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My dear alma mater

My dear alma mater, it has been six years in a twinkling of an eye. I am leaving my alma mater and stepping into a new campus. Everything will become less familiar.

Alma mater, I will never forget your beauty. At the moment when I stepped into the teaching building, rose girl attracted me, and rose girl gave their intoxicating fragrance to their alma mater. The pine trees arranged in order were like little soldiers guarding the beautiful flowers.

Alma mater, I will never forget your tidiness. Looking around my alma mater, there is no place that is very unclean. The three characters of 'teaching building' in the teaching building are shining in the sun.

My alma mater makes me unforgettable, but the most unforgettable is my friends and teachers in my alma mater.

Unforgettable teachers, it is you who have taught us endless knowledge with your hard work. The teacher, like a gardener, diligently watered every flower and grass; the teacher, like a beacon, lit our way of life; the teacher, like a small candle, burned himself and warmed us. For six years, we have established a friendship between teachers and students that is higher than the mountain and deeper than the sea. I will never forget it. Is about to leave, this continuous love how willing to cut it?

Unforgettable friends, I can't forget your warm hands and your bright smiling faces. Your crystal smile has been deeply engraved in my mind. In my heart, I can't bear you, those sincere friends. Unforgettable schoolmate sentiment, I will never forget!

Time in a hurry, fleeting, meet is fate, I will cherish these days. At the time of parting, I think I will be reluctant to leave the teachers and students, but also inseparable from my dear alma mater, thank you! Ah, unforgettable dear alma mater! Mother's love_ 400 words from the day I was born, I have her care, her love, her help, she is the mother. In my impression, the most profound is just a pick-up, just a pick-up, let me understand what is maternal love!

I was in kindergarten. Wednesday afternoon. The LORD was as angry as he was, his face was taut and dark, and soon it began to rain heavily. It's time to finish school, and the students listen to the radio roll call one after another. How happy it is to see the students embracing and chatting with their mother happily! I'm the only one in the waiting room waiting quietly. Sometimes I put my ear close to the loudspeaker to see if the radio is broken. Sometimes I look out of the window. Half an hour passed. I'm still waiting for my mother. I'm scared and sad. Tears kept rolling in my eyes: 'mom is a bad mom'. I can't help thinking that. Suddenly in the heavy rain, I saw a familiar figure in the hazy, and slowly walked to the roll call place. Then a familiar voice said: 'Wu Wenxi' is great. It's mom. It's mom. I ran hard to the school gate 'ouch'. I accidentally fell down, but I didn't care. I continued to run forward. Finally, tears could not help running out. I hugged my mom and asked her why she was so late to pick me up. Mom felt my wound and explained to me slowly. Until I know the reason, from sad, afraid, hate, tears into moving tears.

It turned out that my mother had already arrived, but it was raining. She was afraid that I would get caught in the rain and catch a cold, so she ran home to get my umbrella. Soon after taking the umbrella, she found that the temperature was getting colder. She went home again to get my clothes. She came back and forth a few times before she was so late to pick me up.

Now I know I have a good mother, I am very happy, I love my mother! Love in mother's eyes_ 400 words in this long night, only loneliness and loneliness accompany me. The moon disappeared, the stars disappeared, the cicadas also withdrew their calls, leaving me alone in the night light. In the dark, listening to Li Yu's exclamation that "asking you how much sorrow you can have is just a river of spring water flowing eastward", I can't help but feel pity for each other. My sorrow is just like that spring water, which has no end. Because, I found that, in the eyes of my parents, I was like the score machine, whether it was open or closed, it was a score. Lowering my head and taking up the pen, I am still confused in the mountain of books, pondering in the sea of questions, and suddenly realizing in the sentiment. Little by little, I was the only one left at home in the dead of night, and the loneliness also slowly climbed up the heart. Suddenly, the door opened a crack, and I saw a pair of eyes in the reflection of the mirror. Ah! Isn't that the mother? That pair of black and white eyes, no longer like the memory that full of joy, I do not know when the mother's eyes already full of fatigue and vicissitudes. With a little doubt, I looked at the eyes that made me feel a little heartache, eh! Those eyes are looking at me with a kind of eyes that I can't understand. I don't know why my eyes are full of tears, but I don't feel pain, but I feel very happy. Hands quietly on the chest, ah! It's warm! I look like a mirror, only see my face is full of happy smile. Only I know that when I look into those eyes, the softness in my heart has been touched, and I have found a great truth. Mother's eyes witness our growth step by step. Mother's tears point out our mistakes. Mother's eyes show us the whole world of love. Goodbye, my dear alma mater_ 350 words when I stand in this campus that has cultivated me for six years, I remember that I will soon wave goodbye to this school. A sour feeling of parting comes to my heart, and tears moisten my eyes.

