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An interesting composition of 600 words

In my ten years of life, many interesting things have happened. They are like stars in the sky, and they are countless. Some of them have been forgotten, but the most interesting thing is to go fishing with dad.

On Sunday morning, the sun was shining and the air was so fresh that I took a gentle breath and felt very comfortable. Today I am very happy, because my father will take me fishing. After breakfast, I happily came to the river with my father, who just woke up from his deep sleep. My father was busy making thread and wearing earthworms. I couldn't wait to take a long and thin fishing rod and hook the earthworm. I wanted to put a long line and hook the big fish. I put the line into the water far away and sat quietly waiting for the fish to take the bait.

After waiting for half an hour, there was no movement. I couldn't wait. I changed several places one after another, but there was still no movement. I yelled angrily: 'is there no fish here? "My father patiently advised me:" be patient, you will be able to catch fish. "Then, as soon as my father lifted the pole, a small crucian carp took the bait.

Watching my father catch a fish, I wait patiently. It's really a good job for me. After a while, the buoy moves, and my heart is pounding. I hold the fishing rod tightly and don't move, for fear that it will disturb the fish. When I see the float plummeting down, I quickly pull it. 'ah', I can't help but be surprised. A small crucian carp has taken the bait, 'caught, caught! 'I cried with joy. This is the first time I've been fishing. I'm so happy. 'ha ha,' I thought

After I caught a fish, I was more confident and more tolerant. But I saw the float shaking several times, but I got nothing when I pulled it up. I asked my father what was going on. My father said: 'boy, you don't understand. Here's a trick. The fish was trying first. At this time, can you pull it? You can scare it away. After listening to my father's words, I sighed: "ah! What a cunning fish! Wait and see. I'll catch a big one. 'I hold the fish rod still. After a while, the float shakes twice. I endure it, but I don't pull it. At this time, the sun is hot, my sweat is running down, and my hands and feet are numb. But I still don't move. With endurance and perseverance, I'm doing an endurance race with the fish.

Finally see float suddenly lift, I quickly pull, a more than half a catty of crucian carp was dragged up by me, I am very excited.

I not only gained fish and happiness, but also learned from this trivial matter of life that I should have patience and confidence in everything, and also exercised my strong willpower, otherwise I will accomplish nothing. Otherwise you can't get happiness and confidence. One day in the summer vacation, my mother took me to the dock to see the water.

We walked on the road, suddenly saw an artificial sand pile, I stopped. My mother seemed to have guessed my mind, so she said: 'do you want to play for a while? Go on, be careful! 'after listening to my mother's words, I ran to play with sand.

I took off my shoes and walked on the sand pile. The soles of my feet felt very soft and comfortable. I left a series of small footprints on the sand pile, which was very beautiful. It's a coincidence that when I just climbed to the top of the sand pile, I saw some children again. I said to them: 'let's play together. 'They agreed. Then we played. We stand upside down on the sand for a while, build hills for a while, and sleep on the sand for a while. When we get up, we are covered with sand all over our body. We can't help laughing when we look at you and me & hellip; & hellip;

The most interesting thing is the long jump on the sand. The long jump started. A child jumped first. He bent his back and pushed his legs. In the blink of an eye, he jumped very far. It's my turn. Looking at the steep slope, my heart is like a bamboo tube drawing water. I'm afraid I'll get hurt. But if I don't jump, I'll be ridiculed by other children. So, I'll learn to jump like them, and it's OK. Then, the second time, the third time, and the fourth time, I jump farther and better. My heart is sweeter than honey; It's so interesting to jump in the sand.

It's getting late. We are reluctant to leave the sand pile and continue to walk towards the wharf. However, the scene of playing with sand still comes to my mind. The weather is so bright that I think of my naughty childhood when I sit here.

Once, my mother bought me some beautiful and lovely little goldfish. The eyes are big, the body is flowery, and the tail is transparent. From time to time, it will emit weak light.

The first thing I do when I get up is to see my baby goldfish. They are swimming in the water, chasing and chasing. How happy they seem, how happy they are. It's very happy to see them, and I went to school happily.

Whenever night falls, I go to the room and play with the little goldfish. Sometimes, I point my finger to the goldfish, and the goldfish runs away, which makes me laugh; sometimes I catch the tail of the goldfish and throw it down from a high place, who wins? I don't know. Sometimes, I throw little things on little goldfish. However, little goldfish is very clever and avoids all of a sudden. I am not convinced, and throw, and finally hit a goldfish. You can't be proud! Modesty makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind. Continue with & hellip; & hellip;

After a week, three goldfish died at once, and another day, two more. I think it's because I used to mess with them too much. After that, I didn't play goldfish any more. However, two days later, several small goldfish all died.

