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Reading penetrating aphorisms is of great help to improve our spiritual realm and life significance. Many people like to use mathematical equations to better explain things and reason, or to encourage ourselves, or to educate others, which can better open the door of our wisdom, shape a new self, and achieve a remarkable life. For example, Einstein's famous equation 'a = x + y + Z', and Edison's' genius = 1% wisdom + 99% sweat '. My happiness equation is' v = x + y + Z + A / b.

"V" stands for the joy of happiness and success. 'x' stands for the strong nature of self-improvement. 'y' stands for the persistent demand that action is better than words. 'Z' stands for the refinement of thinking. 'a' stands for practical ability and 'B' stands for self-assessment. 'A / B' stands for self modesty and self diligence.

'x' stands for the strong nature of self-improvement. It's the first factor in the equation of life, and it's also the primary factor. Napoleon once said that glorious success does not lie in never failing, but in rising repeatedly. In the face of a series of failures, if you are depressed and give up, then you will not succeed. Only when we smile at setbacks, learn from failures again and again, stick to it silently, and keep the confidence of never giving up in our heart forever, can we reach the realm of excellence in life.

'Z' stands for the refinement of thinking. In the long road of life, we can't walk aimlessly. Then, thinking is the most important thing to decide the direction. Once the thinking is wrong, the direction is also wrong. It means that all the paths we have taken are in vain. This shows the importance of thinking, but thinking does not mean that every step of the decision must be accurate, but to tell us to make according to the environment to adapt to the current environment, beneficial to future development. For example: we should think when we are defeated and frustrated, guide us to move forward firmly, not stop, but tell us to summarize ourselves when we are hit, rather than complain. Thinking is to tell us to be optimistic and confident when we fail, and then forge ahead. Thinking is to tell us to be modest and sober when we succeed, and then keep forging ahead. Then you will find that success is close at hand. The meaning of thinking is to think carefully and comprehensively, and then decide to practice bravely. composition

'a' stands for practical ability. 'B' stands for self-assessment. 'A / B' stands for self modesty. A person's talent is like a numerator, and self-evaluation is like a denominator. The larger the denominator, the same the numerator. The smaller the denominator, the smaller the numerator. But the results are quite different. The former is small and the latter is large. This tells us how to look at our true value.

There is bole, and then there is Qianlima: Qianlima is common, but Bole is not. It's true that our life and time are like a thousand li horse. Only when we find its own characteristics can we give full play to its greatest omnipotence, and the effective way is bole. It can get twice the result with half the effort. My happiness equation, it can make people feel happy and the peak of life and determination. I'm sure it's the bole of my life. Knowing each other and my "Qianlima" makes my "Qianlima" happy and anxious. I can see all the flowers in Chang'an in one day. Let my 'Qianlima' be able to cross the world, and keep its name and history! Loneliness is my friend. You are my closest friend. You call yourself loneliness

Happy is happy, angry is angry

Your English name is lonely

You will write with me

Whenever and wherever

Open the textbook of fluid force, you lie quietly in the composition of partial differential equations

Running to Anping beach, the spray is your sigh

I go to BBS and you watch me silently with this old 486pc

Walking in the campus, you gently drift into my heart with the fall leaves

More than three months ago, a XX occupied my heart and drove you away

Her whisper fills the void in your absence

I've forgotten you. I don't even know where you're going?

When you get home tonight, you suddenly come to meet me again

You said you didn't leave, you just hid for a while

I can forget my loneliness

But loneliness has never forgotten me, unknown equation = friendship Rubik's cube. When I didn't graduate before, I didn't cherish the beautiful pure friendship. Now I graduate, on the contrary, it's very difficult to recover it I don't know the correct answer to this formula. Maybe it will never be. Maybe it is now. The concept of friendship is very complex and diverse. You can't always remember it. You can't ask others after you forget it, because everyone's concept is different.

In this equation of unknown solution, everyone can be x and everyone can be the answer. How mysterious it is in the Rubik's cube of friendship. As long as the Rubik's cube twists, it won't return to its original shape. At this time, it's useless for you to sigh. There are too many secrets hidden in this small Rubik's cube, which can't be completed by people with high intelligence or low intelligence. It's baked by a burning heart for life.

If friendship is an equation, it is also the most difficult equation in the world.

