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Self report of small alarm clock

On a certain day, I was held to a clean and warm home by a pair of tender hands.

Oh, I forgot to introduce it. I'm a little penguin. How can penguins be in people's homes? Ha, actually I'm a little penguin shaped alarm clock.

I look very fashionable: two big eyes like crystal inlaid in a small face, accounting for the majority. A flat yellow mouth will look better if you laugh. My stomach is big. In a small transparent plastic shell, the numbers displayed by the electronic display are clearly visible. Two small dots flash, as if two small stars are shining. Two hands hang down flat, two small yellow feet stand steadily. There is also a blue hat on the head! From a distance, I looked like a soldier, straightened up. You see, I am not a fashionable small alarm clock!

I am very competent. Every morning I get up early, do morning exercises, and then play wonderful music to wake up the little master. If the little master doesn't get up, I will play music every five minutes and call him up. After the little master gets up, just press the yellow button on my back to stop playing music. After that, I'll start to work. I can't make mistakes for a moment when I read every little times. You see, I am not a competent small alarm clock! composition

The little master loves me very much and cleans me with a clean cloth every day. And I am worthy of the master's love, every day due diligence, not lazy. You see, I'm not a proper little alarm clock!

After listening to my introduction, you will like me more. Come on, everyone who likes me is welcome to make friends with me. I am an obedient alarm clock. The little master told me to wake her up at what time every day. I always finish it on time. Therefore, the host dotes on me.

I like a small apple, wearing a dress, skirt painted with a small rabbit, holding flowers. There is a cat on the left side of the rabbit, chasing the butterfly in the sky. Its clumsy appearance is so cute. Around the rabbit is a number from 1 to 12, which indicates what time it is. On the apple fruit, of course, it's my apple leaf beetle! It's a good helper for the little master. Whenever there's a power failure at home, I'll press the hairpin, and the room will be bright immediately.

One day, when the little master was seriously doing his homework, the light in the room went out, "what can I do?" looking at the little master's anxious appearance, I also worried about the little master. "Have" I suddenly thought of hair armour, so, I pressed hair armour, little master a look at my lamp, wrinkled brow stretch open, happy to write homework.

You see, I'm not only beautiful in appearance, but also very useful! composition

Good morning, everyone! I'm a lively and lovely little monkey. The monkey king, the great sage of heaven, who went to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures, is my ancestor. I have a brown fur, very lovely.

My companions and I live in an ever-changing forest. We play there every day and live a carefree life every day.

Later, human beings destroyed the forest we lived in and cut down trees constantly, making the forest empty. Soon the alarm clock of life rang. One day, the terrible hunter with his beloved hound sent us a death signal. Our companions die and run. I'm the only one left in the forest.

On a calm day, I played alone in the forest. All of a sudden, I heard the hunter's footsteps, and I ran to the forest. But it's too late. The hunter caught me and said to the hound with a smile: 'good baby, you see, this monkey can sell for a good price. Let's not kill it yet. 'I sobbed and said to the hunter,' Dear hunter, please let me go. Saving a life is better than building a seven level floating butcher. You see, I'm so thin. I can't get a good price. 'but the hunter said:' bah, little one, if you fall into my hands today, you don't want to go back. 'I'm completely disappointed. composition

Later, I was sold to a restaurant. They trapped me in a dark little house. I lost my freedom and my weight plummeted. But what's the use of that? There are so many restaurants that kill animals indiscriminately. Who can hear my tiny voice? Finally, one day, I was brought up. To the kitchen, to the road of death. When I was dying, I thought to myself: 'human, human, do you regret that all animals will be extinct on that day? 'I fainted. My soul left my body and flew far away to a world that belongs to our animals & hellip; & hellip; the ability of PHS

Self account of "double faced man"

Class 1, grade 5, Mingde primary school, Shahe Town, Linze County, Gansu Province

Yu Xujing's composition

I play mobile phone technology is: a river of spring water to the East, look and look, can't see the end (play an idiom). So my father gave me the nickname "PHS".

