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An unforgettable criticism

It happened not long ago, which is unforgettable to me.

A monthly math exam before the midterm. Because of my carelessness, I regard a pair of buckets as a bucket. Six minutes later, he went eastward. But God is not interesting enough. I have to make another mistake. A few days of anxiety brought bitter results. Mr. Liu Yuxuan emphasized that he scored 27 points, especially one. 'My God! I have been wandering back in the middle and upper reaches of the drop to the bottom 14, a total failure score. It's like thousands of bees are buzzing in my head. It seems that another lesson is inevitable.

On the way home, my heart was like 15 buckets of water. The reproachful eyes of the family came to mind. Finally got to the house. I'm not in the mood to eat. I sit on my own and swing back and forth. Mother seemed to see something, told me to come to the bedroom, closed the door, asked me: 'is the result down, how many points? It took me a long time to blurt out a few words. Mom asked me what happened. I thought that it was all caused by carelessness, but I didn't say it. Mother see I don't want to say, also don't ask to go on, let me at night don't go to tutorial class, to the teacher asked for leave, oneself at home introspection.

After a while, I heard my mother call the math teacher to ask about the situation. It was a long few minutes later. My mother came in and said: 'the teacher said that you are impetuous recently, and your mind is not in study at all. You can make mistakes in simple questions, but you can make mistakes in difficult ones. 'I lowered my head and blushed.

I thought it was over, but on Saturday, when I was in junior high school, I was asked by the teacher. After we reported our grades, we found that I was the last one. This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue. Like Xiangzi, I went through the ice and snow and the red sun. After school, all the students left, leaving me alone. The teacher said that I would do more homework than others every time. Every word seems to break my heart.

When I was at school on Monday, I was called to the office by my math teacher. I'm ready to be scolded. However, instead of scolding me, the teacher encouraged me to say: 'it doesn't matter if you don't do well in the exam this time. I hope you can continue to work hard and get good grades next time. 'when I got out of the teacher's office, I was full of confidence again. Failure is the mother of success. I believe I will succeed.

This criticism and lesson is unforgettable to me. At the same time, I realized my mother's care and kindness to me, and the teacher's strictness and kindness to me. Also let me understand a truth -- sunshine always after the wind and rain, opportunities are always left to those who are prepared. So, I'm going to turn resistance into motivation. I believe that tomorrow, I will be more excellent! An unforgettable thing_ 600 words a day, we have to experience a lot of things, there are fun, happy, sad & hellip; & hellip; they are like many dazzling gems, often flashing in my memory box. Today, the sun is shining. I am walking happily in Wangcheng Park, looking at the budding camellia trees. I can't help but think of that funny thing - taking a fragrant petal bath with my mother.

That day, my dear parents and I went to the beautiful Wangchengpo. There were many flowers in Wangchengpo, including big camellia, yellow Chimonanthus, snow-white magnolia, and many unknown flowers & hellip; & hellip; at that time, the camellia was in full bloom, one after another, high and low, which made my eyes spend. Every camellia is as big as a palm. Every Camellia has many layers of petals. Every petal is so delicate. Every camellia tree is covered with a thick layer of petals. As soon as I saw the camellia, I said to my parents: 'mom and Dad, you see, there are so many, so fragrant and so beautiful Camellia here. Let's get some back and take a petal bath together! "Mom and dad answered together:" good! 'I was very happy. I picked up a petal on the ground, picked it up and looked at it carefully. I found that the tea petal was like a sweet big fairy peach. There are two colors of Camellia here, one is pink, the other is bright red. We picked up and picked up. After a while, we picked up two big bags, one is red, the other is pink. We picked it up and went home to take a petal bath.

We first put warm water in the bathtub, and then pour the fragrant petals into the water. Wow, the red petals are floating all over the bathtub. I was so excited that I took off my clothes and jumped into the red bathtub with a bang. The water overflowed my stomach, and some petals stuck to my neck and face. It was so comfortable. My mother is beside me, pouring the petals of water on my body, give me a bath. As for me, I took a clean small bowl and a smooth plastic spoon, and then I scooped water, scooped petals, poured water, poured petals & hellip; & hellip; tossed and tossed, which was really fun!

'stop playing! I have got up. 'mother said to me. I quickly coquetry: 'Mom, let me also wash for a while! 'My mother said reluctantly: 'that's & hellip; & hellip; OK. "Long live, long live. 'I continued to sit in the bathtub and began to squeeze the flower juice again - I took a few pieces of Camellia, put some water in the bowl, and then hammered it with a spoon. I hammered it and hammered it for a long time, but I didn't squeeze the pink juice. I didn't get up and get dressed until the water was almost cold.

It's fun to take a petal bath. I really want to see the camellia bloom quickly! Unforgettable criticism_ 550 words from the first grade to the fourth grade of primary school, my composition is good, often praised by the teacher. But after entering the fifth grade, I don't know why, my writing level plummeted. Today is the first time that I have been criticized by my teacher in my writing class.

