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understanding life

Time flies. I don't know whether time is long or short, life is tenacious or fragile.

God is fair. Life is given to everyone only once. Life is the beginning of death, and death is the end of life. It's a pity that the world doesn't see through much. Only then can corrupt officials and unscrupulous businessmen appear on the stage, and only then can there be the performance of "profiteering". When we really understand it, the paradise in our subconscious mind has already been lost in the drunken dream of the world, and the idyllic scenery in our heart has been washed away by the busy world.

Life is as easy, simple and natural as nature has spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season has its own unique beauty: green leaves and vitality in spring, clear lotus and elegant in summer, maple chrysanthemum and mature in autumn, snow and deep in winter, just like everyone's life. However, whether it is green lotus, or maple chrysanthemum snow, after all, can not stay in this world for a long time, just like our lives.

I remember once I read a sentence from Nirvana Sutra: "the breath of life is too much for mountains and rivers. Although it exists today, it is difficult to know tomorrow. 'in the vast river of time, life is like mustard, but a drop in the ocean. Life is small and fragile, just like flowers falling in the wind at any time, no one can retain them.

Life is fragile, but also happy. We can feel the aura between heaven and earth, the clear grass and dew, as well as the human feelings in the world. When we are upset, we can walk on the lawn to relax, yell and forget all our troubles, as if I am the only one in the world. When we are frustrated, we can think about the grass on the roadside. In order to absorb the sunlight, the grass can persist in the end regardless of everything, and why can't we? When we are injured, someone will give us a helping hand, so that we don't have to face the difficulties alone and move forward with confidence.

The flower of life, may be like a flash in the pan, not long after it withered. It is sometimes weak and sometimes strong, which depends on its master's attitude towards life. If the host is serious and meticulous, it is tenacious; on the contrary, it is fragile. Therefore, we should cherish life and make it wonderful and beautiful. On the composition of feeling: feeling life_ 250 words life is only once, in the long road of driving life, we learn to try; in a certain place, something, we also learn to try.

Some people are naturally afraid of heights, some people are naturally afraid of water, some people are naturally afraid of animals & hellip; & hellip; these are things we dare not try. Because we have had setbacks and failures, let the flower of shadow grow branches and leaves in our hearts, in full bloom. But life only once, we should learn to try something, let the shadow of the flower wither, let the flower of life bloom, so that they live more brilliant.

There is an article called "spider". A spider wants to make a web on the wall. The first time it fails, the second time it is blown away by the wind, and the third and fourth & hellip; & hellip; are the same. But the spider does not give up and tries all kinds of methods, but they can't do it. Finally, the spider tries a very dangerous method. If it makes a mistake, it will be broken, but finally it succeeds in the eighth time! This article tells us that we should try everything. Although there is only one life, if we learn to try, life will be better baptized.

Try, just an action, to challenge yourself today, challenge yourself tomorrow, challenge yourself in the future, let yourself step forward, let yourself make more progress! On the composition of feeling: feeling the meaning of life_ How many people walk but are trapped in the same place; how many people live but die; how many people love but seem to be separated; how many people laugh but full of tears; who knows where we should go? Who knows what life is?

The meaning of life. A beautiful butterfly is bound by the cocoon. When the cocoon breaks a small hole, when it pushes the bundle out of the cocoon for you in the painful content of this page, a pair of sharp scissors will cut the cocoon. It came out, but he didn't spread his wings. Instead, he dragged his bloated body and withered wings, shivering and wriggling, waiting for death.

Maybe that pair of scissors is kind and wants to help the butterfly get rid of the cocoon earlier. However, that knife has ruined butterfly's beautiful life, because every step of natural design has its meaning of life. In the struggle of the butterfly to break the cocoon, he will squeeze the body's excess water into the wings, so that when it is finally free, it can have light wings. Fly to the beautiful blue sky.

Butterfly is an indispensable part of my life.

The eagle is the longest lived bird in the world. It can live up to 70 years old. To live that long, it has to make difficult but important decisions at 40. At this time, its beak became long and curved, almost touching its chest; its claws began to age, unable to effectively capture prey; its feathers grew thick and thick, and its wings became very heavy, making it very difficult to fly.

At this time, the eagle has only two choices: either wait to die, or go through a very painful renewal process -- 150 days of long transformation. It has to work very hard to fly to the top of the mountain, build a nest on the cliff, and stay there, not to fly.

The eagle first strikes the rock with its beak until it falls off completely, then quietly waits for the new beak to grow. Eagles will use the new beak to pull out the old toenails on their claws one by one, and the blood will fall drop by drop. When the new toenails grow out, the eagle will use the new toenails to pull out the feathers one by one. Five months later, new feathers grow out, the eagle began to fly again, once again for 30 years!

