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Mountain climbing

Today, the sun is shining high and the wind is calm. It's a good day for traveling. My father said that he would take me to climb the mountain. I jumped three feet high with joy.

In the afternoon, we took the car, talking and laughing all the way. The car drove very fast, and in a twinkling of an eye, we arrived at the foot of Baoshu mountain. We climbed up the steps to the top of the mountain. Standing on the top of the mountain, we had a panoramic view of the West Lake. Ah! The West Lake is so beautiful. There are many boats floating in the West Lake, like houses. Looking to the west is a continuous mountain, looking to the north is a beautiful city, and beside me stands a magnificent pagoda. We followed the mountain road to the west, we came to Toad peak, where the terrain is very steep, but it is very easy for me, because I have climbed here several times. Dad once said to me that the more difficult the place is, the more we have to face up to it. Only in this way can we temper one's strong will. Therefore, dad takes me here to climb every time.

Today, I really enjoyed myself. On the way back, I was a little reluctant to part with it. Mountain climbing, mountain climbing! 800 words in a cloudless day, my mother just went out shopping, I finally can play computer freely, with relish, when I was playing hard, a sound of opening the door rang out, a whispering voice came into my earlobe, pulled me out of the fantasy world mercilessly, said: 'why? Mom, is there anything I can do for you? "Nothing's wrong. Let's go mountain climbing with my aunt! Are you going or not? "If you don't go, you have to go, you have to go! I'm bored at home anyway! 'My journey of pain begins here!

We arrived downstairs at the time arranged by my aunt. I knew that my aunt's car was a yellow car, just like the 'Bumblebee' in the movie. I looked around to find out if there was a 'Bumblebee' passing by. I waited and waited, but there was no 'Bumblebee' passing by. 'ah' when I stretched and yawned, I was swallowed by my mother's words before I finished. A 'Bumblebee' came, and 'Bumblebee' Bee 'stopped, it seems to meet me and my mother, I pull the handle door is easy to be subdued by me! I got into the car, my eyes were floating around, looking for something interesting, because I was my first aunt's new car! With the sound of the engine, the mountain climbing journey waved to me not far away!

When I came to the forest park, I walked down from the Bumblebee and looked around to see what was fun. But I did it physically, but I thought to myself: 'we are here to climb mountains this time. My mother won't take me in to play! And recently bird flu is very serious, I think the forest park is just birdsong forest fun, other almost no fun! 'I'm more respectful than I'm ordered to climb the mountain! Holding this mother's rough hand, I felt a lot of warmth. When I came to the intersection of mountain climbing and looked at the steep steps, I could not help shivering! I picked up the steps and rushed up step by step. Maybe at the beginning, I used too much force, which made me feel powerless in the back. All the way, I only watched my mother and aunt chatting. I had no room to speak, because children can't interrupt when adults speak! On the way, my mother began to tell me all kinds of plants, let me know a lot of plant secrets! On the way, I occasionally meet a clear mountain spring. Listen to my mother say that this natural mountain spring can be drunk! I can't believe it! Finally, after my persistence, I came to the top of the mountain in the pain of my legs. A sense of excitement came from my heart. My legs were already aching, but I continued to persist. A word that can encourage me was scanned out of my spiritual sea: "persistence is victory, where there is a will, there is a way! 'in my mind, this mountain climbing trip could have ended happily and perfectly, but because of my mischief, I was scolded by my mother. I bowed my head, grabbed the corner of my clothes and pursed my mouth, as if someone owed me money! But the face is red like the red face of sunset!

This mountain climbing trip is really a loss. Although I ate steak at the back, the steak can't wipe away my mental trauma! And my feet are sore. I've been with Mr. Chen Jun and Mr. Lin for a month. I hide at home almost every day. Besides doing some homework, I either watch TV or sleep. I feel very uncomfortable. So when my mother asked me if I wanted to climb the west mountain, I agreed happily.

At 5:30 in the morning, my mother and I got up. There are so many people climbing the mountain, men and women, old and young. My mother and I climbed up the steps step by step, but before we reached the mountainside, I was too tired to breathe. I said: 'Mom, let's have a rest. 'mother said with a smile: 'persistence is victory, come on! 'so I went on climbing and finally reached the peak of the western mountain. At this time, the cool wind is blowing, I look around, everything is at my feet, I can't help but think of a poem: 'will be the top of the mountain, a glance at the mountains. '

It's a great feeling to climb the mountain! The discovery of climbing 650 words I have heard: the best way to exercise is climbing! Then I began to be interested in mountain climbing. Every afternoon after school, I would attack the hill and exercise my body. And in this climbing, I found a small thing by accident. For others, it is a trivial matter, but for me, after school in the afternoon, I came to school is my discovery, is a new experience.

