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Happy classroom

From grade one to now, I have taken many classes. But what impresses me most is the fourth grade Chinese class. It was a different Chinese class from usual. That afternoon, Mr. Peng walked into the classroom with a smile and drew a beautiful little girl on the blackboard. The only drawback was the lack of a beautiful cherry mouth. So Mr. Peng sold the key to us and said: 'today we don't talk about homework. Let's play a game, that is, draw a small mouth. 'who's coming'. The teacher deliberately lengthened his voice. He raised a small hand in the classroom. Seeing the students scrambling, I can't help but slowly raise my little hand, but my heart is beating a drum. I want to go on stage to play games, but I'm afraid I can't draw well. Just thinking about it, suddenly Mr. Peng called my name. I was surprised, Xin Yundi became a player. I went to the platform, my heart like a lively rabbit, uneasy. Mr. Peng tied up a red scarf for me, and suddenly my eyes were dark. 'turn around three times' a few naughty students began to coax, a look at the original is a few of my good friends. I thought to myself: Well, if you don't help me, I'll go down and deal with you. Sure enough, I couldn't stand your 'warm invitation', so I had to turn around three times. After three laps, I was dizzy and couldn't find anything in the southeast, northwest and northwest. Finally, I started to go on the road. Just at the beginning of the painting, the classroom was noisy, and the kind-hearted people appeared together. Some said to the left, some said to the right, I simply do not know what to do! I thought in my heart: give up, don't let me become a tripod! Come and help me! I estimated the position of the mouth, but also painted a beautiful mouth. Suddenly the classroom roared with laughter, I took off the red scarf to see, the original mouth painted on the head, has become a speechless strange. Driving my masterpiece, I also laughed. At this time, the laughter even more hit. This class will be the happiest one in my sixth grade academic career! What is happiness? Love the home of animals_ 500 words happy, perhaps in spring, swallows fly back to their dream of the south

Happiness, maybe tomorrow is coming, the first ray of bright sunshine rising in the East

Happiness, perhaps is the willow, in the clear stream to see their own shadow

When human invades the animal's home for their own happiness & hellip; & hellip;

What kind of happiness are animals having?

Perhaps, for us, happiness is a boundless desire

However, we should think about the happiness of the passive.

In our eyes, we live in high-rise buildings, praying for a better, comfortable and carefree life.

But in the twinkling of an eye, the vast forest is falling one by one, changing into high-rise buildings.

If you look around, you can only see a lofty mountain far away from the city.

We may not feel, see or hear the real animal emotions, but we can put ourselves in our place,

Imagine that they are us and that our home is being invaded by others.

Although the power that I appeal for alone can't make animals really return home, the real and cruel fact is before our eyes.

In many places, due to the invasion of animals' homes, some leopards, lions, tigers and other large carnivores have to go out of the mountains and forests to enter the 'human' territory in order to survive in their homes and get enough food.

Such examples happen all the time around us. Maybe, the next second, you will meet them.

Hurt by animals, for a reason, because we hurt animals!

When you think of this, you can associate it with: God has the virtue of living well, every object has its existence value, and every life has its foothold in life.

Let's think about every creature in the world, create their own home for them, and add a new security to us. My happy trip to Gulangyu_ One day in the summer vacation, my mother took me to visit Gulangyu. We talked and laughed all the way and soon came to Xiamen.

After getting off the bus, my mother and I came to the ferry and boarded a cruise ship. The ship slowly moved, saw white waves rolling, and the white foam was more beautiful and moving under the sunlight. From the distant clouds, you can see a small island, Gulangyu. Looking closer, Gulangyu is like a big bonsai with luxuriant vegetation and a hundred birds. It's really like Liu Yuxi's poem "looking at the green landscape of Dongting and a green snail in a silver plate.". 'sunlight rock is like a piece of granite in a bonsai. It stands upright and has a unique flavor. Not far away, the sound of the sea beating on Gulangyu Island and the melodious piano sound coming from every household should be combined. The sound is really wonderful. Gulangyu deserves the reputation of "Qindao".

When the boat came to shore, the grand piano style wharf showed ingenuity and led us into the palace of art. We walk out of the piano pier and into a small alley. People here take walking as the best way to travel, so Gulangyu is also called "walking island". Because far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the streets are very quiet, the roadside trees are particularly lush, and many birds settle down in the trees. The trees with luxuriant foliage blocked the sunshine, and the alleys looked dark and cool. On the roadside of the alley, there are many villas of the Republic of China, with foreign style villas and Chinese style villas arranged in turn. This season is just when the phoenix tree is in blossom. The phoenix flowers are piled on top of each other, red and gorgeous, as if a fire has dyed half of the sky red.

