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Traces of youth

The water is clear and flexible.

The streams in the south of the Yangtze River, like graceful girls, flow quietly through the land full of books and culture. It flows quietly, just like the sound of a flute, passing through the unique flavor of the water village, washing everyone's heart.

By chance, I think of a winter afternoon on the third day of junior high school. It's cold, windy and sunny. It seems that nothing special happened. I just feel that the scene of which day is lingering in my mind and becomes more and more clear. Leaning against the table and looking out of the window, I saw a cat basking in the sun on the opposite roof, and an old lady sitting on the couch. Golden sunlight lazy through the classroom window, thin sprinkle on me. A kind of warmth spread, straight into my heart. I smell the sunshine, happy and pure. Which moment, time is fixed, such a warm picture, I will always remember, waves over the flow of my thoughts.

The wind is blowing intermittently, and the rain is dribbling sparsely. The river in the south of the Yangtze River, which has been flowing for a long time, has come from ancient times, needless to say, with a silent sadness. For thousands of years, how many women poets have been sighing for the sorrow of Jiangnan, and how many poems have been created. The sadness of Jiangnan is beautiful, and the river of Jiangnan is like a cello singing this little sadness with its slightly low voice. composition

Remember the separation of junior high school. It's still a Friday before the high school entrance examination. Early in the morning, the students seem to be affected by the parting mood, the classroom air seems to be filled with something. As teenagers, we know that it's no longer 'young people don't know what it's like to be sad, but it's' hurt Gao Huaiyuan, when he's poor, when he's more affectionate with nothing'. So, the last day of junior high school life, time is like an hourglass, we spent a tree, even if there are thousands of reluctant, parting will come. The last class meeting, the last speech, everyone choked. Want to say something, a mouth but found a thousand words. Mingming had already finished school, but he refused to leave the classroom. I know, there carries my cry, my smile, my youth, my growth, and my memory. This light parting, mixed with sorrow, is like a river in the south of the Yangtze River walking slowly towards me.

On a summer night, the sea breeze blows by the sea. The vast and deep sea is so blue that it moves people's heart and soul. Boundless, under the cover of darkness, the calm sea replaced the surging sea floor. In addition to an unprecedented open, or open. The waves beat the rocks on the shore, sometimes stirring up snow-white spray, recording the joys and sorrows of the sea. composition

In the face of life, there are always moments that touch me. I heard a beautiful story about an old American who planted an oak seed. After ten years of hard work, he planted a forest. As if found a key to open my mind, I thought of a lot. Maybe goodness is the oak seed. If you plant one in your heart and treat others with kindness with a smile, you will eventually reap thousands of kindness.

Streams, rivers, the sea, perhaps three different ways of water flow, and my thoughts flow like water, mixed with a touch of sadness, but without a trace.

Goodbye, my flowing youth! The trace of youth, summer, came quietly, witnessed our friendship, and then left without any trace & hellip; & hellip;

It's still a dull summer, and the dry air is mercilessly occupying the highlands. We will move towards a new life in this flashy, because at that time we will graduate from primary school and enter the gate of middle school.

At that time, I only had a kind of hazy pain, and that nostalgia was diluted by the desire for middle school. Even though I knew that middle school life was very hard, I wanted to grow up. For me, the only price of growing up was that I could not get through the broken fence of the corridor. But now, already on the fourth day of junior high school, I began to hate the original idea. My life in middle school was not as simple as I thought. The tension was enough to suffocate me.

Every day running in school, home two line life, boring in the invisible sublimation, fatigue is undoubtedly its accessories. Carrying a heavy schoolbag across the campus, I repeat this action every day, but I never notice that the enchanting flowers in the flower bed no longer glow in the sky. As soon as I enter the campus, I can hear the buzzing of the basket being hit on the basketball court and the dynamic of the basketball bouncing, but we seem to have lost the momentum of being the first in those years. The younger teachers are active, and I won't sit on the steps with my friends and cheer for the wonderful goals of my classmates

The crimson sun rises slowly from the horizon, and we start our busy life again. Look at the schedule, every day's schedule is full, which also brings me a sense of fullness, and the biggest joy of every day is to watch Chengshan's homework disappear a little bit. The sea of questions does not make us feel how tired, but the unsatisfactory test results look more dazzling than the red sun, maybe this is the fate of students. In this kind of environment, listening to music has become my biggest pastime, let Jay that kind of music texture to touch the heartstrings. Fast, fast! Cheerful students will always let the joy spread in the air, enjoy a joy after study, and add magical color to the boring life. In a burst of laughter, I forget all the sorrow, I love this kind of open and quiet beauty. More like full and happy life!

