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My favorite flower is sunflower.

Sunflower's flower is big, the middle is a round disk, inside there are rows of small pale yellow flowers, the disk also holds a circle of golden yellow, long petals, very beautiful. After ripening, the small flowers in the middle of the disk will grow into rows of sunflower seeds, which I love most.

Sunflower and the sun are a pair of good friends. The name of sunflower comes from here! The sun rises in the East and sets in the west every day, and the sunflower tray follows the sun? In the morning, the tray faces east, in the noon, and in the afternoon, it faces west. You see, how touching the friendship between sunflower and sun is!

Last year, my mother and I planted a few sunflowers on the wall of our school. I often took care of them, observed them, and wrote the sunflower observation diary! composition

Do you like sunflowers? Sunflower, sunflower! Sunflower.

Why are you facing the sun,

Not towards the moon.

Sunflower! Sunflower. composition

Why are you not afraid of the storm,

And stand still. composition

Sunflower! Sunflower.

You know what?

I'm proud of your spirit. Sunflower I like many flowers, peach, pear, plum and so on. But my favorite flower is sunflower.

In spring, it comes out of the ground, with a few leaves like Bajiao fan. It has many petals and a big disk.

In summer, its stem is thicker and thicker, and its flower is longer and bigger.

In autumn, its fruit is ripe, the flower plate is particularly heavy, and the sunflower is so tired that it lowers its head. composition

In winter, people pick the fruit of sunflower. Make its fruit into a variety of leisure products.

Sunflower also has a special feature, that is, when the sun rises in the East in the morning, the sunflower looks east; when the sun sets in the West in the evening, the sunflower goes West. In other words, sunflower will follow where the sun goes. It is said that sunflower is the mother of the sun, so sunflower should watch its children. composition

I love you, sunflower. I love you more for your selfless dedication.

Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province Jianhu County Experimental Primary School West Campus two sunflowers, this summer, I raised a pot of sunflowers.

My mother and I first sprinkled the seeds into the flowerpot, then watered and fertilized it.

After a few days, from the flowerpot grow a small seedling, I know this is sunflower. It has only two leaves, tender, green, very lovely. Under my careful care, they grow from two petals to four petals and six petals & hellip; & hellip; the longer they grow, the higher they are, about one meter high, and grow beautiful sunflowers. The petals of sunflowers are yellow, very beautiful. Sunflower from morning to night toward the sun father-in-law, like a smiling face.

More than ten days later, the petals of sunflower were all gone, leaving only the withered leaves. But they leave behind ripe melon seeds. composition

I love this beautiful sunflower!

Today, my mother and I went to observe the sunflower together. Its shape is round, its tree stem is very thick, and there are many small thorns on the tree stem. The leaves are like a chicken's heart. Feel them. The outside of the fruit plate is a layer of green leaves, the inside is a layer of yellow flowers, the middle is melon seeds. When it matures, the yellow flowers will fall and the melon seeds will mature. The color of the fruit plate turned black, and the sunflower bent down. My favorite sunflower is a sunflower in my grandmother's home. The sunflower is round and yellow, like a sun. Sunflower inside melon seeds, melon seeds each station a grid, just like we write, each word occupies a grid.

Sunflower root is not too thick, root covered with thin and long beard. Its stem is long and green, beautiful! It looks like a big flower in the distance, and it's amazing in the near.

Of course, sunflowers bring me a lot of benefits. Once, I saw a difficult problem. I didn't want to do it. Suddenly saw the sunflower in the yard, it seems to say: "little master, read the topic carefully!" after a while, I overcame the problem.

I like Grandma's sunflower. Because sunflower brings me happiness, I will never forget it. composition

Tutor Cui Meiru sunflower sunflower, so beautiful,

Open your face and laugh,

It's like a little doll.

The sun to the East, it to the East, composition

When the sun goes to the west, it goes to the West,

It's not enough to play with the sun. Composition sunflower sunflower

In the vast world, there are many kinds of plants, all kinds of exotic flowers and plants, but I love the ordinary sunflower.

Sunflower, no peony magnificence, no rose as poetic, no chrysanthemum, but I just like this sunflower full of sunshine.

The sunflower tray is a circle, which looks like a sun baking the earth. You don't look inside it is black, in fact, it is also pregnant with some new life melon seed baby. You see that every melon seed is so full, you squeeze me, I touch you, as if playing some game. Sunflower is really a loving mother! It was afraid that its children would be injured, and it hired a large group of bodyguards outside. The golden petals, each of which is so unique, make the sunflower more beautiful, more sunny and more energetic. composition

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Sunflower also has different vitality from other creatures. Under the scorching heat, all the creatures on the earth are so listless. Some flowers have already died down, and some have already drooped their heads. But sunflower is still so straight waist, head high, when a good example of other plants.

Sunflower is really very strange, always opposite to other plants, as if to highlight its difference. Other plants are inseparable from the sun, and they don't like to be too close to the sun, but sunflower always revolves around the sun all the time. Where the sun goes, it's like the follower of the sun. (⊙ o ⊙) WOW! How faithful (⊙ o ⊙) ah! composition

In fact, in our life is not it? In learning, there will always be some people who are diligent and inquisitive, pay attention to the outstanding achievements, and will eventually become an example for us to move forward.

At the same time, sunflower also tells us: in learning, we should have a clear goal, and strive towards that goal all the time. Even if we can't reach that goal, our life will be magnificent and wonderful. It's also valuable. I don't have to muddle along.

Sunflower is one of the common plants, but I just like it and love it. I like its full of sunshine, like its perseverance, like its ordinary, like it all.

In a word, I like sunflowers.