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Happy Saturday

Diary > diary of grade two happy Saturday_ Today, my father and I went to Sanqing square to play, where there are many people playing. Some people are skating, some are scootering, and some are cycling. I play skateboarding. Skateboarding is fun! The trees around the square are sprouting. Look! Spring has come to us quietly. Diary of primary school students

How happy today!

Second grade of Yifu primary school in Yushan County: my mood at the opening of the 1st sports meeting of Liu Yifan_ It's said that there will be a transportation this afternoon. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. We are all very happy with the rehearsal. I'm no exception.

I thought it should be fun! But in the afternoon, we are not happy, because the sun is too spicy, I do not know why my dizziness is very. The rehearsal was over and we all went back to the classroom.

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