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I love cherries in my hometown

My hometown is in Changyang. There are many local products in my hometown, such as tea, tea, tea and so on

Drizzle like silk, cherry trees greedily sucking the spring dew, they stretch the green branches and leaves, round leaves, laughing in the rain and fog.

After spring, cherry trees are covered with cherries.

Cherry round, slightly smaller than the red bayberry, lovely cherry hanging in the tree, like a little red faced doll has not seen the world, explore the beginning, looking at the world curiously. composition

You take off a tree and put it into your mouth. If you gently bite it open, you will see the bright red pulp on your lips and tongue. At the same time, it will be full of bright red juice. After you finish eating, the bright red pulp will enter your heart with sweet juice.

Cherry has many uses, for example, can be used as medicine, cherry tree branches can be used as firewood, cherry trees can also be made into bonsai for people to enjoy. Cherry nutrition is also very rich. composition

Every summer, our family will buy a lot of cherries, my mother often said: 'have fun to share. 'when the guests came to our house, I brought cherries to eat and boast with relish.

I love the cherry in my hometown, it makes our hometown more rich! I love the cherry of my hometown, I love the mountain of my hometown, and I also love the water of my hometown. I love the attractive red cherry of my hometown more!

When the cherry in my hometown is fruitless, the trees are full of pink cherry blossoms. The delicate petals of cherry blossoms give off a fragrant and attractive fragrance, which makes people trapped in the fragrance of cherry blossoms and unwilling to leave for a long time.

Finally, in our eagerness to wait, cherry thanks, cherry knot. At first, cherries were only the size of soybeans, green and hard. Take off one and put it into your mouth. The sour and astringent juice will come out like the tide. You have to spit it out.

In June and July, the cherry trees were already covered with red cherries like agate. At this time, you go to pick another one to taste, ah! The sweet and sour taste fills your throat and makes you intoxicated. composition

I love cherry in my hometown! This article by Chen Liuchi, grade 5 of Bazhong experimental primary school is an original article by (.) users. It is forbidden to reprint without permission! I love the red cherries in my hometown. My hometown is Zhaotong, which is rich in apples and cherries. I especially like to eat cherries. The ruddy cherries look watery, and the juice inside seems to be breaking out of the skin, which makes people salivate. The yellow flesh is covered with oval nuts.

Spring has just arrived, the branches of cherry trees are full of white cherry blossoms, they vie with each other. After a few days, the flowers wither, leaving the green cherries. Unconsciously, the green cherries begin to turn yellow and bright, and then turn into crystal clear red cherries, just like rubies hanging on the branches. At the end of April, if you go to the cherry orchard, pick one and put it in your mouth, and touch the smooth peel with your tongue, you will feel very comfortable. If you touch the smooth peel with your tongue, the peel will crack, and the fresh pulp will come out, and the delicious juice will be moderately sour and sweet. Listen to my mother, cherry can also be used as medicine to treat arthritis! Not ripe cherry sour, ripe cherry on the sweet honey, people eat more love to eat. Once, when I ate cherry too fast, I accidentally ate a nut and thought that a cherry tree would grow from my stomach, which made me cry.

How do you like the red cherries in our hometown? Cherry in my hometown my hometown is in a mountain village. Every family grows cherry trees. I love cherry in my hometown!

Spring rain like silk, cherry tree greedily sucking the spring dew, early grow out of a white red flowers, look, as if a piece of pink clouds.

Cherry blossoms fall behind, take out a piece of tender buds, soon, the leaves grow up, to the cherry tree put on a green dress.

Unconsciously, the green leaves are covered with cherries the size of beans. They are not like peaches and apricots one by one. Instead, they are 35% in a pinch, full of fruits. composition

Cherry is green at first, it tastes sour and astringent. Gradually, cherries grow up. They are bright red. Bright, like a red agate. Cherry is delicious, sweet in acid, my favorite is the red purple cherry, eat sweet, eat, eat ten pots also want to eat.

I love cherry in my hometown! I love the small village in the country, remember? ^^

I love small villages in the country

The content of this page is provided by "read. 4" ”Push Fengzhen Huangli primary school for you

Composition of Zhou Ling in class 4 (1)

There is a Qiligang village in Huangli, which is a small village with beautiful scenery. I was born here and grew up here, and I see it changing day by day. Although it is not as majestic as Mount Tai, nor as fiery as Xiangshan red leaves, but it is full of changes throughout the year, the landscape is always lingering.

When the swallow comes, the scenery of the mountain village is the most charming. You see, the pink peach blossom, the white cherry blossom in front of the house, the golden jasmine flowers on the bank and the ridge, the bright flowers attract countless bees and butterflies to sing and dance in the flowers, which will make you dazzled and confused. Groups of swallows, some flying in the air, some may be tired of flying, rest on the wire, more like a piece of music to praise the spring staff, some are busy building new nests under the eaves and balconies, and the clever birds chirp on the branches, which add infinite vitality to our small village. composition

When the summer cicadas sing, the wheat seedlings in the field have sprouted new ears. A gust of wind blows, and the wheat waves fluctuate, like ripples in the lake. The cherry trees in front of every house were very red. When we saw them, we went straight to the tree, pulled down a branch, picked a few grains and put them into our mouth without cleaning. The sweet and sour taste was really beautiful!

