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About our class

Just as my classmate is young, he is in his prime. Yes, you see, this is our class.

In our class, groups of 'activists', leading cadres, and senior people all showed up in the classroom of class 8 of grade 2. The scene was just our class teacher's' criticism meeting'. Let me talk about those interesting things.

'black faced Baogong' is the nickname given to him by our class. Of course, it's no less than that. How black is his face? Don't worry. I'll let you know. His face is very black, and very fat, running on the playground, I estimate that he can roll dozens of circles, black like a coal ball! (too much exaggeration, the plot needs to be) that black face with Chinese characters has to admit that he is "black face Baogong."

In fact, Bao Gong is very clever. His big voice is one of his advantages! When walking in the square, the voice '121, 121' broke out, and his face was as red as an apple. This is our class's "black face Baogong". Don't worry, there are more. composition

"Pleasant goat, beautiful goat & hellip; & hellip;, don't think I'm just a sheep." that's the catchphrase of the little boy in our class! You'll believe it after reading the following.

So and so, help me get a glass of water, OK, I'll help you again? I'm dumb. I can't tell! Who told me that I broke his water glass last time and had nothing to do with it? Hum, ignore him, 'last time, guarantee it's the last time. Pity me & hellip; & hellip;. As for me, I will help you for the last time because you are disabled. Helpless & hellip; & hellip; composition

No.2 lunch break was criticized. I remember one lunch break when he was lying on his desk ”Push your eyes to read the book, drink 'Yili QQ star children's milk' (this is 2-12-year-old people drink) was found by the teacher, said with a smile 'did not grow up little boy'! &Hellip; & hellip; I'm sure it's interesting to hear what I've said. If you also have friends around you, you may as well write down and share your happiness with your friends! These are the interesting things in our class!

No.51 middle school, Shinan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province! In fact, those things in our class are nothing! Is the teacher let us write this composition, but I will not, really depressing! My brain cells are dead n, but still did not come up with ah!

I feel so stupid! 555 dead heart has pull! Ah... Let's introduce ourselves first! I, Li Dongyu, am I hard to hear? 17 years old, in the third year of junior high school, how about you? my friend?

Our class is parallel class, there are only two experimental classes in our school! I am a tomboy in the class, every day in the class we are the most... According to the teacher is crazy, but in our eyes that is personality, as long as we are happy, nothing else matters! However, we are very honest in class!! Hehe

There is a math genius in our class. His name is Wang Shuai! In fact, it's not handsome, just a little cute! Fat, white... But his mathematics, but even our school mathematics teacher said good Oh! But he just has a shortcoming, that is, he is too careless. He can do all the problems right, but he ignores the small questions in front of him. Let me tell you! Sometimes the teacher can't do the big questions! Isn't he a genius? However, I hope he can get rid of his carelessness. In this way, his score won't be pulled down because of the minor problems!!! Wang Shuai, come on!!!! I support you

Tang Zhiling, the focus of our class. You must ask her if she became the focus because she was very beautiful? Tell you! No, she is the focus because she sleeps in class. She can sleep most of the day, and she sleeps in math class!! I admire her! Not for anything else for her to sleep in math class, because our math teacher is very hungry, I am afraid of her! ha-ha! The teacher said her several times, it can be said that every class should be told once! Do you think she can be out of focus???

Next, Zhang Li, she belongs to the category of good children. Why do you say she? It's actually about her name! There is a teacher in our school, Zhang Li, who teaches English. But really, her English teacher is called good! I was taught by her for two years... Ha ha, digression! I'm talking about Zhang Li! She is poor in English and good at maths! And she loves reading!!! Maybe she's used to it! (but I can't see it! Not anxious to die, but also depressed to death, I really don't know how she looks down on it composition

Next, ha ha, it's me! Of course, at the beginning of the article, I also talked about my story! But now I'm going to talk about my hobbies! I like painting! It's not anything else. It's all about flowers! After reading my articles, do you think I should be outgoing and painting should not be my job? Then I told you! I'm depressed myself! Why? I want to know the answer! My dear friend, can you tell me? Why?


That's what happened in our class! These people! Ha ha, next time I have a chance, I'll introduce you one by one! People in our class!!!! Our class is famous in grade and even the whole school. Teachers and students all say that our class has a praise and a derogation. Praise means that our class is united, and derogation means that our class is a student in the world.

Since the founding of our school, there has been a characteristic: teachers speak East, students dare not speak West. But the appearance of our class has broken this situation, because as long as we are willing, the teachers can ignore what they say, but our class is famous for its unity in school. Don't believe it? Come and have a look!