There is nothing helpless in this world, only encounter the wall of friendship, if you want to turn over, you will be caught; if you want to jump over, you will find that it is too high, you can't jump over! That's it. Friendship. However, you will fail if you try to avoid it. It's better to face it calmly and leave some photos quietly The butterfly stops on the tip of its nose composition

Friendship is a very illusory thing. It's good when it's good and bad when it's bad. Once the distractions appear, the friendship will collapse. No matter how beautiful things are, there will always be an end. Why don't we let our friendship live and die on its own? A piece of camphor wood is also rotten. Why don't we allow our friendship to go bad? When the sun is blocked by dark clouds, why don't we allow friendship to be covered with gauze temporarily? Even the Manchu and Han banquet has a shelf life. Why don't we allow the friendship to expire? "No! All are not allowed! " This answer is not good, change it ~ in this way, you will be tired~

Six years of primary school has passed. All the loneliness, pain and sadness have passed. The past is drifting with the wind. The new learning life is waving to us. Lonely years have passed, don't worry Don't be lonely composition

Why should tears flow down for those "friends" who cheat you? Such friendship, such friends are not worth your tears, they are not worth your tears. If you shed tears, they will not be soft hearted, they will let you cry and ignore you, OK? No, it's better for you to pretend that you don't care. Everything doesn't matter. They will be disappointed. You have just achieved your goal

After the Rubik's cube of friendship turns, it is happiness. After the unknown equation is solved, it is achievement. Come on! Don't cry for those hypocrites, look up, the sun is so bright, the bird for you with a garland, and I swing it! Look, butterfly, the colorful bridge is not far away from you Life, my favorite life, my favorite

Students, today we are going to talk about "life is beautiful"

Teacher, what is life?

Ask, raise your hand. composition

The teacher pushed his glasses and flipped through the book.

Life is the activity ability of living body and a form of protein. composition

Is life beautiful?

Of course, only with life can we breathe and move. Only when we have reason can we think. Life is the origin of the universe. Life is the essence of heaven and earth that has been brewing for thousands of years. Life is the aging and destruction of the universe.

Ask slanting head, staring at the teacher.

Mom, what is life?

Life is something that has love. Is everything that has love life?

Well, for example, butterflies flying like fairies, willow shreds gently blowing in the breeze on the hillside, and miss bee working hard in the sun. They all love nature deeply, and they are all full of love.

Oh, is life good?

Of course it's beautiful. Little frog created little tadpole, mother created you, mother nature created all kinds of life in the world. Life exists to create life, and life is wonderful because of creation. Life is the sweat of pregnancy in October, painful and happy; life is the baby's cry, heartbreak and happiness; life is a "I love you" tears, but life promise, no regrets.

Ask and nod, thinking silently.

Ask the white-collar who has no choice but to walk in the street and meet a gentleman.

Uncle, what is life?

Life is struggle, effort, never give up and persistence.

So, is life good?

Needless to say, because of life, people will struggle for it. Because of struggle, people will get success, status, dream and honor.

Is honor life?

No, honor is just a by-product of life. Life is a heavy signature on the contract after a lot of consideration; life is a sudden sight from the lowest level to the top; life is the courage to climb to a goal even if you fall; life is an opportunity for a person to surpass himself, and life is a moment to witness a miracle.

Ask, looking at the bright eyes, nodding thoughtfully.

Ask to come to the hospital to visit a girl who is about to die of cancer

Life has too many regrets for you.

Yes, too much, too much

Life is very sad for you.

Asked anxiously.

grief? Why? I've laughed, I've forgotten, I've smelled the fragrance of grass in spring, I've felt the scorching sun in summer, I've collected the flaming fire in autumn wind, I've hugged the glittering snow in the snow, I've watched the cowboy and weaver of the Milky way meet on the magpie bridge, and I've dreamed of putting on crystal shoes and dancing with the prince

I have been childlike, naughty and sad. I have experienced all these things. What's the sorrow of life?

What are you regretting?

Life is just because of regret will be satisfied, life is just because of defects will be perfect. Black and white dots together is a beautiful picture, plus and minus sign co-existence is a perfect equation. Life and death are a part of life. Cherish every minute of life, and every minute will return the brilliance of your life. Facing death rationally can make life perfect, regretless and more valuable; facing life and death with a smile is the eternal essence of life.

Ask in the side suddenly smile.

Students stopped and asked: what is life

Ask and smile: write down a few words on the paper quickly: rationality, love, struggle, eternity. A letter to the teacher (Reprinted) Baidu home | Baidu know | login



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