When the autumn wind blows, the scenery of the mountain village is even more attractive. The grape trellis in front of the small courtyard is decorated with strings of crystal clear grapes, which makes people swallow saliva at the sight of it. There are "red lanterns" hanging on the trees near the field. In front of the door, chrysanthemums of various colors are blooming. Occasionally, a few butterflies fly into the flowers. It really feels like there is no place to look for them.

When the winter snow is flying, the village is very quiet, and there is a vast expanse of white everywhere. Our children in the mountains are not afraid of the cold. They are jumping and chasing in the snow, making snowmen and having snowball fights. Their little hands are frozen into carrots, but no one is crying. At this time, you can still see the snow gathered on the branches of trees shaking down by our happy laughter.

Now the village road has been built to the door of every household. My brother and sister, who live in the city, will not go to the park on May Day this year. Instead, they will come back by car to enjoy the unique scenery of their hometown. They are breathing the sweet air, listening to the song of birds and the sound of spring water. They are very happy. When they left, they couldn't help saying to me, "sister, I feel beautiful when I go back to my hometown village." I said happily, "welcome back in summer vacation!"

After seeing my brother and sister go, I am intoxicated with the beautiful scenery.

Comments: with the spring swallow, summer cicada, autumn wind and winter snow as the main line, the author enthusiastically praises the charming scenery of the rural village, which is full of changes all year round. At the beginning, he compares Mount Tai and Xiangshan to set off the beauty of the small village. At the end, he expresses his love for the rural village incisively and vividly with his elder brother's words and his "intoxicated" feeling. (excellent composition of Xiaoxi in my hometown)

Streams in my hometown

Class 5 (3) of Fangxian Dongcheng primary school

Luo Yuchen's composition

There is a clear stream near my home. I like playing there best.

The water in the stream is not very deep, only my knee. A few weeping willows are planted on one side of the stream. The long and soft willow branches are fluttering with the wind. The graceful dance is so beautiful and natural. From a distance, she looks like a graceful girl combing her beautiful long hair. There is a cherry tree on the other side of the stream. When it blooms, it is full of small white flowers. It looks like snow from a distance. Sometimes a few flowers will fall from the tree, and the stream will send them far away. There are green grass on both sides, dotted with red, yellow, purple, white wild flowers, like a thick carpet. composition

I think the most lovely time of the stream is in summer. The children around me and I like to remove the stones and look for small crabs. Some young girls dare not catch them, so they have to watch us catch them. Once I was pinched by pliers, but it hurt. The water is clear. You can see the stones at the bottom of the stream and the fish in the water. Once I called all the children together to catch fish. I gave each person a stick. They used the stick to catch the fish, so I put the bamboo basket into the water. When they got the fish into the basket, I picked it up sensitively and caught dozens of them at once. I gave each person three sticks and kept them in glass bottles.

The stream brings me joy. I love the stream in my hometown. My hometown my hometown is far away, called Gonghe township. Although life is hard there, the scenery is charming.

The mountains in my hometown are very green. There are countless undulating peaks. Sometimes, the clouds only stay under the valley. The dark green peaks are like Penglai Fairy Island floating on the sea. The most amazing thing is the shape of nature's stone on the top of the mountain!

Look! A stone on the top of the mountain looks like a gold ingot used in ancient times! In the sunlight, the golden light. What's more amazing is that there is a very human like stone beside this' gold ingot '. He stands there motionless, like guarding the only' gold ingot 'in the world. Maybe it's because it's a long time ago. This scene gives people a feeling of going through all the vicissitudes.

Look at that again! The mountain is like a sleeping beauty, lying on its side in the embrace of the earth. Her sleeping position is beautiful! The charming eyes narrowed into a straight line, the cherry like mouth slightly pursed, the elegant straight hair let people have infinite leisure thinking. composition

My uncle told me that such beautiful scenery can be seen everywhere in my hometown. The people in my hometown are just like the 'patron saint' who diligently and persistently cultivates every tree and plant in my hometown and silently dedicates to creating a better future; the people in my hometown are more kind like the 'Sleeping Beauty', who welcome every guest from afar with motherly enthusiasm.

I love the beautiful scenery of my hometown! I love the good people in my hometown more! I love my hometown. My hometown is in Zoucheng. Zoucheng is a place with beautiful scenery and rich products.

The peanuts in front of the city are very fragrant. You can eat them raw, fried and fried & hellip; & hellip; They are also rich in nutrition; Beisu's March peach and golden pear are very famous in Shandong; Shiqiang's walnut is big and thin, which is a good food for brain tonifying and brain strengthening; Zhangzhuang's cherry is big and round, red like red pearls; Xiangcheng's Hawthorn is sweet, which can be made into hawthorn slices, fruit peel and sugar gourd;

Yishan is located in the southeast of Zoucheng City, Shandong Province, with an area of more than 10 kilometers and an altitude of 582 meters. On the mountain, there are strange peaks and rocks, steep cliffs, deep caves, and many clear springs. There are more caves, including Baiyun cave, Julong cave