'how can the plum blossom smell without a bitter cold? "The edge of the sword comes from sharpening, and the fragrance of plum flowers comes from bitter cold.". In these 150 days, in the eyes of the eagle, it is a long time. In these 150 days, the whole body of the eagle is wrapped in the cocoon. Under the extremely painful training, the life of the eagle finally breaks out of the cocoon and completes the difficult transformation. A mighty Eagle hovers in the sky again!

Feeling life, life is valuable, life needs to be tempered, life in the 'cocoon out' of the baptism, it will become hard, strong. Fly to the high blue sky, look down at a sea of flowers like spring! On the composition of feeling: feeling life_ 550 words every life has life. Life is fragile, but also tenacious.

Ant's life is tenacious. Although a breeze blowing enough to blow them away, fell to pieces, disappeared in the world. Although their lives are short, they don't waste their time. They are eager to be a diligent ant and do many things in their limited life.

We once learned an article about the growth of small melon seedlings in the absence of sunshine and rain, although they only lived for a few days. Grass is not as beautiful as flowers, nor tall and straight as trees. But no matter where it lives, it can grow even under the stone that weighs hundreds of times. Bai Juyi's poem "wild fire never burns out, spring wind blows again" praises the grass's tenacious vitality.

Zhang Haidi is a famous Chinese writer. When she was 5 years old, she suffered from spinal cord hemangioma and high paraplegia. Therefore, she did not go to school. In her childhood, she began to teach herself knowledge with indomitable perseverance. She taught herself professional courses in primary school, middle school and university. When Zhang Haidi was 15 years old, she was sent to a poor mountain village with her parents. However, she was not afraid of hard life. Instead, she devoted her youth with an optimistic spirit. There, he taught the children in the village primary school, overcame all kinds of difficulties, learned medical knowledge, and enthusiastically treated the villagers with acupuncture and moxibustion. Later, he translated and edited many novels. She is in people's hearts, showing that kind of happiness, strong. Because on the road of life, everyone will encounter difficulties and setbacks, depending on whether you can overcome it. If you win, you are a hero and a strong one in life.

Life only once, do not cherish it. In fact, our life is just like ants. It may end when we don't expect it. And why should we waste our short time? Why not cherish life and do something meaningful? Let's cherish time and create beauty, value and significance in our limited life. On sentiment composition: the continuation of love, eternal life_ Sima Qian, a famous writer with 600 words, once wrote the famous book "Bao Ren an Shu". There is a sentence that makes me understand the meaning of life once again: People's inherent death is more important than Mount Tai, or lighter than a feather. This sentence shows that if he makes a career in his lifetime, his death will be heavier than Mount Tai and his life will be valuable; if he is busy for his own interests or does nothing, his death will be lighter than that of Hongmao and his life will be worthless.

What is love? Love is like those unimportant green leaves in the afterglow, floating with the wind on the surface, in fact, it is to protect the budding flowers under the leaves. What is love? Love is like a humble bridle in the sunset Bay. It swings with the wind on the surface, but in fact it is to tie the boat on the sea. What is love? Is it superficial care? Is it an affectionate word? Or & hellip; & hellip; I ask myself repeatedly, what is love? Finally, I met love

In the new issue of moving China, there are Lin Junde, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chen binqiang, a teacher who does not forget the kindness of his parents, he Yue, a student who continues to live his life, and Zhang Lili, a great teacher who gives up her own life to save others. Each of them has touched us and inspired our soul.

Among them, what I admire most is he Yue, who is dedicated to extending his life for others at the last moment of his life. Although she is as old as me, she has a broad mind and a good heart for others.

He Yue suffered from a serious brain tumor. Before she died, she told her parents: I know my time is running out, so I want to donate my organs for free to help those in need. This is the embodiment of great love! Although she is dead, I don't think she is dead yet. She just lives in this world in a different way. At the same time, she helps those who are in trouble and makes her life more brilliant. As the organizing committee said in her award speech: 'you donate yourself, just like flowers scattered from the branches, leaving fragrance all over the ground. Fate is so cruel, but you fly like an angel. You have come, you have never left, you use the last flash of ordinary life to illuminate the world. '

At that moment, I realized the true meaning of love. Love is not paid in words, not in actions, but silently for each other. Make others happy even at the expense of yourself. He Yue, you use your most ordinary life to illuminate our heart and even the world! You are like a fire in our hearts that will never go out. You will continue your love, and you will continue your life with your best love for the world. Your