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Traditional festivals_ New year's Eve

As the saying goes: "different wind in a hundred miles, different customs in a thousand miles.". 'There are different festivals and customs in each area. In China, new year's Eve is the busiest.

New year's Eve is a traditional festival in China. It is the last day of the year, also known as new year's Eve. On New Year's Eve, the sound of firecrackers was very lively.

Now let me talk about how my family spent new year's Eve!

On New Year's Eve, our family will play firecrackers. In the morning, I still sleep in my sleep. My mother gets up early to clean the room, and my father works with my mother. At noon, we still eat ordinary rice as usual. In the evening, it's very busy and have a good time.

We will first take some white radishes, cut them into small pieces, then put candles on them, and then light a fire and put them in every corner of the house. Then I would turn on all the lights in my house. When it's time for dinner, all of us will go to our grandparents' house to have a reunion dinner. After dinner, I will play firecrackers with my friends or family.

Playing playing, time passed in a hurry, we all went upstairs, but did not sleep, is playing upstairs.

At 12 o'clock in the evening, my father went to set off firecrackers and lit fireworks, which was very beautiful. After playing, my father took me to the temple, I don't know how to say.

This is my new year's Eve. 'New Year's Eve is always so unique and unforgettable! New year's Eve with filial piety_ I hope for the stars and the moon. The annual New Year's Eve comes as scheduled, but my home is cold and quiet, leaving only my mother and me. Because my grandfather, who was over 70 years old, was seriously ill and hospitalized, my father and brother were guarding him.

Early in the morning, I yelled at my mother to go to the market to buy vegetables and fish, ready to buy the new year's Eve dinner tonight. Along the way, you can enjoy crackle, crackle & hellip; & hellip; a new year Symphony everywhere. The trees on both sides of the street are covered with strings of red lanterns. They are like a red stream, which flows the festival of 'New Year' in the streets. The streets are full of traffic and the shopping malls are full of people. They almost travel together, each carrying a large bag of new year's goods, talking and laughing all the way home.

Coming to the vegetable market is more like squeezing into a crowd, and every stall is surrounded by people. The cry of the seller, the bargaining of the buyer, and the noise of the children's babbling make up a happy triple joy. How lively! We chose Ruyi's food and were busy going home to prepare it.

In the afternoon, my mother was so busy that I wandered around. Mother first classifies the food she bought, and then cooks it: some are steamed, some are fried, and some are stir fried & hellip; & hellip; bursts of fragrance come out from the kitchen, stimulating people's nerves. Although it is winter, but mother's forehead also exudes fine sweat. I also quickly took action to help razor clams and clams wash away their stains. Pick up the useless toothbrush and brush the clam left and right & hellip; & hellip;

In the evening, although my mother also put a lot of delicious food on the table, although she was wearing beautiful new clothes, and although the Spring Festival Gala on TV was wonderful, my heart was filled with acid. Because my father and grandfather are absent. In recent months, my grandfather's condition has worsened, and two operations have been carried out in succession. My father keeps in front of my grandfather's bed day and night to protect my dying grandfather. When my grandfather wakes up, he talks to him to relieve his physical pain. You don't know, after the failure of the first operation, my grandfather had the idea of giving up treatment. He didn't want to drag us down. It was Dad's voice of encouragement and consolation that made grandfather set up his confidence to receive treatment again. At night, when my grandfather drips, my father will be staring at the bottle, dare not close his eyes. My father's filial piety made me admire very much, so I went to the hospital every three to five to visit my grandfather. Today is Chinese New Year's Eve, my grandfather still can't go home to reunite with us. Think of here, my heart can not help but slightly pan a chill.

Suddenly my eyes lit up and I suggested: 'Mom, let's go to the hospital to see my grandfather! 'mother readily agreed. So, we wrapped ourselves up, my mother riding a motorcycle with me, stormy to the hospital & hellip; & hellip; really God! My grandfather saw my father, mother, brother and I on his bed. He was unwilling to open his eyes, but he suddenly opened his eyes wide, his face also showed a happy smile, and we also laughed & hellip; & hellip; at this moment, although we did not enjoy the delicious food, did not enjoy the wonderful spring festival gala, but we are extremely happy.

When I got home, I took up my pen and wrote down my feelings at this time: filial piety is a fleeting attachment; filial piety is a happiness that can not be revisited; filial piety is a link to shorten the distance between the heart and the heart. It's really a new year's Eve with filial piety! New year's Eve_ 300 words the annual Spring Festival has come, and the most unforgettable thing for me is the new year's Eve full of strong flavor.

New year's Eve is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. On this day, people from afar will return home to have a reunion dinner with their relatives, which means that the family is happy and happy.

This early in the morning, my mother would chop meat and vegetables in the kitchen, ready to eat baozi. I will lay hands on one side, help my mother clean the table, sweep the floor, do the final cleaning work. My father pasted the door couplet early. On the left is Heshun gate with Baifu. On the right is Ping'an, which is worth thousands of gold. Horizontal inscription is everything.