Because of my naughty, let these little goldfish leave life early. An interesting thing life is like a film with twists and turns in plot. The wonderful small scenes make up a colorful life. I love life, but also love that a small lens, it makes my life full of laughter. Whenever I get upset, I think of that funny little shot.

One day, after dinner, I had a whim and said: 'mom and Dad, how hard your class last week was! Why don't I have a family quiz to help you relieve your fatigue and relieve the tension at work! 'mom and dad nodded in agreement. I, the chief examiner, took office immediately. Mom and dad turn on the light, the light seems to be brighter than before, as if to add color to me!

The game started. First question: 'what brand is the first car produced in China? 'I asked aloud.

'liberation card. 'mother replied quickly. I look at my mother, her eyes narrowed into a slit, laughing mouth. I looked at my father again and saw him groaning there. I said in a hurry: 'dad, you have to come on! '

Second, please guess an idiom: flat peach banquet. '

'concentrate! "Dad blurted out, and immediately came to the spirit. At this time, my mother glared at my father and said in a low voice: 'let's ride the donkey and read the libretto! '

The following consecutive questions, two contestants scramble to answer. Finally, ten battles and ten draws. My father boasted: 'I'll win this competition! "Dad, don't brag too soon! Next, let's draw lots to answer questions! 'My father took a random question and gave it to me. How to write a poem? 'I'll read the first question. "Poetry & hellip; & hellip;" dad thought hard and couldn't understand it. Finally, give me a free sentence: 'I can't write poetry. "Poetry is a temple with a temple beside the words! 'Dad shaved my nose and said with a smile: 'you little slicker. '

It's up to mom. My mother took a question with confidence. I looked at the sign and asked: 'how can four nines add up to 100? "My mother carefully replied:" it's 99 + 9 | 9 = 100. 'exactly. My mother let out a happy cry, and my father gnashed his teeth in anger.

The game is over. Mom beat dad's 190 with a score of 300. I said with a smile: 'dad, you just boasted that Haikou can be the first! I think it's the penultimate! "Hum! Don't be complacent. I'll only let you do it once this time. "Look, my father is bragging again, which makes my mother and I laugh. My father also laughs foolishly. See mom and dad laughing so happy, so relaxed, my heart sweet Zizi, the whole family is very warm. In the future, I will come up with more good ideas to make mom and dad happy and become their pistachio. Remember an interesting thing at home, composition 600 words' song song, come to see, what is this? 'as soon as I came in after school, I heard my mother calling me in the living room. I went into the living room, my mother excitedly held a hula hoop, which is a green and white hula hoop, delicate and meticulous. Recently, hula hoop is very popular outside. My mother hopes to lose weight through it. My father and I want to lose weight through it. In a word, our family is full of strong curiosity about this small hula hoop.

My parents and I didn't really turn the hula hoop, but we all thought it was not difficult. We didn't eat pork. Haven't we seen pigs running? It doesn't look hard. When her mother started, she put the hula hoop around her waist, held her breath, and turned her hands to the right. The hula hoop turned, but it was a pity that she fell to the ground after only half a turn. Next, my father and I came out in turn, and the result was worse than my mother's. the hula hoop fell to the ground again and again, making a crackling sound. Ah, it's easy to see but hard to do! My mother picked up the hula hoop and set her eyes on my little aunt who had just entered my house? '。 Aunt took the hula hoop in the waist, hands gently swing, hula hoop quickly and smoothly rotating. I saw her calm, waist and crotch only slightly swing, hula hoop seems to stick to her body in general, and like an acrobat to play the disc, we admire.

My aunt taught us the skill of turning Hula Hoop: it doesn't need brute force, but dexterity. The key lies in the crotch. We can use the action of the crotch to control the speed and stability of hula hoop. But to say a thousand things is to practice, let the body experience that subtle feeling in practice. With the direction to practice it, my mother and I began to keep practicing, after two days, my mother turned up has been very similar. After a few days, I also touched some of the gateways and could turn around, but it was not as light as my aunt. My whole body was tense and my body swung greatly, like doing physical work. Every time I turn around, my mother and aunt laugh beside me. They say that my stomach looks like a pig worm. Hum, I'm not afraid of their attack! I'm better than dad!

The most difficult thing is Dad. At the beginning, he thought playing hula hoop was just a child. It must be easy for him to deal with this small plastic hoop with his super athletic body. After several attempts, I found that it was far from the same thing. In the face of our ridicule, I felt a little uncomfortable, so I calmly put down the circle and said: 'I will learn in two days'. At night, when I was lying in bed, I heard the sound of Pa Pa coming from the living room. I secretly opened the door to see that my father was practicing hard in the dark. Ah, die to face, live to suffer! To tell you, my father's best performance in hula hoop is one