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Be a happy person

People live in this world just to make themselves happier.

That's what I always thought. If you want to live your life well, you must feel every bit of life carefully and seek happiness from every little thing. Life will be more full.

I remember a writer who said: 'a person's character determines his fate. If you like to keep your character, then you have no right to refuse your fortune. Because no matter how hard and difficult a person's life is, he must experience it himself. Others can't replace him. Life belongs to him.

Only when a person really knows and understands himself, can he have an independent personality and be qualified to choose his hobbies and habits. Don't place happiness on anyone. Happiness is what he seeks. composition

Learn to live happily, the most important thing is to put your mind right. In fact, everyone has emotional fluctuations, everyone will have a weak and strong side, all by their own judgment. Each person has his own opinion and reason for the quality of everything.

It's not an idiom: 'man makes the plan, and heaven makes it. 'if a person is always worried about gains and losses when doing anything, it will definitely affect his judgment ability. This is not a weakness or a sign of weakness, but sometimes this kind of indecisive attitude and soft and cowardly temperament will bring you more benefits. To be a happy person, everyone yearns for happiness. So what is happiness and how can we get happiness?

In fact, happiness is very simple, no need to learn, no need to think, as long as you forget the trouble. Forget the trouble, don't investigate the trivial things; forget the trouble, look at life with a tolerant heart; forget the trouble, treat everyone around with sincere love; forget the trouble, cry, jump and shout from the heart; forget the trouble, fight and rush with confidence. Because only in this way can we really feel life and enjoy the fun of life. This is happiness.

That time the mathematics examination, especially smooth, because I seriously do the last question. At the beginning, I looked at the topic and kept cobbling together on the draft paper, hoping to get some inspiration. It was this kind of inspiration that made me suddenly seem to know the answer. With the promotion of these, I worked hard, the draft paper was full of my problem-solving process and ideas, which became a stepping stone for correct and successful, suddenly, I did it. Happiness comes with it. It won't stay for a second. The success gained by hard work and the goal achieved by hard work are the source of happiness for people.

In happiness, there are ideals, goals, struggle, hard work, sweat, tears, success, failure, perseverance, faith, brave fighting spirit and boundless aspiration. On the way forward, there is a rock. Don't be afraid of the content of this page. The "Four Seas reading network" will push you fear. Remove it, and you will be happy when you remove the rock. In life, difficulties are always around us. As long as we fight against them, happiness is contained in them. As long as the heart found, happy moment in our side. Living in a happy world, having a happy life, challenging the goal of happiness, enriching the heart of happiness, feeling the notes of happiness, looking forward to a happy future and realizing the dream of happiness are the Manifesto of happy people. Happiness is the foundation of life. Let's have happiness and turn away troubles! composition

We live in a wonderful world. Happiness will make our ordinary life more colorful and our future more colorful. Believe me, be a happy person! To be a happy person, there are lots of happiness in one's life, including simple happiness, happiness mixed with sweat, short-term happiness and lasting happiness. Some happiness is easy to get, some happiness needs to work hard to get. A physical examination found that many of our students were short-sighted. In a pile of thick notice, there is no name of my myopia. I am happy for my good eyesight. One time, the total score of my two main courses was 190, which made the school the first place in the total score of language and mathematics and the eighth place in mathematics. I am happy to get good grades. At the beginning of this semester, the head teacher will choose a labor committee member. I didn't expect that the teacher chose me as the "official"! I am not only happy that my teacher trusts me, but also happy that I can do more for my class and school. Every time I go to the street, I see many poor beggars. Some of them are disabled, some are grey haired, some are even children who should read in the classroom I sympathized with them, so I took out my pocket money: one yuan or fifty cents and put it into their begging bowl. When I heard them say "thank you" gently, when I heard my mother's praise, I was happy to help others. In fact, happiness is close to us, the important thing is that you have not found happy eyes and heart! ~To be a happy reader, Shakespeare once said: "life without books is like losing sunshine. Wisdom without books is like a bird without wings Life is wonderful because of books, and life is full because of books.

A book is like a cup of coffee. Those who can taste it say it is fragrant. Those who can't taste it say it is bitter. It's the same cup of coffee, but the result is different. Just like "different mood, different result".