Let the darkness here quietly melt, let the youth here, my camphor, my dream, my youth full of hope! The irritating acne in the composition, Xin Qiji said: 'young people don't know what it's like. 'I don't think so. Recently let me worry about many things, one of the most let me headache is acne.

Whenever the students talk about the sensitive topic of acne, I either sigh with sad face, or go far away. You ask me why? As soon as I pick up the mirror, I will see those blains who live and work in peace and contentment on my face. How proud they are! I tried my best to get rid of these obnoxious guys, but their firepower was too strong, and they resisted me with the strength of unity, which made me helpless.

I've been talking about acne on my face for some time. In the past, they only fought guerrilla warfare on their foreheads. After that, they pulled the "big troops" to their cheeks and bloomed everywhere. Recently, they have more offspring. Make me not only embarrassed to see people, but also wronged mouth, those spicy, inflamed things and I was out of luck. Oh, poor thing!

My cousin, like me, has an inseparable partner. After he looked in the mirror, he always sighed: "since God has given me the appearance of being handsome, beautiful, loved by everyone, flowers blooming, and a pear flower pressing a Begonia, how can I test it? 'at this time, I would say angrily:' these pimples are hard to fight, but they just refuse to leave me. I'm almost bored to death. Cousin, how can we meet each other? 'composition

I remember some time ago, the acne on my face was about to quit the world, but two PE classes made me face the sun and sweat. When I picked up the mirror, I was startled: I can't believe that the 'yellow faced woman' in the mirror is myself! What's more, those whelks who have finally retired from the mountains are back in the world. And some new varieties! Oh, miserable!

Many people say that acne is a symbol of youth and a trace of youth. But for me, no acne, my life will be more colorful, I am more confident. Because, after all, love beauty is a girl's nature, who would like to let acne with their youth? Therefore, I hope youth does not leave acne. composition

Annoying acne, please go away quickly! The song of youth, the blue sky can't understand and forget the rainbow, the boastful years will look forward to the dialogue of youth, the beautiful dancing posture ignores the origin of the sound, and finally I can't wait to dance at the beat of my heart. No matter how wonderful the world is, there's nothing to rely on and nothing to be sad. Youth is my only color. The wind is flying, a paper kite is flying, the wish of a thousand paper cranes is flying in the light sketch Spring dance in the years of uninhibited, leaving the last figure with me, I can't wait for youth to have a new beat, and finally I ran all the way, chasing the trace of heartfelt dance, wantonly laughing and crying, stepping on the imprint of youth, singing the song of youth, the life of youth sitting alone in the window, I looked at the quiet moon in the sky, the petals of memory falling on the lake of my heart with the cool wind . In this quiet night, after a day of study, I should have fallen asleep safely, but now my mind is rippling - I can't help savoring my junior high school life.

How can we forget, with still childish smile, we met in a clean classroom. 'which elementary school did you graduate from? "What's your name? Have you finished the last math problem in the paper? '& hellip; & hellip; in this way, the middle school movement began.

In the morning breeze, we walked into the campus, fragrant and reading. In the evening, we left the school full of laughter, each student's body is flying with the vitality of youth! All kinds of junior high school knowledge let us learn with relish, rich and colorful extracurricular activities cultivate our ability, outsiders seem to be 'little adults', we have begun to be' little Zhuge '. The wheel of time has left traces in our life journey. I know this is the beginning of our youth. Time flies and we grow up.

Junior high school life is tense and full, even in their spare time, students often sit around and overcome difficulties. When the long-standing problem is solved, everyone smiles, as if the wind has blown away the clouds. A classmate's "jiangchengzi" is well written: "the content of this page is from" read. 4 " ”For you, I'll push you to be a young maniac, a little Kunlun, a smiling Luliang, a sword sharpener for several years, and now I'll try my best. composition

We shed tears. When we hear the teacher's hoarse voice to answer questions for us, when we see the teacher dragging his tired body to cheer for us, when we look at the teacher's eyes full of hope and hate iron, we can't help ourselves, astringent tears flow through our cheeks. This tears condensed thousands of moved, teacher, believe us! We will live up to your teaching and expectations. We will repay you and our alma mater with our outstanding achievements.

Walking in the familiar campus, there is more dignified in my eyes, more responsibility on my shoulders and more reluctant in my heart. Jingjing campus, leaving us many beautiful memories, here are the brush and inkstone blind date in class, here are the students accompanied by the morning and dusk, here are the cheers and shouts flying in the stadium, here are the hard gardeners working at their desks, here are the intense studies, and there is more youthful spirit of singing. Write down it, write down this energetic youth