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Inspiration from grass

"In one year, withers and thrives once each lush grass on the plains. The wildfires are endless, and the spring breeze blows again. " Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, praised Xiaocao's indomitable and vigorous spirit in a simple four sentence poem.

On this day, it began to drizzle, I was carrying a schoolbag happily go home, on the way met my "old friend" that grass. It is dripping with a crystal clear water, I can't help but take off the leaf with water, the water swaying around, unknowingly swayed to their own door, I threw the leaf, then entered the house.

It's raining harder and harder. It's like a sand curtain hanging outside the window. When I finish my homework, I'm thinking about where to play. Suddenly I find the leaves I discarded. Bad! The rain is so heavy that my "old friend" can't bear it. I don't know what it's like now? I couldn't take care of my mother's cry and rushed into the rain immediately.

I quickly came to the "old friend" residence, it is not as dejected as I imagined, but bravely raised its sharp little head, I was very surprised, it turned out that I was worried about nothing. I didn't expect that it was so tenacious, that its thin body could bear the torture of wind and rain I was thinking, a gust of wind blowing, I feel like a knife cut as pain, eyes can not open. Look at the grass, only it helplessly lowered his head, bent down, I thought: finished, it should not survive. composition

Thinking, the wind stopped, the rain is also a lot smaller, suddenly, I saw the grass actually straight up. It turned out that when the gale relaxed, it would take advantage of the opportunity to stand up again and again, head up, as if to the Gale said: "I will not be afraid of you..."

Looking at the thin grass, I fell into meditation: grass in the face of wind and rain can persevere, not to mention me? composition

Grade four of Fengcheng Town Central School

Some people like the pure white magnolia; some people like the delicate and fragrant peony; some people like the tall and straight pine. But I like the unknown grass, it does not have a tall body, no gorgeous posture, no refreshing fragrance, it is so inconspicuous.

Spring has come, grass efforts to drill out to meet with this beautiful world. Whether they are in fertile land or poor soil, with enough water, the grass will try to decorate and beautify the land. Midsummer, flowers are dying, only the grass in the head of the burning sun.

When the storm comes, lightning and thunder, wind and clouds, it is a great danger to the small flowers and trees. Some branches break, some fall into the channel, some are buried in the soil, but the grass is here. In the lightning and thunder, no matter how the sky grinds it, it will not fall down.

The autumn wind is whistling, the grass has spent a lifetime in the autumn wind, people will lament and say: "Alas, the grass has withered, what plants to decorate the earth?" Although the grass has withered, it will grow again next year. As people say: "the wildfire is endless, the spring breeze blows again." Xiaocao reminds me that no matter how hard the road is, we should stick to it and reach the other side of success. This is the spiritual enlightenment of Xiaocao. All things in nature have given us a lot of enlightenment. For example: Plum Blossom stands up in the cold wind, which makes us face difficulties bravely; grass bends down in winter and straightens up in spring, which teaches us to stand up from where we fall;

On a sunny Sunday, I happened to find a little spider in a small corner of my balcony. I was so frightened that I was about to trample the little spider to death. I saw that it was preparing to weave a web. I couldn't bear it and decided to see how it weaves a web. I saw the little spider slowly spit out a little white silk from his mouth, and then climb from the corner to the corner, so that the first thread is woven. Then, it weaves down according to the way it weaves. After a while, a good spider web is almost finished. I'm really happy for this little spider. At this time, the little spider is still working hard silently. The little spider was about to finish, but his naughty brother came to make trouble. He blew and broke the spider web. The poor little spider had to weave the web again. It weaves the web according to the content of this page ”Push the net for you, meticulously weave the net. But this spider web is the same as the last one. After less than half weaving, it broke again. In this way, the spider web broke several times, but still did not finish weaving. I'm a little tired, and I'm going to walk away. I think: other people's spiders are not bored, and they are still making unremitting efforts. How can I be bored? So I squatted down again to see what happened. Finally, after its hard work again and again, it finally made a good spider web for the last time.

Seeing this, I was moved by the persistent spirit of little spider, and learned from it that what to do can't be done halfway. I must work hard and work hard again to achieve the final success.

The inspiration of flying kites in Chaoyang primary school on the sixth day: the spring breeze blows on my face, the willows on the Bank of the river take out new buds, the green grass sticks out its head, and I don't know when the swallows chirp on the branches Suddenly, the earth is full of vitality. As for me, I also want to "take advantage of the east wind to release the paper kite.".

Today, it's windy and not very cold. It's a good day for kite flying. I couldn't wait to set up the kite, then I let out the kite line and ran forward. But not far away, the kite fell from mid air. What's going on? I couldn't figure it out, so I just sat and watched others fly kites.

