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At that time, the flowers were blooming

In May, summer comes. Some flowers withered, some flowers also opened.

After dinner in the evening, I was so bored that I invited Xiao Li to the flower garden to take a walk. Xiao Li agreed, and we walked on the road like before, talking and laughing, and walked into the flower garden that we hadn't come for a long time.

There is still no rest in the flower garden in the evening. There are music for the elderly to do exercises, the wind of adults' sports, and the laughter of children playing. I can't help remembering that we used to fight like this.

It's the same evening, now the two became the original five. After dinner, I received an invitation from Xiao Li. As requested, I came to gather downstairs and saw three friends ready to go, and a big sister.

'This is my sister. She takes us to the flower garden! "Xiao Li is a little proud and adds the word 'flower garden'. Where is the flower garden? 'This sentence successfully aroused our curiosity, and we all asked questions. Xiao Li looked at the effect with satisfaction and said, "garden, I don't know, but my sister knows! '


Big sister 'poof' a laugh out of the sound, 'flower garden is near here, there are a lot of flowers, grass, trees, there are children playing hide and seek. '

'hide and seek! 'our glasses are shining, and we can't wait to come to the flower garden, a new place to play hide and seek.

When you come to the flower garden, there are many plants. The shade of big trees forms a big umbrella to enjoy the cool. It's really a good place to play hide and seek.

Xiao Yuan pointed to a place and said: 'look! 'we followed her fingers and saw a little white flower peeping out of the grass timidly. It's hard to find if we don't look carefully.

'what are you, look over there! "Said Xiao Zhao, running to one side of the grass and gently folding down a beautiful butterfly.

As soon as the elder sister saw it, she quickly stopped: "you can't fold flowers. 'but it's still late. Poor little flower droops her head in Xiao Zhao's hand. 'flowers are for everyone, right? You such a fold, everyone like this, then you can see the flowers? '

'sorry & hellip; & hellip; 'Xiao Zhao carefully buried the butterfly in the soil, and his hands were covered with soil. She wiped the sweat on her face with her hand and turned into a little cat.

"Ha ha & hellip; & hellip;" we all laughed, and the elder sister also pursed her lips and chuckled, leaving only Xiao Zhao who didn't know why.

At that time, the flowers bloomed so brightly, just like our pure smile in childhood. That boy, that girl, that time of blooming, 3000 words is a season of Cherry Blossom falling, another season of blooming, I think of that girl again.

Leaning on the cherry tree, the back is cold, close your eyes, eyelashes gently cover your eyes, the breeze blows, the wind brings fragrance, loneliness and endless missing.

Miss the old story, so we can only use tears in the mouth, do not know what happened.

So far, I still remember that girl, her eyes, the corners of her mouth, the way she smiles and warms her heart.

Bright and clean forehead, thin willow eyebrows, a pair of big black and white eyes, bright, small and delicate nose, pink cherry mouth gives people a kind of Petite feeling, tall and upright horsetail makes people feel energetic.

That autumn, my mother transferred me to a new school, because I have no friends because of my withdrawn character. After a class, my classmates go out to do outdoor sports. I lean on my seat and look out of the window. In the crowd, there is a girl surrounded by everyone. She is smiling brightly, carefree, innocent and dimpled. That girl is you, big girl Home and you joke, you are not angry, brilliant smile, your smile, constitute the most beautiful scenery of autumn.

Seems to be aware of my eyes, you look to the classroom, I quickly lowered my head, head deeply buried in the armpit, body shaking uncontrollably, I did not see your fleeting friendly smile.

After class again, I was sitting alone. I saw you coming towards me. Your beautiful face was full of friendliness. I was stunned. I didn't know what you wanted to do. You stretched out your hand to me: 'Yunling, I found that you have been very lonely. I want to help you. I want to be good friends with you, OK? '

I pause, nod, put my hand into your hand, you see me nodding, mouth raised a most beautiful smile, hold my hand, spin grip to the end.

The girls around were surprised and chattered. A girl said unkindly: 'Yuyi, why do you make friends with such people? '

You said angrily: 'I think yunning is very good. Why not? '

This is the first time I've seen you so angry since I transferred school. Those girls seem to be scared and disperse one after another. You raise a smile to me as if you are appeasing me.

After that, we were inseparable, and I became more and more cheerful under your influence. Once, I went to the office to deliver my homework. At the corner of the stairs, a boy passed by me and said, 'isn't that Yunling? It doesn't grow very well. Why does Yuyi protect her so much? '

My heart sank. Since I became my friend, it seems that no girl ever came to find Yuyi. I laughed with self mockery. I'm really a bad luck star. If that one follows me, it will be bad luck. I can't help thinking of that boy, Leng Yifei.

It's still a long time ago. The past is like a tidal current, and the head begins to ache. It's not a severe pain, but a pain that can make a deep impression on people.

