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400 words for rainy week

This afternoon, the weather is overcast, it seems that it is going to rain.

As expected, the rain soon began to sing.

First, sporadic light rain appeared, it seems like the host is hosting this lively drum game.

The heavy rain heard the call of the light rain and came quickly.

As soon as the heavy rain arrived, the whole campus was boiling up. Some stood at the door of the classroom to see the splashing water on the ground, some ran into the classroom with their hands covering their heads on the playground, and some seemed to want to take a bath. Standing in an open place without cover, they were not afraid of how the rain washed.

Rain splashes on the ground, where the rain falls, there will be a small spray, very beautiful; rain is like a magician, the flowers and plants he watered appear more vibrant, rain is like a master painter, it gives the green leaves oil green, gives the flowers more bright colors.

The rain falls on the trees, and the trees that are visited by the rain are full of dewdrops, one by one crystal clear, like white gemstones. It seems that the content of this page of the tree is pushed by "" to put on white gemstones.

Rain I like you, like your white, rain I praise you, praise your selfless dedication.