I carefully observed the high flying kites, and also paid attention to those kites that could run out of breath but didn't fly to the sky like me. Through my careful observation and serious thinking, I finally came to understand. There are two reasons why I can't fly a kite: one is that the line was too long when I started flying a kite; the other is that I didn't go against the wind. After finding out these two reasons, I tried to shorten the line at the beginning of flying, and then against the wind, let the kite fly up slowly with the help of the force of the wind, and then fly out slowly in the process of flying high. In this way, the kite really flew higher and higher, and it also flew very steadily. I stayed until the sun was about to meet the river before I was reluctant to go home.

Through flying a kite, I realized that when I do anything, I have to set a goal for myself, a goal that I can do with my energy. When encountering difficulties, we should meet them. Fly against the wind like a kite to fly higher and farther. Can not be greedy for ease, enjoyment, just like the kite with the wind, never fly on the blue sky. In a very cold winter, all the flowers withered. There is only one kind of flower still open, and that is plum blossom. It tells us: life in the world, there can be no difficulties, the key is to encounter difficulties must learn to be strong.

On the way home, I saw a small grass bent over by a big stone. It was green and green. It was very beautiful! I can't help but feel sorry for this beautiful grass. I thought it was on the way to death, but it was living like a miracle.

Ah, I heard it. My uncles and aunts heard it. The whole world heard it! Heard the grass that cry for life, that sound is how miserable!

I tried my best to remove the big stone. When the grass was dying, it came back from the gate of death, because I removed the stone. In this moment, I suddenly understood: nature is the teacher of human beings, it taught us a lot of knowledge, we should protect it. composition

Because I saved a life - although it is a young life, but it is also a member of the motherland.

Nature is really a good teacher for human beings. I love nature! composition

The inspiration of the three willows in Bitou Wenwu School: the grass under the rock teaches us to be strong, the wild lily on the cliff teaches us to be persistent, the tree on the top of the mountain teaches us to fight against the wind and rain, and the Chimonanthus praecox in the cold teaches us to smile at the ice and snow. But what I want to talk about is not these strong, persistent and smiling flowers, but the indomitable willows.

It's spring now, and the big willows stand upright in the municipal government square. From a distance, willows are like many green cotton gathered together, like giant balls of wool, and like giant heads, standing upright and guarding the municipal government square. This reminds me of he Zhizhang's "Yong Liu" -- "Jasper make-up into a tree high, ten thousand down green silk tapers; I don't know who cut out the thin leaves, February spring wind like scissors", yes! Willow high trunk, like her graceful posture, drooping willow, like the ribbon on her skirt. It is no exaggeration for the author to compare willow to a beautiful girl. And the long leaves are thin and sharp. If you look carefully, there are thin gears beside them. It's really like the jade made by a skillful craftsman. It's very beautiful!

This strong willed willow reminds me of the indomitable explorers who, in order to know more knowledge and mysteries for their motherland, regardless of their own safety, went to the desolate places to uncover the secrets that few people knew, and sometimes even lost their own lives. What brave explorers, your indomitable spirit is worthy of our descendants It's hard to learn.

On the contrary, those children who are weak and spoiled are like "flowers in the greenhouse". They are like "flowers in the greenhouse". If they meet any difficulties and setbacks, they will only cry. They will not face them independently and bravely, they will only rely on their parents. Here, I would like to appeal to all parents in the world: please let go of your doting hand, let your children learn to think independently, the courage to face problems independently, don't to your children "all the stars support the moon", let the children spread their wings! composition

Yifu Experimental Primary School in Chengxiang District

The inspiration of Liu Xinyu's cartoon in the first class of the fourth year

Dongjiangyuan primary school in Anyuan County, Jiangxi Province

Tang Yu, class 6 (2), Dongjiangyuan primary school

This is a cartoon with profound meaning. composition

In the picture, there is a forest full of lush flowers, grass and towering trees. Here, there are birds singing and flowers fragrant. At this time, there is a young man wearing brand-new work clothes, a cap on his head, and his eyes are as big as copper coins. He touches his pocket, draws out a cigarette, smokes leisurely, and takes out a sharp axe from the tool kit to cut it excitedly, and the more he smokes The more excited I was. At this time, a woodpecker flew to the young man's head and said angrily, "there must be insects in this piece of wood..."

After reading this cartoon, my heart can't calm down for a long time. I seem to see the young man driving a car full of wood; I seem to see the sandstorm waving to us; I seem to see the ignorant human being submerged in the sandstorm! composition

What makes our home suffer merciless damage? It's the people