In the summer of that year, when our school was at the end of the class, a boy asked in a loud voice at the door of our classroom: 'who is Ye Yunling? '

I stood up and found that the boy with a handsome face was frowning at me. He waved to me to go out. I obviously felt the smell of gunpowder in the class and the bad intentions of the girls. I didn't know what was the situation at that time. I turned around and gave the girls a proud smile. I cast a contemptuous look at me, but I firmly believed that the look was not good There's envy in it.

I lowered my head, followed him to the cherry tree, he suddenly stopped, I hit his back, nose a pain, I touch my nose, dissatisfied to look at him, he looked at me, his body sent out a kind of orange fragrance, he slightly opened his lips, voice clear and pleasant: 'my friend wants your QQ. '

That day, is the happiest day since I was born, although his friends want my QQ, but I am very happy.

The next day, I heard his name. It's nice to hear. His name is Leng Yifei. I also heard that he went to noble high school in the city. He has a good family and is a famous basketball prince. There are many girls chasing him, but he has never been in love. That is to say, I still have a chance. He has good grades, looks handsome and is loved by teachers.

After a long time, Leng Yifei and I had a deep feeling. I would watch every game of Leng Yifei and cheer for him. After a long time, those girls would acquiesce to my 'girlfriend'

Every time I feel down, I will go to Leng Yifei's school to wait for him, and his classmates will joke: 'Hey! Your girlfriend's here! '

When he saw that my eyes were red, he came out quickly, reached out and scraped my nose: "little fool, what's the matter? '

I cried out and my voice was hoarse: 'Yifei, my grandmother has a heart attack. She is in the hospital! After a pause, I said: 'since I was a child, my parents went out to work, and my grandmother took me. My grandmother has always been very kind to me. She loves my father very much and always hopes my father will go back to visit her once. But my father never saw her, which makes my grandmother very disappointed. Since I was in the second grade of junior high school, I didn't live with my grandmother. My parents brought me here and taught me how to get familiar with the road There was a time when the cost of living appeared on the table every week, but they never treated me like real parents, never, never, even a hug, never gave me. '

Finally, I put so many years have been in the heart of the unhappy said out, feel much more relaxed.

Leng Yifei looked at me quietly and pulled me into his arms: 'then I'll give you a hug. 'tears flowed freely. I sobbed in a low voice. Leng Yifei gently supported my back, and my palm was very warm.

I raised my head from Leng Yifei's arms: 'Yifei, do you know? In the past two years, I have never been short of money, but I am short of love! I lack father's love! I lack maternal love! When there is a mother in my family, my father will not appear. When my father appears, my mother will not appear. I know they are divorced! But why don't they dare to face me! Why? '

For a long time, Leng Yifei gently spits out a word: 'because of love. '

I was stunned. The scene of four years old appeared in my mind. On a warm afternoon, my parents each took my hand, and a kind smile appeared on their faces: 'Lingling, shall we go to the amusement park? '

'good! 'I answered with milk.

Finally, mom and dad didn't take me. They quarreled. I cried and begged them: 'mom and Dad, don't leave me, don't divorce. 'They promised me.

I was stunned. They didn't divorce because of me. They did too much for me.

The cell phone in my pocket rang, and I took it out and said, 'what? My grandmother, she! OK, I'll be right there. '

'what's the matter? 'Leng Yifei asked.

'I, my grandmother, she, she is in the rescue. The doctor said that the family members should be prepared. 'I cried.

Leng Yifei comforted me for a while and rushed to the hospital with me.

When I came out of the hospital again, it had rained, just like my mood, and I had no clue.

Grandma's rescue failed, and the funeral was held three days later.

When the doctor announced the result, mom and dad didn't come back, just me and Leng Yifei. I'm not sad. I feel unworthy for my grandmother. It's better to have a dog than a baby!

I walk around like a random head fly. It's too late to hear the harsh sound of the horn. I'm stunned. I don't know who suddenly pushed me away. I only know that when I turn back, the boy named Jiang Yifei is already lying in the pool of blood.

The tears had dried up and the eyes were burning.

I only know that the boy is gone, the boy with many pursuers is gone; the boy with a bright smile on the basketball court is gone; the boy who often shaves my nose to call me a little fool is gone.

Three days later, the funeral was held as scheduled. In order not to make me sad, my parents asked me to transfer to another school.

The memory receded like the tide, and the brain was in a sharp pain.

By the time I woke up, I was already in the hospital.

Yu Yi saw me wake up with a look of excitement and anxiety. She asked questions and then chatted with me for a while and said: 'Yu Yi, I have something to do today, so I'll go first. '

I nodded. In the next few days, the rain came to see me, but my face was getting worse day by day.

Finally one day, I couldn't restrain my curiosity and secretly