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400 words of childhood composition

Everyone has a childhood, childhood is like the sand by the sea, countless, although those stupid things, stupid things will attract some ridicule. But in my eyes, it is always so pure, so unforgettable.

I remember when I was 6 years old, my family raised a lot of flowers, gorgeous. But my favorite is the little unknown flower. Pink petals, below are green leaves, east one, west one, the whole flowerpot are crowded. It's like declaring your territory.

One day, I came to the front of the flower again. I like it very much, but it seems that I always feel that there are some shortcomings. I have studied for a long time, ah! Why isn't this potted flower fragrant! What shall I do? This reminds me of my mother's usual perfume, which tastes very good. Yes, I'll add some fragrance to the flowers. I picked up my mother's favorite bottle of perfume, spray flowers, smell, love is not fragrant! It seems that the done is short. I done in one vigorous effort to get the whole bottle of perfume into it. It's really fragrant. The whole room is filled with fragrance. I thought that my mother would praise me this time. Looking at my works, I feel a little elated.

When mom came home from work in the evening, when she entered the room, she could smell the smell of the house, and asked, "baby, are you touching mom's perfume?" "Mom, I just scented the flowers. "What? 'I planted perfume in flowers. 'My mother was so surprised that she ran to see the flowers, which had turned black. I forgot about it in a few days. I haven't seen that potted flower either. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge..

Childhood is flowing slowly, the sand in the hands is also slowly passing, but those good memories will always be hidden in the heart. On the composition of childhood anecdotes: my 400 word composition of childhood anecdotes. Although my childhood anecdotes sound bad, they are not out of bad meaning.

The first interesting thing is that when I went to the playground after dinner in kindergarten, I saw a classmate with a big mouth. He didn't pay attention to it at ordinary times. He was scared when he saw it. I put the balloon in his mouth and squeezed it with my hands. The purpose is to let it fly, but who knows he bit my balloon, made me cry. What's up, funny?

The second interesting thing is that if you eat other people's food, especially rice, it will be disgusting. But when I heard about it, I was very curious. At noon, I put a lot of meat into his bowl when my classmate went to the toilet. But who knows, after he came back to eat, not only did he not feel sick, but he tasted delicious. Make me out of control, laughing out, leading to the whole class looked at me, make me shy to put the bowl.

The third interesting thing is that we took part in a competition. Although I can't remember its name, I tied a knot between my feet with a red scarf. The test is to be united, but after school, I saw two students next to each other, with a little space in the middle. I ran there and fell to the ground with them.

The fourth interesting thing is that I used to be very interested in songs. One day, a classmate's head was very big. There was a chopstick and a bowl beside him. I had a fancy to knock the classmate's head with chopsticks. The class looked at me and laughed after a few seconds.

This is my childhood fun, how, funny! When I was a child, I spent most of my time in my grandmother's home, which lived in a small village beside Xinli Lake in Changchun. There are mountains and water, and my happy childhood.

The village is surrounded by green hills and trees. In summer, the water in front of the door flows all day and night. It's very pleasant to catch loach and tadpole. Looking up, in the dense pine forest on the mountain in the distance, there are some cows eating the grass leisurely. All kinds of unknown birds are flying up and down, singing and singing. They compare with colorful butterflies and colorful flowers. Coupled with the sun father-in-law from the gap between the trees sprinkled a little bit of gold, the mountain is really beautiful! Xinli lake on the other side of the mountain is like a pearl of Spring City, flowing under the blue sky and white clouds.

There are several grapevines planted in front of grandma's house. Every summer, the grapevine happily climbs to the eaves and grows green and transparent leaves. Some vines also drop clusters of grapes, purple. Especially in the morning, it is covered with crystal dew. At this time, I can't help but move a small stool and stand on it to pick grapes. But how can I pick grapes when the grape trellis is so high? Saliva will flow out from time to time, which is really greedy! At this time, if grandma saw it, she would help me pick it off and let me eat enough at a time. So I like Grandma best.

It was a hot noon. It was as hot as a fire outside. The frogs squatted under the lotus leaves to enjoy the cool. The little fish were swimming under the cool water. I had to wear a floral skirt to rest under the grape trellis. Because it was too hot, I couldn't sleep, so I yelled for grandma to play with me. Grandma didn't want to take me out in the hot weather, so I kept making trouble next to grandma, either pulling my hair, or pulling my clothes and arms. Grandma had no choice but to take me to the mountains. By the way, I picked up the bamboo basket at the door. To the mountains, as if everything is my world. Run, jump and catch birds. Grandma stopped me and asked me to follow her closely, but after a while I left her sight again.

