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Mosquito Wars

One afternoon, our school was over. When I got home, I began to do my homework. While I was pondering, a mosquito came to visit me.

At that time, I patted with my hand and said: 'go, go, you little girl. 'but then it flew up and down my head. At this time, I got into a big fire, so I went to my study to look for an electric mosquito swatter. I found it everywhere, but I didn't find it. Then, I went to my mother's bedroom and looked for it, but there was no problem. After that, I finally found it at the coffee table in the living room. So I quickly walked into the room, the mosquito has disappeared.

I thought: where did it go? Just as I was about to give up, I found the mosquito in the middle of the door. I quickly photographed it, but it quickly slipped away. However, I found it hiding in the sofa. I bent over carefully and stared at it with my eyes. I photographed it quickly, and it was finally eliminated by me. I wrapped the mosquito in a paper towel and threw it into the garbage can.

Finally, I could be quiet. I showed a satisfied smile and went back to my seat to continue to write my homework. After a while, the problem was solved by me. Inspiration from mosquitoes_ 350 words people all know that in the hot summer, the contents of this page of hateful mosquitoes are pushed for you by, which will bite you and have a big meal unconsciously. But when you notice, it has already run away. If we can find the mosquito easily, we can invent a mosquito detector.

This kind of Scout is suitable for military use. Because of its small size, its body can change according to the color of the surrounding environment, and it will never be found easily. The Scout is made of new materials, light and hard, flexible and not easy to damage. Its energy comes from the absorption of carbon dioxide in the air, which is absolutely environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment.

The operation of the Scout is very simple: it is only controlled by a remote control the size of a matchbox. As long as you send voice commands to the remote control, the remote control will send out radio waves according to the voice commands. After receiving the radio waves, the mosquito will take a 360 degree omni-directional picture of the surroundings according to your commands. You can look at the screen of the remote control and see the picture.

In our daily life, as long as we carefully observe, seriously think, coupled with bold imagination and practical action, there will be more inventions and creations. Human mosquito "war"_ I hate you like a mouse hates a cat! 'I said bitterly as I waved and patted. As soon as spring arrived, mosquitoes came to my house. No, the mosquitoes are coming again.

The annoying 'buzz' went into my eardrum. I looked up from the pile of books in exasperation. I saw a mosquito, like a small fighter plane, hovering at low altitude, 360 & deg; around me. Looking at the route, I know that the good days are not long. Sure enough, after a while, the fighter plane landed on the back of my hand. Look at the momentum of it, it's almost ready to start. How can I let this little bully? I didn't hesitate to slap it. 'pop! 'a crisp slap. I dumped the mosquito in the garbage can: 'hum! Go to the hell to repent! '

I thought the mosquito army would be defeated and run away. But not long after that, I was doing my homework. Suddenly, I felt a twitch in my leg, which was extremely itchy. After squinting for a long time, I realized that a big mosquito was drawing blood for me. Its stomach is bulging with relish. Shit! Tiger does not get angry, you really think I am Hello Kitty?! I calm down, tighten legs, angry eyes round stare, a slap down, to put the mosquito to death. Can move palm a look, in addition to a palm big red seal, nothing. Disappointment and anger welled up in my heart. 'damn it!!! '

When I was dazzled by the math problem and was about to faint, the mosquito's cheerful a minor suddenly sobered me up. The hateful mosquito began to wander around me again, humming leisurely and disturbing. I stood up in anger, glaring at the mosquito that was about to send me to the madhouse. "Pa" mosquito escaped between my fingers and stopped at the head of my bed, so I seemed to jump up "Samba"!!! I reached out to kill the mosquito. Unexpectedly, the mosquito jumped lightly and flew away. When I reacted, my hand was on the main power switch. The room was dark. I know that in my room, if I don't turn on the light, ninety-nine percent of people will trip over something. In order not to disfigure my face, I bought mosquitoes a big meal for free & hellip; & hellip; alas, mosquitoes also want to live. For the sake of ecological balance, I will make a little contribution & hellip; & hellip; Wuwu & hellip; & hellip; T-T