When I was about to start training my body, I found something very interesting and fascinating. That is the tenacious life of bees! When I wanted to climb the mountain one after another, a bee was always buzzing in front of me. What's more hateful is that he swaggered around in front of me, as if in the afternoon with me! I ignored it at first, but it followed me closely. I'm really mad this time! Pick up the bag toward the direction of the bee flying hit, the bee after the move, fell to the ground, like a faint. I squatted down to observe, only to see the little thing's wings move. After a while, about five minutes, the little thing woke up, slowly flew up, and attacked me again. It seems that the little guy wants to take revenge on me. He always attacks me in the face. I'm more angry this time, and I made a counterattack all of a sudden. He knocked the bee down on the ground and stepped on it with his feet. The bees buried in the soil, I thought this is really tragic death, I stepped into the soil. Even if it's not breathed out, it will never turn over and die here.

When I was about to leave, I was shocked to see the earth move. Isn't this guy dead yet? He still wants to get out. So I waited patiently for it to appear, and after a while, I got out. I didn't expect its life to be so tenacious and extraordinary. Careful observation, a bee's wing is broken, look at it so tenacious, I did not poison! I'm really worried about it. When it can't fly, it's trying to trim its wings and repair them with its little feet. When it was repaired, it slowly flew up. At the beginning, it didn't fly well and always wanted to fall down. But it was still so persistent that it tried its best to fly and fly & hellip; & hellip; was finally overcome by it! I was stunned.

After this, I learned: no matter what happens, we should face it bravely. We should have a tenacious spirit of fearing failure! 500 words of mountain climbing

This afternoon, our school held a 'super survival challenge' - mountain climbing competition.

After a long walk, we finally arrived at Beishan. Some people were so tired that they almost fell down. Some said they were falling apart. But what really challenged us was not the long road, but the tall and straight mountain around us. It didn't look difficult. In fact, it wasn't easy to get up.

The referee explained the rules once again and then started the team. Our team is the third team. We are ready to compete with the other two teams. After we cheered the first and second graders, the referee said: 'get ready, get ready, get ready & hellip;' when the teacher talked about this, my heart was hanging. 'run! 'we rushed up the mountain quickly, and someone yelled:' students, for the final victory, go! 'we were more aggressive and tried our best to climb up. But in the middle of the climb, our team encountered difficulties. Many students saw a big stone block in front of them and made a detour. But some people were not afraid of difficulties and tried their best to rush up. Finally, a squadron flag was raised high on the top of the mountain. I thought it was from our class, but as soon as they got to the top of the mountain, they were dejected, What's up? It turned out that we were the last one in our class. I was disappointed when I saw the little tree around us bend down. Some students almost cried, but what's the use of crying? If you lose, you lose. There's no way to recover.

On the way back to school, we sang a song to go home. It was gray and it was going to rain. We still didn't care. Suddenly, the raindrops fell like machine gun bullets. Many classes went to shelter from the rain. We continued to sing like it didn't rain.

Back at school, the teacher said: it's nothing to lose, as long as you are happy, you will win next time. As long as you feel happy, you are happy.

Yes, if you lose the game and you are always depressed, how can you go along such a long and difficult road? After reading that green Parthenocissus, I have a feeling about the 600 word essay that green Parthenocissus written by contemporary writer Xiao Fuxing. I recall how grandfather Ye Shengtao cared about his study in his middle school. Because of my special experience, I feel very kind when I study this article. There is such a sentence in the article: "this not only makes me see all kinds of defects in my composition, but also makes me realize the arduousness of the literary cause: it is difficult to achieve great success without great efforts and meticulous work." This sentence is very enlightening to me.

I can be said to be the apple of the eye of the Chinese teacher and the envy of the students. Because I have written some good compositions. Every time I give a composition evaluation class, the teacher always praises me and often reads my composition as a "model essay" to the students. At this time, my heart is filled with honey. That small tail, also in imperceptibly cocked up, as if in the future when a writer reporter or something, has been nailed on the iron plate.

One day in the fifth grade, my mother stuffed the extra-curricular materials prepared for me into my schoolbag. I'm very reluctant, but I've got a brilliant plan. Why don't I write a composition based on this and take part in the "campus and family" cup essay competition? I have a definite idea. With a stroke of pen, a composition entitled "schoolbag is fat again" came out. When I showed it to the teacher, the teacher gave me a lot of suggestions for revision. I made the revision with great confidence and happily showed it to the teacher. The teacher put forward a few suggestions, and I revised them patiently. So to the fifth time, the teacher is not satisfied. I can't bear to change. Usually my composition is so excellent, this composition let me again and again