As a "PHS", I also know some things (amateur, unprofessional, not including mobile phone content), such as repairing alarm clock, repairing spray bottle and so on. I'm a "double faced person". I can repair some things, or make some things into "little pimples". If you don't believe me, you can ask my father's ex mobile phone! composition

My predecessor said on his mobile phone: a few years ago, my old master (referring to my father) trusted me and loved me very much, so I was much loved in front of my old master. But there is something unexpected, I "cold", so that the host always can't hear each other's words, at this time I was very desperate, thought the host would throw me away, but the little master has great powers, even cured my disease, I recovered, here I want to say: "little master, thank you for your help!"

Readers, next, let's invite another watering can to speak. Gee, where are you? Now that the spout is gone, let me tell you the whole story.

One morning, I saw a spout outside the door, which I picked up. Just as I was staring at the spout in a daze, an evil idea sprouted in my mind. First, I put a little black ink and powdered chalk in the pipe. Secondly, I squeezed some three second glue around the nozzle, and then put some "delicious" drinks in the bottle, which can make the taste fragrant and strong Cover up the smell of glue), more attractive to people and animals. Finally, the self-adhesive and brother two good mixture on the spray can, it's done.

If you want to take down my creation, you have to wait until the end of the next century!

Look! The bad things done by PHS are as advanced as PHS!

(Instructor: Li kehu)

The sun came out of the horizon, red, like a veiled shy girl, peeping at the earth quietly. "Ding Ling Ling" a small desk alarm clock swings its body to tell people that morning has come. I stretch out and lazily walk out of the house to welcome the first ray of sunshine in the morning.

All of a sudden, the sound of "bang, bang" came from a distance. I flew to the source of the sound with a good heart. My eyes fell on a man who was wearing a "seven wolves" suit, with a small boat like shoe, a cigarette in his mouth, a cowboy hat and a big ax in his hand. My eyes stopped in a moment. I opened my eyes and watched his every move. He raised his axe to chop at the lush banyan tree grandfather. The banyan tree grandfather moaned bitterly. Looking at the scene in front of me, I seemed to understand something. Turning to my back, I saw that the trees in groups had fallen to the ground! I hate, why let the small animals have no home, why let the forest become desolate ah? I jumped to the man's head angrily, thinking: This is definitely not a human head, but a piece of wood, and there must be insects in the wood! A greedy insect is eating this piece of wood! Next, I'm going to start using the content of my page from "read. 4" ”Push the world-famous and exquisite medical skills for you to "cure" it. Just as the guy was cutting down the tree with great interest, he suddenly exclaimed that it was "that piece of wood" that was being operated on by me! He fled, leaving only the dying banyan grandfather!

I look up at the sky, I do not know when, the sky is no longer so blue, look up to see a cloudy, gray sky, serious environmental pollution destroyed all good. Human beings have started to work again. For economic development, many factories have been cut down and cut down. A lot of waste water and waste gas are discharged into rivers and air. Don't you know how to detect and calculate trees! If you forget the role of trees because of money, I would like to remind you that I hope you don't forget it all at once: 1 hectare of trees absorb 8 kg of carbon dioxide per hour. Trees exhaust oxygen, can purify the air, green environment. The survival of human beings is inseparable from oxygen, if there is no oxygen, then human beings can not survive. I once read an article called "this land is sacred". There is a sentence in the article that moved me: the earth does not belong to human beings, but human beings belong to the earth. Yes, in ancient times, there was no human on the earth, and the earth was not the same; but human beings could not live without the earth, and the earth had all the capital that could make human reproduction. I look forward to your remembering this sentence! composition

Because of the confusion of money, the disaster has begun landslides, mudslides, sandstorms, all of a sudden, completely disrupted the normal life of mankind! The earth is telling us in this way to protect the earth, protect the environment, love everything around us, from me, from now on. Let's say goodbye to the disaster!

When the earth's resources are exhausted, even if you have a lot of money, it's useless, because composition

There is only one home, the earth can't be cloned!