Sunlight rock is getting closer and closer to me, and there are more and more tourists. I followed the crowd to the top of sunlight rock, and finally I got to the top of the mountain with a panoramic view of the scenery on both sides. Looking around, there is a river between Xiamen and Gulangyu Island. It's really a place where you can see all the mountains.

Gulangyu is a charming island. It's a place for people to travel. After listening to my introduction, you must like it, too? Come and have a look when you have time! The composition about happiness: happiness_ With happiness, you are happy; with happiness, you are beautiful; with happiness, you are a good friend who can bring happiness to others. I often ask myself: 'what is my standard of happiness? Maybe in class, my standard of happiness is that the teacher can tell me some interesting knowledge or do an interesting experiment; maybe in the playground, my happiness is that I can run on the track without getting tired; maybe anywhere, I have only a small requirement for happiness. In my opinion, happiness is accumulated little by little, and also infects others. Happiness is the flower of happiness, blooming in everyone's heart; happiness is the gentle wind, blowing through everyone's heart. Happiness all the time is not beautiful, all the time is not happy. I want to hold the trunk of happiness, so that I will always have happiness; I want to pick a happy green leaf, so that I will always be protected by happiness; I want to keep the flowers of happiness, so that I can always keep happiness. Is this a selfish idea? Everyone will not have happiness forever, just as everyone will not live forever. Happiness needs to be found, happiness is everyone's casual emotion. If you want to keep happiness, you should find it carefully. It will appear in the place where you are not paying attention. Happiness is the most precious and the most difficult. If we don't find happiness, we should find happiness from now on, from every corner we didn't pay attention to! First day of junior high school_ People should learn to grow up by themselves. Everyone can become different from the past or even more distant past. Maybe our life is full of fantasy every day, waiting for you to dig hard. Real time is no longer generous to allow us to sprinkle our days full of youth. Now we have grown up and become mature. No one can decide my mood and what kind of expression I should use to cater to them. Each of us has his own right to control, and we are not allowed to be infringed by others, so we have our own unique style and do not make changes for anyone. Happiness is the most beautiful cosmetic. I can't remember where I heard this sentence, but it has been replayed in my mind. If a woman lacks it one day, what will it become? That is to say, women will not lack happiness. The same different people need different happiness to nourish themselves and get the most beautiful self. We should believe that everyone should have the qualification to make themselves happy, no one can shake our position. In order to make yourself more beautiful, beautiful and charming from the inside out, we should accept the nurture of nature in a happy mood.

Smiling face is necessary every day. Different smiles have different meanings. Give different people the same happiness. A simple smile makes people change from unhappy to smiling. It's right to think that simple things can make people capture beauty.

I want to understand the true meaning of things from what I have encountered. Maybe it's because I am too dependent on others that I can't solve problems decisively, and I can never complete a thing independently and make things perfect. It really needs to be changed.

Tell yourself, from now on, no one can affect you all, no one can easily break your lowest line of defense.

Now, I'm willing to clean myself. Start all over again, a vast blue sky of your own.

I hope all people can find the happiness they need. Happy writing: Happy snowy day_ The content of this page is from "read. 4" ”Push the word 'happy' for you, I can't help but think of that snowy day. On an ordinary winter day, when I wake up and open my eyes, I find the snow flying outside the window. I can't help but feel elated - I can play with snow! Sitting in the classroom, I couldn't hear what the teacher was saying. I just felt as if oil had been smeared under my buttocks. I couldn't sit for a while. Around the students are also ready to move, can not restrain the desire to go out to play immediately. The bell of "Ding Ling Ling" rings at last. Without waiting for the teacher to shout "end of class", the classroom is already empty. The snow is still falling, all around is already a vast white world. I have no time to enjoy the beautiful snow scenery, and rush to our 'battlefield' -- plastic stadium. The snow here has gone over the ankles. I rub my hands excitedly to find the right prey. 'ouch! Who hit me? I was hit by a snowball at the beginning of the fight. Before I could react, Weng Bao had already gone away. I can't help but get angry and catch up with the snowball he left behind. Maybe he was running too fast. Weng Bao fell on his back in the slippery snow. 'ha ha ha! 'I'm going away with a sly smile.'. 'revenge 'success, I am looking for the next prey, the corner of my eye found Ding Bao is holding a big snowball quietly close. Bang, I'm hit in the head. My head is covered with snow. Ding Bao laughs and says I'm 'Santa Claus'. 'damn it! 'I was so angry that I ran to chase Ding Bao. It's a girl, after all,