Last Thursday composition class, I according to the teacher's request, in a hurry to finish looking at the picture composition, then handed over to the teacher. At that time, I didn't think much about it. I always felt that at my level, I could definitely score high.

But today, when commenting on the composition, the teacher first read an article, which surprised me. It turned out that the teacher read it was written by me. At that time, I was not so happy, because according to the habit of Mr. Zhong, I began to read articles that the teacher thought were well written and read them as model essays. But when the teacher finished reading, the whole class laughed. It is said that this article is poorly written, the language is not fluent, and the imagination is unreasonable. In some places, because of my carelessness, I can't even make a sentence and make a joke.

Although the teacher didn't name me, I knew that this was my masterpiece. My face turned red in a moment, and I lowered my head silently. I really wanted to get a good seam under my feet. The students are looking for the author of the article everywhere with their eyes wide open, as if they guessed it was me and cast strange eyes on me one after another. I'm like sitting on a needle blanket. I feel uncomfortable all over. I really want the bell to ring at the end of this class, so that I can avoid this embarrassing situation.

When I came back home in the evening, I told my mother about it. My mother stared at me for a long time and said to me in a heavy and profound way: 'Ning Ning, you have published articles before and always think that your articles are well written. You are proud and satisfied with the status quo, and you can't calm down and think hard. That's why today's situation has come into being. Mom hopes you don't get discouraged, cheer up and start from scratch. Mom believes that you can write good articles through your own efforts. '

After listening to my mother's words, I seem to understand the truth and the reason why I failed before. I immediately ran back to the study, took out the Chinese book, carefully pondered the author's writing method. I am secretly determined to learn and work hard. Welcome to pay attention to wechat: www 4hw to get more knowledge. Try to absorb the advantages of others, enrich your mind, and strive to be praised by the teacher in the next composition class. On the unforgettable first composition: the first time to learn cycling_ In my life, there are many firsts, sometimes novel, sometimes breakthrough, sometimes interest, sometimes & hellip; & hellip; everyone's first time is full of different hardships and efforts. In my impression, the most unforgettable first time is when I learned to ride a bike.

In a cold winter, I stood on the road, waiting for my father to pick me up. I was thinking about something. Suddenly, a cold wind came. I shivered and complained that my father was not on time, which made me suffer from the cold in the wind. At this time, I saw my friend riding in the wind, she was so cool, slender body swaying in the wind & hellip; & hellip; I was fascinated, but when I didn't want to leave, my father arrived, I just reluctantly went back.

After I went back, I pestered my father to buy a bicycle, but Grandma didn't agree. She said: 'what's the use of buying a bicycle, and you can't ride it. Besides, what's the inconvenience for your father to pick you up every day. You ride a bike. We're worried. Now there are so many cars, do you dare to ride them? It's a waste of money to buy it. It's better not to buy it! 'I don't listen to grandma's lengthy "grand principle" and continue to play coquetry with my parents. Finally, my father finally bought me a bicycle. When I got it, it was time to practice my skills!

In the afternoon, I ignored the biting cold wind and practiced in a small alley near my home. I practice getting on the car first, learning that one foot is on the foot, and the other foot is on the ground, which is easy to slide. I hold the car faucet with two hands to prevent the car from falling down. At first, I was a little timid and afraid of wrestling, so I didn't dare to slide far every time. I had to support the ground with my feet after a while. Later, I gradually became courageous and could get on and off freely, but I just couldn't ride a bike and couldn't control the direction, so the car would turn upside down and give people fear.

I took off my winter coat. I was afraid that I would be too fat to ride. Although the wind was cold, I was sweating. I summoned up the courage to get on the car again and walked about 5 meters. Ah, no, I didn't control the direction and fell off the car. My legs were skinned, my hands were bleeding, and my waist was bruised by stones. I didn't say 'pain'. Instead, I struggled to get up, helped up the car again and continued to practice. One afternoon, I don't know how many times I fell and how many times I got up. Finally, I succeeded!

When I talk to my family, they don't believe it. When I prove it to them, I have an indescribable feeling in my heart. It's like chocolate, sweet and bitter in my heart, accompanying my life;

First time, unforgettable first time, hard first time, bitter first time, sweet first time! For the first time, accompany us to grow up_ 600 words everyone has had many unforgettable firsts: the first time to cook, the first time to wash the pot, the first time to write calligraphy, the first time to draw & hellip; & hellip; of course, I am no exception, but the most unforgettable is the first time to do Haagen Dazs.

When I was a child, I especially liked ice cream. One day, I suddenly had the idea of making my own ice cream, so I searched the Internet. I didn't expect to find it, so I started to do Haagen Dazs.

The first step is to prepare four eggs, two liang of sugar and two bags of pure milk. I ran to the refrigerator and got them