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Tuesday, August 23, XX weather: fine

On a sunny day, my mother wanted to take me to Xinhua Bookstore to read and buy books. We happily came to the bookstore, ah! How many people come to the bookstore to read! Men, women, old and young, all have, I finally found a small seat, picked up the "mystery of the dinosaur world" this book, read with relish. Tyrannosaurus Rex brandishing his sharp, the content of this page by "read. 4" ”Push the claws for you and keep staring at the three hard horns of Triceratops. Triceratops lift the sharp horns and slowly walk towards T.Rex. T.Rex seems to have lost its instinct of ferocity and keep retreating. At this time, the Triceratops fly to the T.Rex that has lost its ferocity After a loud noise, Tyrannosaurus Rex collapsed to the ground and was injured, while the Triceratops still leisurely ate the fresh grass After a while, I watched fable insects, the wolf who lost his ear, the bright red light Time flies. In the twinkling of an eye, it's noon. We are reluctant to leave the bookstore.