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My vacation

My holiday is wonderful. Some people's vacation is immersed in the computer, some people's vacation is locked by homework, but some people are different, some people go to the countryside, is to climb mountains.

And mine is to play with the children in the village, rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, competition and running, not to mention high.

Once, we suddenly want to play with sand, so, XX brought sand, the most sand in his family, we use sand to build castles, animals, barrels, a lot of piles, and we also wet the soil, and then, put our hands on the wet soil, on the wall, there will be fingerprints on it, so, let my mother scold, but we are very happy. My custom holiday is 1400 words in July. Sweat like rain, anti Japanese alone.

The sun is tirelessly emitting heat and light, everything under the sun has become extremely dazzling, coated with a layer of gold appearance, in a special perspective, reflecting the glittering. Every morning, I put on my bike with my hat and set out to review in the sun. I often have to think: "I am as brilliant as the stars and the moon in other people's eyes! 'and then drag the wheel to roll over the familiar road happily, and sweat seeps out from the neck and forehead. The cars on the road roared like beasts, and the dust was flying.

On the way, I often pass Jing's home, my best friend in primary school. But now, I have no courage to go into her home and talk with her. We are strangers. We were separated at the intersection of grade 6 in primary school, and then we went on a new road and listened to new songs. One day when we passed by her home, we would find that the people and things that we had never forgotten were so far away that we could never touch them again.

Every time I arrive at my destination, I wonder what kind of action I will use to walk into the classroom? At the moment of opening the door, will dozens of pairs of eyes focus on me? I've tried to walk in small steps with my head too low. I've also tried to walk in with my schoolbag on one shoulder, and I've even tried to kick the door! But as a result, people don't have time to share their eyes with me. Well, you'd better be safe!

Every day, I am boring to do the white paper, squeezing my pen oil. I often draw all kinds of inexplicable pictures in the blank of the paper, write some graceful poems deliberately recited, and sigh that time flies and time flies. At this time, we will be easily touched by some things, for example, why does the science teacher's sock always have a hole in the thumb? For this reason, my deskmate and I laughed heartlessly and got a stomachache.

My deskmate brings breakfast to eat every morning. When he makes the test paper, he buries his head in the drawer and chews. I can judge what it is today according to the fragrance from the drawer, xiaolongbao? Corn steamed bread? Or glutinous rice? Pity my stomach. It's hungry and ready to move! He also took out a bottle of Wahaha AD calcium milk and sucked it. My deskmate is like a little boy, Huihui said. Mentally deficient children like to drink milk and eat glutinous rice.

The review in the morning has come to an end. In the evening, I have to face the sun which is still the son of heaven in the west, and rush to school for sports training. It's the kind of training that I spend money on.

First three laps, middle jump bunker jump stairs, throw shot, pull belt, hop frog jump mat randomly, finally five laps.

I'm a child with simple limbs. I'm always running obediently and slowly. I'm just trying to make my sports scores better.

Every time after training, my whole body is sweating and I'm tired. I drink more than two bottles of water, and I'm shameless to rub other people's water. I'm still saying 'I'm dying of thirst, I'm dying of thirst, I'm dying of thirst, I'm dying of thirst, I'm dying of thirst, I'm dying of thirst! '

August. First bitter, then sweet, then bitter.

I applied for the mathematics partial branch guidance, must, my mathematics achievement already was not good enough. During this period, Sula led the sea anemone to come, the north wind blowing, the heavy rain, sports training and math counseling canceled, I laughed in my dream, but my father's face was green.

The math papers are always difficult for me. Every time she gnaws her nails and frowns and lies there consuming brain cells, sister Bei happily carries her small schoolbag and goes home to eat rice. She can't understand her mathematics, and she still spends the unjust money. For mathematics, I really can't catch up with the dust, can't catch up with the water, can't help sighing and can't step back!!

August 16th. My mood is like 1949, liberation!

Degenerate between the computer and television, there are so many times, my heart seems to be suddenly drained in general, how can I be so willing to degenerate? But in the end, there is no strong sense of crisis forced me to rise, this idea to think, water without trace.

August 19th, God damn it, I think of the opening date of school August 29th, I still have a lot of sin homework behind me, I admire myself, there are reasons to collapse, but I still live to the present.

I know how stupid it is to be a dreamer. I can't sit still and wait for the flood of school to flood my neck and my head. Since the flood can not be stopped, then I choose to be Noah, and I will carry out a world-wide redemption on myself at the edge of destruction.

My holiday seems to have just started yesterday, I was just cheering yesterday, but it will soon come to an end, I will write a happy ending for myself, my future is up to me!