Reading is also like tasting coffee. Those who taste fine produce strong fragrance, while those who swallow jujube whole produce only bitter light. Looking at the reading of the ancients, it is a kind of enjoyment; looking at the reading of modern people, it is a kind of disgust.

In fact, reading is a symphony of bitterness and music. composition

"It's hard to read, it's boring," said the bolt. It constrains our freedom and makes us feel tired... "

The fine taster said: "when you study, you are happy. It makes you get good grades. In the face of parents' smiling faces, outsiders' praise, and students' envious eyes, your heart is as sweet as honey. It will enable you to broaden your horizons and learn more... " composition

I said: "reading is a symphony of pain and music! First of all, bitter: give up that beautiful childhood life, lie on the book all day, eyesight drops sharply. Secondly, happiness: there was a saying: "all happiness comes from hard work.". Behind the hard is always happy, lying on the book all day, naturally good. 1、 Reading makes people wise; second, reading makes us understand the truth of being human; third, because books are the ladder of human progress, we need them... " All in all, the benefits of reading are endless.

However, in today's society, there are many people bending the interpretation of reading. This is a pleasure, a pleasure, but gradually evolved into parents, teachers do not understand, resentment. But I think: "I read, I am happy!"

"Books are the ladder of human progress," Gorky said Let's taste the fragrance together! To be a happy reader! To be a moral person, what a beautiful word morality is and how admirable a moral person is! Morality can also make the society more harmonious, happy and happy. This is the meaning of the so-called "stop at the top of the mountain, stop at the scenery".

In today's society, there is an invisible thing constraining our every move. What is it? It is morality. Dante, an Italian poet, said: "a person with incomplete knowledge can make up for it with morality, but a person with incomplete morality can't make up for it with knowledge. Today, we will not discuss which is more important, morality or knowledge, but I believe that what our country and nation need most is intellectuals with noble morality.

Morality is often reflected in some small things. To be a civilized person, we must first learn to use civilized language and do civilized things. To put it simply, we should be polite and reasonable. China is known as "the land of etiquette". Being polite is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Living in a happy age, if we can't inherit and carry forward this fine tradition, we can't really be happy people. We should keep in mind the old saying that good words are warm in winter and evil words are cold in June. Politeness is the easiest thing to do, but also the most important thing in life, it is more important than the highest wisdom, than all learning. Politeness can often replace the most precious feelings. Students can not do without etiquette, it is like lubricating oil, so that the rough friction disappeared, if there are contradictions, should be more self reflection, mutual understanding, tolerance.

I have seen such a moral person. He is as ordinary as us, but his quality makes me admire him from my heart. This happened on the bus. I was on the bus. At this time, an old man came. She was skinny and wrinkled. She got on the bus with difficulty, but the seats were full, and the people on the bus hesitated Let's sit or not? A dead silence in a car

At this time, a young man left the seat and helped the old man to sit on the seat, while he was standing. When I look at it, my nose feels sour. In my heart, that young man is a moral person. In fact, a moral person does not want reputation. He only hopes that he can make a little contribution to the big family of China. A moral person is not evaluated by the unit or company, but by the common people. A moral person is recognized by others!

A moral person must say 'thank you' after others' help. If someone asks for help, you should try your best to help. If you can't solve it, you should say: 'I'm sorry. When shopping in a store, you should not pretend to be a God. You should use polite language. After shopping, you should also say thank you. When watching other people's performance, we should respect the actors, clap politely at the right time, and not leave early. When taking a bus or train, we should take care of the elderly, children and the disabled. We should keep a clean environment on the bus, do not litter, and do not scramble for seats. composition

Students, civilized etiquette is in our daily life, right beside us. Let's all improve our sense of etiquette, attach importance to etiquette, adhere to training according to the requirements of the school, find our own shortcomings, and timely correct the behavior of not speaking civilized etiquette. Only in this way, can we gradually develop civilized etiquette habits, and become modern civilized people with temperament, demeanor and education.

Good, never dim because of small, do civilized people, always call! The pursuit of life!

Yuan Guangbo, grade 6, Yishi primary school, Zaoyang City, Hubei Province. This article is an original article of our website users. It is forbidden to reprint without permission! A happy person is happy, everyone has their own different understanding. Some people think that happiness is to get what they want; some people think that happiness is to laugh at others and make fun of others; others think that happiness is to destroy