In the evening, my mother put the new year's Eve dinner on the table at seven o'clock. I looked at so many delicious food on the table that I drooled. But we have to wait for our grandparents to be in place before we can serve. While eating New Year's Eve dinner, we watched the Spring Festival party and listened to the crackling gunfire outside. I'm so excited! Because I'm going to pay lucky money soon.

The party is over. At 12 o'clock, my sister and I put on our new clothes and went downstairs to watch the fireworks. WOW! What beautiful fireworks! It's said that there will be more beautiful fireworks than today's on the Lantern Festival. I'm really looking forward to it.

One year later, I am one year old. In the new year, I will study harder and live up to the expectations of my grandparents and parents! Labor day cleaning up_ In the twinkling of an eye, may day is coming. I began to think about how to spend the labor day. Finally, I had a good idea, that is, cleaning. This afternoon, the cleaning began. I picked up a dry rag to clean the TV, because my mother told me that if I didn't use a dry rag to clean the TV, it would break easily. There are switches, computers & hellip; & hellip; and other electrical things should be wiped with dry rags. I have to clean some furniture and glass, even the door. I carefully and conscientiously wiped the house with rags and mops from top to bottom. The rags were covered with dust. I'm exhausted. I'm sweating and out of breath. But I thought: 'I'm going to surprise my mother. Besides, I have to work hard to clean up. If I can't stick to it now, then what I just did is in vain? 'Do things from beginning to end. So I started sweeping the floor again. I didn't even let go of the corner. I finally finished. When I think about it carefully, I forget to sweep the room. I go in, skillfully pick up the broom and sweep it slowly. Then, I filled a bucket of water, washed the mop, wrung the water dry, and began to mop the floor. I hold the heavy mop and slowly drag it from here to there. After this cleaning, I learned: 'as long as you pay, you will get something. 'New Year's Eve! New Year's Eve_ 1400 words New year's Eve, the last day of 2013, is an unusual day. It's an important traditional festival in China. However, compared with that, on this day, the whole family gathered together to eat new year's Eve dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala happily. The warm atmosphere played up by family is the most important. However, this year, my family's new year's Eve Festival is the most important New year's Eve seems very different & hellip; & hellip;

Silent New Year's Eve dinner

At about 3 p.m., I, my brother, my mother, sat around the dinner table to have new year's Eve dinner. There was a strange silence on the table. I lowered my head to pick rice with chopsticks, and looked at the fish and meat in front of me. Yes, after all, it was only two and a half hours since we finished our lunch. Secretly, my brother was struggling with food, and my mother looked up out of the window In the blue sky, his eyes were confused and he didn't know what he was thinking. No one spoke, only the sound of chewing food was in his ears. Finally, his brother broke the silence and said, "I've finished eating." he put his chopsticks and ran to the computer. Then, the table was surrounded by the atmosphere of silence. It was not easy to force the food into my stomach. I got up and left the table, and my mother speechless cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks .

Like fireworks

I walk aimlessly on the street. The dim lights of the street light hide the happy faces of the pedestrians. Most of the shops on the street are not open, and the pedestrians walk together in twos and threes. From time to time, there are one or two firecrackers in the distance, and the gorgeous fireworks are blooming in the air. In this remote town, this kind of movement is particularly obvious. Looking up at the beautiful fireworks in the sky, with a scream Another firework burst into the embrace of the night and bloomed in the night. The night sky without stars was a proud black rose. The firework turned into innumerable golden butterflies fluttering their wings, which made the sky beautiful. Finally, it was still in the sky, and the darkness restored its original appearance. I don't like it, really don't like it. The firework is beautiful, but its life is very short For a moment, fireworks want to warm the night, but always lose to the dark. The light of fireworks pour on my upturned face, a person's me seems to be out of place with the surrounding

A man's Beach

Before I knew it, I walked to the Bank of the river in the park. Last time I came here, my family took a picture of my family. Now, I am the only one on the Bank of the river. Although it's only 6 o'clock, the sky in winter is always black. I can't wait. The clear water of the river turns black, which seems to echo with the sky. Moving to the river, I pick up one When I saw the stone jump twice on the water surface and sink to the bottom, I felt a little anxious, just as it appeared inexplicable, but it was not enough. So I ran wildly on the beach and ran to the other end of the beach. I yelled at the water surface: "ah ~" listening to my echo, I suddenly felt very happy, I knew how to test The frustration at the moment of the test results, the disappointment at the moment when he didn't come back, and the light sadness that has been suppressed recently, all disappear with the disappearance of the voice. "Ha ha ha" I laugh, I don't want to be a self pitying person! 2013 is going to pass. Why should I worry about the past! Looking at the distant city shining in the fireworks, my heart