heart suddenly becomes' evil ', hehe! Dad left, I can play computer! Hee hee! With a bang, the door closed. I threw away the composition selection. I jumped three feet high and ran to the computer with ecstasy. I even forgot to wear my slippers. Power on! Connect broadband, board QQ, every step is very smooth, steal food, park the car, open DNF online game, enter the game. Although dad left, but I still have to be vigilant at all times, so as to avoid dad coming back, this end is not easy! All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. In a flash, I panicked, like a wild horse running out of control. I quickly turned off the monitor and rushed to the door to open the door! It turned out that it was the water supplier who made me so busy that I was surprised. 'with a long sigh, I rushed to the computer again and began to fight zombies and enter the journey of fighting monsters. Ten minutes went by, twenty minutes went by, thirty minutes went by & hellip; & hellip; I'm in the middle of it. With a bang, my heart sank, as if there was a huge stone heavily pressed on my heart. I quickly turned off the power, flew back to my room, picked up the composition selection, and pretended to read in a panic. When I heard my father's footsteps approaching me, my heart pounded like a rabbit in my arms. Dad patted me kindly on the shoulder and said, 'what were you doing just now? 'I'm pale and stunned. Can't I say & hellip; & hellip; impossible & hellip; & hellip; absolutely impossible! I bowed my head to my father and said: 'I, I'm & hellip; & hellip; looking at the composition selections! 'My father doubted for a while and said: 'you didn't play computer, did you! "I, I & hellip; & hellip; I didn't play. 'My face flushed like a ripe apple. There were two cold sweats on my forehead, and my hands and feet were shaking like an electric shock. God! Bless me through this time! Don't be exposed! 'well, I see. 'Dad looked at me like a Sherlock Holmes. I feel a burst of fear! When my father came to the living room, my heart was still uneasy. After dinner, my father called me to the sofa and said to me: 'learning is very important. You must learn well to play computer. It's not that you are not allowed to play. I already know that you just played computer. 'I was surprised at what my father said,' eh? How did dad know? "I've seen you're hiding from me for a long time." Dad smiles. "I know it when I look at your face. Look! The computer is still hot! 'My father is really my father. I can't hide anything from him. It's like Sherlock Holmes. It seems that I'd better do my study well before I can play computer games. Zhou Sushan said: 'it's good to be the first time. It's wonderful to be the first time! 'but not exactly. I hope this is my first time to steal a computer and the last time to steal a computer.

Grade one of Jinshan campus, No.3 middle school, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian: when Liu Bicheng saw the computer for the first time, he had 600 words. I remember when I was a child, I always heard the news about computer in the mouth of adults. I've been obsessed with computers all the time, so I want to know how to use them.

Once, my father went out for a long time and didn't come back. I was very worried, so I asked my mother what my father was doing. And my mother just said casually: 'your father is going out to do something and will be back soon. 'when mom finished, there was a smile in the corner of her mouth. Seeing this smile, I don't worry, because my intuition tells me that something good has happened. I don't know how long it took. I heard my father and uncle talking in the room. I knew it was my father who came back.

I ran out in a hurry and saw my father and uncle carrying the corner of a square big box from the car and moving the 'big man' to mom and dad's room. I ran to join in the fun and found that they were playing with something. I watched them for a long time and went to help them from time to time. With our joint efforts, this thing was finally finished. I carefully looked at it: it has a big head - display screen, long body - mainframe, two fat and big ears - audio, but also with this little mouse like thing - mouse, its whole body is black, like a 'mysterious scholar'.

Dad told me: This is the computer you are looking forward to every day. There is a network in it. The network is a magical thing, its knowledge is very profound, almost know everything; the content is like a kaleidoscope, changeable; it is actually an encyclopedia, all inclusive. The Internet can be anything, it can be nothing, that's the wonder of it. After listening to my father's introduction, I danced happily. I accidentally kicked a round button, and the original black screen began to change. My father told me that it was turning on and told me not to worry.

Time flies. A few years have passed. Up to now, my computer is still working normally. Although my family bought another computer, we never forget the 'old comrade' who has lived in my family for several years. Today, the teacher led us to the computer room to learn computer. I'm so happy! The teacher asked us to open a small square button, and then, the teacher asked us not to tamper with other buttons on the computer, let the computer start slowly. After a while, the computer appeared a small square frame, and then press OK to display a piece of white paper. The teacher asked us to choose a pen first. I chose a brush and dipped it in green. I drew it into the shape of a balloon. Next, I chose red to draw the line of the balloon. I also drew another balloon in red. Then, I drew plum blossom and grass again, drew the outline with pencil tools, and then painted with a brush. The wrong place can be rubbed off. I think the computer is very interesting, I must learn it. The first time I used the computer 300 words in my life has countless first time, but the most unforgettable is the first time I saw the computer.

On a sunny Sunday, my father was going to work in Shenzhen. I saw him off affectionately. After a few days, my father called and I couldn't wait to answer the phone. When my father left for Shenzhen to work, he once said that I would bring back something I had never seen before. I'm still thinking about what it is? Now my father called and said that he had brought the mysterious gift and that it was called 'computer'. No sooner had I put down the phone than someone rang the doorbell. I wonder who it is? When I went to the door, I saw that my third uncle was still carrying a big thing. I asked the third uncle to come in. He was busy with things as soon as he came in. I wonder what is it? I then cordially ask three uncles what is this thing? The third uncle replied that your father asked me to bring it. I look at the third uncle carefully. It took a long time to finish. Uncle San taught me how to use the computer. I didn't know how to do it at first. "I've done what I wanted to do.". Finally let me learn how to use the computer.

Through this matter, I understand that everything has its first time. As long as you study hard, you will succeed.

Fengshan primary school six first fried eggs 500 words this summer vacation, I learned to fry eggs.

At noon on a Sunday in the summer vacation, I just finished my homework and went out of the room to see my mother busy in the kitchen. I thought: children of the same age can cook, but I have never cooked. Let my mother teach me how to cook. I'll run to the kitchen right away.

When I came to the kitchen, I said to my mother solemnly: 'Mom, today I'm going to learn how to cook. Please teach me. "Well, since you want to learn, let's start with the simplest fried eggs. 'I'm so happy that my mother said yes.

First, prepare oil, spatula and eggs & hellip; & hellip; 'I do as my mother says. The first step is to wash the pan dry and wipe it clean, and then add oil. The second step is to put the eggs down. I break the eggs in a hurry and pour in the chicken protein and yolk.

"Remember, there must be no water & hellip; & hellip; 'before my mother finished speaking, I heard a sound of' ho '. It turned out that the water on the shovel fell into the oil pan, and then a few drops of oil' flew 'to my hand,' Oh! 'I yelled and wiped my hands.

Looking at the red hand, I really want to escape from this dangerous kitchen, but this is what I want to learn, how can I give up halfway? I continue to fry eggs, under the guidance of my mother, I shovel the bottom of the egg to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pot. 'now turn the eggs over. "My mother said," I put the spade under the egg, but there are scorched eggs at the bottom. I played with the spade. When the spade touched it, it turned and couldn't reach it. Finally, with the help of chopsticks, the spade succeeded. Turn the egg over gently and quickly