That day, the weather was fine and sunny, but our math teacher was overcast all day. Why not? Don't you know? Let me tell you! This is mainly due to the morning meeting held in our class that day. Here's the thing:

Our math teacher was beaming on the platform, but we held an 'morning meeting' under the leadership of 'chairman' (whose name is similar to the chairman's) and 'vice chairman' (whose name is similar to the vice chairman's), and no one listened to the math teacher. composition

'My flying car icon is on! Our prime minister (monitor) sighed.

What's there? My car is already on. 'our' vice president 'said with disdain. composition

'you don't know?????? "Prime minister" is out of the question.

'don't make a noise! don 't make so much noise! Harmony is precious! Our chairman has spoken.

'be quiet! "The math teacher was so angry that she began to play her" lion roar ".

'only three of my icons are off! 'sister Lu (learning committee member) said that the teacher was ignored ﹣ she said??????

You say, this is not called 'students in the world', what is that? Now you know why our math teacher is overcast in the fine weather! In our class, 30 handsome young men and 32 beautiful women with long hair make up our funny class. There is also a young teacher who teaches vividly and often "fights" with his classmates. Although our class is not very old, there are many interesting things happened.

(1) Crazy and funny

'Hello, monk, please pass the table tennis. 'ah Qi, the table tennis genius in our class, put on a pose and said to a chubby, almost nonsense classmate. Why is this man called monk? It turns out that he has short hair and is very fat. Once he sat on a plastic stool, he crushed the stool. The students chanted that he has profound martial arts skills, and the reputation of "monk" spread in the class. 'well? 'the monk handed the ball to him, but he was stiff and looked straight ahead. Archie asked: 'what are you thinking? '。 'I was thinking & hellip; & hellip; look at the back.'. When Archie looked back, the old class didn't know when to stand at the door and looked at him with deep eyes. 'please don't play table tennis in the class, OK? 'so Archie had a cup of tea with the old class. This man is very good at table tennis. Because he loves table tennis very much, he can't leave it in class. So he often goes to chat with the headmaster.

(2) Super good composition

The people in our class are definitely optimists. Once, Yi was criticized by the teacher for his poor exam results. The teacher thought he would be in a big fire and reform himself. The teacher even thought that he was being criticized fiercely. But after class, Yi began to talk with his classmates again, which made the teacher speechless. The teacher admired him very much, but the teacher was not easy to be provoked Finally, he made a row of bubbles in his mouth, and he didn't give up until his grades came up. This in our class played a warning to others, from now on are well behaved.

(3) Never admit defeat

Our class is the second key class in our school, but teachers often praise the first class in our class, we are very unconvinced, they are nothing, not afraid of them. So under the teacher's provocation, we boasted and set up a "military order". If we didn't work hard, the consequences would be very serious. We realized that we were cheated, but we had no choice. The second time, our class's performance was higher than theirs, so we could afford to be cheated, forming a "vicious circle". But in the long run, our class's performance really improved So we got a piece of ice cream from the old class. At this time, a sense of achievement came to my mind. Don't admit defeat, I can do it!

This is our youth. Vitality. sunshine. Interesting and unyielding class's' daily 'events, our friendship is higher than the sky and thicker than the earth, our laughter will always reverberate over the school. Do you admire it?

The second day of the third middle school in Baicheng: a brief introduction to Li Shun in our class

Zhang Caiming: my best friend is always like a man's wife, so I'm not gay. I laugh every day. Laughter is lethal. The wavy hairpin on her head is her logo.

Liu Youyi: like basketball, football, tennis The Yellow hairpin is her logo.

Chen Rui: I like superjunior very much. I'm a big fan of superjunior. Super fanatic, singing Super Junior every day. Touching her chin is her signature action. composition

Deng Mengting: good grades, cheerful, is a veritable delicious mouth. The X bows on her head are her logo.

Yin Ting: it's true to be friends. I want to be good friends with others, so once I'm friends with her, I don't want to run away! The lovely little black dot on her face is her sign. composition

Rao Yian: he is the only "only child" in a large group of our class. He is the only male in the whole group! Oh, by the way, he calls Rao Yian (pro), not Rao Yi (sorry). A scar on his lip reminds us of Bugs Bunny.

Zeng Ting: member of the sports committee, there is a little violence, saying that wind is rain. For a while smiley, for a while cloudy. Her distinctive eyes are her mark.

Leng Zhiyao: she looks like a lady. In fact, she doesn't get angry. She is not human when she gets angry. Her name is her symbol.

Shun Yifan: monitor, bad temper, violence. But the enthusiasm is high, is the minority drops! Curly hair is her mark.

Sun Xinbei: some boys are referred to as "man's wife", so they often quarrel with boys. Her dark skin is her mark.

Liao Siyue: good endurance