It seems that the meaning of my holiday can't be defined in the human world. Please don't speculate on the meaning of my article. The meaningful thing is determination. Next, I'm going to have a lingering farewell ceremony with computer TV & hellip; & hellip;

My holiday is going on and off, and my voice is fading;

Xia Yan, grade two of Baotian No.1 middle school, Ruian City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province: my holiday life is 800 words, and my holiday life is rich and colorful.

Today, my mother and I went to the Olympic sailing base and visited the sailing boats of various countries. There are various shapes of sailing boats, such as cone, rectangle, ellipse, etc. I remember the last time I visited the 'Snow Dragon' scientific research ship from the north pole with my school. It was so tall and magnificent that I couldn't help but marvel.

We came to the seaside along the base Avenue and saw many people catching crabs. Some of them stoop in front of the gap and bend fine wire into hooks; others squat in the sand and dig out small holes with their fingers. My mother and I also happily brought shovels and small plastic buckets to join the crab catching team.

I observed the surrounding terrain, looking for a place to start. At this time, her mother called out: "Ping Ping, come here quickly, I found the crab's & lsquo; hiding place! 'I ran fast. well! Mother turned a big rock upside down, and a nest of crabs all climbed out, big like walnuts, small like soybeans, at least a dozen. Crabs have no place to hide and crawl around. I quickly reached out to catch the biggest one. Unexpectedly, this guy was really smart. He turned over and used his scissors like pliers to clamp my fingers. 'ouch --' I jumped up in pain and threw. But it's getting tighter and tighter. I clenched my teeth and threw it hard. The guy finally fell to the ground with his eight feet up. But my fingers were red and swollen, and I tried my best to blow on them, and my tears rolled in my eyes. At this time, there was a click, and I was photographed by my mother with a camera.

When I came back in the afternoon, I saw my mother lying on the sofa with her eyes closed and tired. I decided to cook for my mother. What should I do? 'yes, shredded potatoes! Mom's favorite! 'I put on my apron. Wash the potatoes. Then learn the appearance of grandma, potato in one hand, fruit knife in the other hand, carefully slowly peel. After cutting, I rubbed them into silk again. After finishing, I was very happy that I didn't hurt myself when I used the knife for the first time. Here's the most important thing - shredded potatoes. When the oil bubbles, I put the shredded potatoes into the pot, because when the oil is hot, it will jump out when it meets water. I have a waist, a shovel in one hand and a pot lid in the other. I want to fight with Youxing at any time. I stir, it's very slippery, I let it to the left, it's to the right, I let it to the right, it's to the left. I tried to stir them, and finally I got them even. After a while, these potato cakes become yellow, which is really mouth watering. I can't wait to take a piece and put it in my mouth. WOW! It's delicious! I filled out the sweet fried shredded potatoes. At this time, grandma came back, mother also came to rest, they looked at the table of shredded potatoes, while smiling while tasting my delicious shredded potatoes. Grandma said to me: 'when you grow up, you can cook by yourself. 'I laughed. For today's play, but also for the fruits of their own labor, let Grandma and mother feel happy.

In the evening, when I sit in front of the computer and write down the life of this day, I can't help laughing, laughing for the rich life of this day. Today's weather is very sunny, and I'm very happy, because last night, a friend asked me if I was free? Let's go to the small town on Sunday when we have time. I asked my mother and she agreed. I want to know what the town does on Sunday. Then I searched the information on the Internet. It turns out that this place is for children to experience the taste of being adults.

It's time for us to buy tickets! So many people! If I had known that, I would have got up early. I murmured, finally came to us, I bought a ticket with a bracelet, ready to enter, after entering, I ran to the Bank of China, took a check for 50E currency.

What are we doing? How about working to earn some money! I went into the home hotel, and Rongrong and I worked here. Ten minutes passed, twenty minutes passed, and thirty minutes passed. We were working hard. The aunt yelled: 'off work! Are you off duty? Pay, pay! 'then I took out a big bundle of 5 yuan e coins, and I got 5E coins, and then I went out of the door of the home inn.

What impresses me most is not to be a waiter, but to be a fireman in a fire station. There are so many firemen! I have to wait, I wait and wait & hellip; & hellip; Wait, wait, finally it's my turn. I ran into the gate, put on firemen's clothes, and sat down on my seat. Suddenly, an uncle in a fire uniform came in. This uncle explained to us how to use the fire extinguisher correctly. In case of fire, we can't take the elevator or jump off the building. After that, this uncle drove the fire truck and took us to the hotel A 'fire scene' took a water gun to put out the fire. Each of us found a water gun and poured it on the blazing fire. Soon the fire was put out by us, and we went back to the fire station happily. When we got to the Bureau, we put on our clothes and got ready to get paid. My uncle cried out, 'it's time to get off work, it's time to get off work. 'when I got paid, I got another 5E and went out of the fire station.

'I'll go for entertainment! 'I thought. I went to the entertainment hall, only played three halls, only 5E coins. 'dangdangdang it's time,