Because the valley ahead is full of dandelions, and yellow flowers are blooming all over the valley. I ran forward to pick one, pick another, it is too much! I put all the flowers in one piece and asked grandma to come quickly, because the bamboo basket was in grandma's hand. When grandma came, I put all the flowers in the small bamboo basket, full of them. Looking at my busy little sample, grandma laughed, I also laughed.

Childhood life is beautiful, every day in grandma's home is happy. I miss my childhood, the mountains and rivers there, and even my grandmother. Childhood anecdotes 100 words composition: childhood anecdotes composition 400 words childhood events, with the passage of years, in my mind gradually forgotten, but only one thing, like engraved in my heart, how can not forget, whenever I think back, feel very interesting.

I have a pot of sunflower in my home, which is very beautiful. But I always feel that this kind of flower has this shortcoming, no fragrance, red, purple, pink & hellip; & hellip; like a smiling face, smiling at the sun father-in-law to welcome his arrival. For this reason, I always feel depressed. At this time, I found that there was a bottle of perfume on my mother's dressing table. I thought, a stratagem comes to mind.

On this day, mom went shopping and dad went to work. I jumped three feet high and said happily: 'home is my world! "I'll bring perfume to my petals and flowers on the sunflower, and perfume the house. The smell of perfume fills the room. I can't help thinking of a word" romantic house ".

At this time, when my mother came back, she smelled the perfume of the house, and hurriedly asked me what was wrong. I couldn't wait to tell her mother about the sequence of events. I thought she would praise me. I didn't expect my mother to criticize me and solemnly say to me, 'silly child, you spray perfume on flowers, flowers will die. 'at that time, I was dubious. After a few days, I really died. I was so sad that I cried and said, "all I have done is sunflower. If I do not spray perfume, the sunflower will not die." '

In retrospect, I'm stupid.

What an interesting childhood! Childhood is like a song, she has the wonderful song; childhood, like a poem, it contains the charm of poetry; childhood, like a painting, it has the beauty of painting. Ah! How nostalgic childhood, like a string of sugar gourd, let people taste its sweet. Now, when I grow up, I often recall the interesting things that happened in my childhood!

I was only five years old. My favorite food is colorful fruit candy, I remember once my mother bought me two kilograms of fruit candy. She said with a smile: 'if you eat too much sugar, you will easily form dental caries and your teeth will hurt, so you can only eat two pieces a day. As soon as I heard it, I begged, "Mom, eat four yuan a day! 'My mother said firmly: 'No. Then he put the remaining sugar in the sugar box, turned back to her bedroom and hid the sugar. Because I can only eat two pieces at a time, I don't like it. I always want to eat a few more pieces, but I don't dare to say anything, because I know my mother's words are indisputable.

One day, my mother went to work, and I was the only one at home to do my homework. Suddenly, I thought of the fruit candy, so I searched through the boxes and found it in the drawer of the closet. After eating a few pieces, I quickly hid the fruit candy and put the sugar box back to its original place.

Mom's back. She said with a smile: children, eat sugar. "Then she took out the sugar box. When she opened the box, she was surprised and said: 'ah, why is there less sugar? 'when I heard it, I laughed.' what's the matter? What about sugar? 'My mother stares at me. 'it made me hide. 'I said with pride. My mother was angry and ordered me to take out the sugar. Not only did they confiscate the sugar, but they also punished me for not eating it for a week.

It seems that disobedience comes at a price! I still remember it very well. In the afternoon, we came to the seaside again, I went to pick up shells. Hi! There are too few perfect and beautiful shells in the sea! But there are still, I picked up a total of 9 perfect and beautiful shells, in my clean handkerchief, 9 more beautiful shells. Look! Big, small, decor, white, gray, so attractive! This white shell, how like a beautiful girl, her delicate face, that white in the yellow, at the most edge, there is a wisp of brown, it is probably the girl's fine hair!

Aunt Wang and I have a sea sand war again, PA! Pop! Pop! Sand is everywhere on our legs. We took the sand to pat each other's legs and ended the 'fierce battle' in laughter. I went to the sea to wash my legs. A big wave came and made me fall down. Before I got up, I got wet in my dress. How like nature is joking with you! I don't care. I'm skipping in the sea. My good friends Yueyue and Linlin come to embrace the sea when they see me. We sat side by side on the beach, waiting for the big waves, a big wave came, a cool full of my body, clothes wet, we were unaware, shouting: 'cool! Cool! '

We put on swimming suits and swimming circle, and played in the sea. As soon as Auntie Wang was about to jump into the sea, she was hit by the big waves. Lin Lin and I not only snickered. Aunt Wang sat on the beach foolishly. A big wave made her sleep on the beach. If you look at my mother again, we also let big wave give us several powerful hugs. Chen Bolin and I acted separately. I got on the big wave boat and rushed to my mother & hellip; & hellip