When I look up at the sky again, I find that everything is full of the meaning of parting. I think of hardworking teachers and friendly classmates. I imagine that every plant and tree in the campus is so familiar and kind. I still remember that when I was confused, the teacher taught me one sentence after another; when I fell down, the students had a pair of helping hands; when I failed, the teacher encouraged me one after another; when I succeeded, the students applauded one after another; These scenes are so clear and moving!

Recalling our alma mater, it gives us not only happiness and happiness, but also more hope and knowledge. Here, we study together; here, we play together; here, we become young and energetic from ignorant children. Alma mater! The content of your page is pushed for you by "", which is a bunch of sunshine in my childhood. Alma mater! You are a happy memory of my childhood. Alma mater, the time of parting will come. We will set sail from here and embark on a new journey. We will always remember you my dear alma mater!

Goodbye! This makes me a campus full of joy, nostalgia and growth footprints!

Sixth grade of Ningyang modern school in Tai'an, Shandong Province: yu'er, goodbye my dear alma mater_ 450 words we graduated, where we will go, where is my destination. Now we're a little lost. Life is like this, there have been passion, there have been sadness, there have been bumps & hellip; & hellip;

I can't take away the scenery along the way; I can't take away the joy and laughter; I can't take away the beauty of the towering Cangshan Mountain, the flexibility of the spring and waterfall, the vastness of the vast sea, and the brilliance of the endless stars.

And can take away, only memory, and that silent in the night, the deepest pain.

Pass in a hurry, never take away, never leave. Like a rootless Artemisia, the wind blowing, flying to the distant sky & hellip; & hellip;

In the graduation season, I just want to sing loudly in a quiet corner of the school. Not only for themselves, but also to commemorate their soul on campus. I want to lie on the grass, look up at the stars in the sky, let the imagination roam in the dark, carefree. Every time before graduation, I always want to share all my feelings with my alma mater.

Want to hear the wind sing, sing a song gradually far away. Want to see cloud more lonely Escape to the end of the world, want to see my friends in this separate intersection, I want to see you leave. Although all this, I do not want to see, but all the parting, just for the day of reunion.

Years take away the innocent childhood, leaving the most beautiful memory; take away the childish fantasy of youth, leaving the innocence of years later; take away the smile and love of parents and relatives, leaving the nostalgia and gratitude for family affection; years take away the ignorance, leaving the maturity of years; take away the passion and impulse of not knowing the world, young and frivolous, Left the years and the world tempered after the calm and calm. The story between my mother and me_ 400 words every care, every happiness, every knowledge, every & hellip; & hellip; all come from mother's care. Now let me tell you the story between me and my mother!

I remember when I was a child, my mother and I took a taxi to grandma's house in the countryside. Suddenly, on the highway, the car turned over. At that time, my mother did not know that such an accident would happen, so she had to hold me tightly. Later, the ambulance came. My mother and I went to the ambulance. My mother's hand was bleeding all the time. I quickly took out the tissue paper from my pocket to wipe the blood for my mother. Then take out the face cloth and hold mom's wound. When I got to the hospital, the doctor said that my mother's injury was serious, so I had to have an operation. No matter what, I agreed, but my mother kept shaking her head. I leaned down and said to my mother, 'Mom, as long as you can get better, no matter how expensive the medical expenses are, I'm very happy. With that, the doctor pushed her into the operating room. I'll wait outside. I'll calm down first. An hour went by, two hours went by, three hours went by, four hours went by & hellip; & hellip; the doctor finally came out, and I ran to him and asked, 'doctor, how's my mother? The doctor said: 'the patient may have a scar on his hand. 'after listening to this, I thought to myself: Mom is so beautiful. If I had this scar, it would be bad. Up to now, my mother has undergone countless operations and suffered countless times. However, in the end, it is impossible to remove this scar.

Every time I see the scar on my mother's hand, my heart hurts like when I break the glass. This is the story between me and my mother. Is there any touching story between you and your mother? Let's share it! Feeling of mother's Day - mother's love_ Love is like the spring breeze in April blowing our hearts; maternal love is like the silent drizzle moistening our hearts; maternal love is like the sunshine in winter warming our hearts. Who cooked the delicious food for you before dawn? When the wind and rain, who is your shelter? In the dead of night, who covers the quilt for you? It's our mother! I still remember when I was in class in grade three, but I started to burn. After receiving the teacher's call, my mother was so anxious that she didn't even change her clothes, so she went to school as fast as possible. But God seems to have a hard time with his mother, and it began to rain. My mother took out fifty yuan for an umbrella, but she didn't even have time to get the change