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Painting fascinates me

Painting, although it is just a few strokes, and then draw its color. However, it is painting that makes me intoxicated and happy; it is painting that makes me think every day and dream every night; it is painting that makes me spend a lot of time but happy. Painting fascinates me!

It's the happiest class of the week, art class. Today, the teacher asked us to go out and paint beautiful places in the campus. I moved the chairs here and there, but I couldn't find the most beautiful place in the school. I sat down and thought about what the teacher just said to us: 'the most beautiful place in the school is not external, but internal. The internal place is your best memory in this school, which fascinates you! After thinking of this sentence, an idea immediately came to my mind. I ran to the art room and began to draw. At the beginning of the painting, I felt that there were still some shortcomings. After thinking about it for a long time, I finally knew what the shortcomings were. I patiently drew them. The teacher came over and asked: 'the students have all gone out to draw. What are you doing here? I said: 'teacher, didn't you say that the best scenery on campus is the best memories? This is my best memory. 'the teacher laughed happily. She also enthusiastically helped me with my painting skills and corrected my shortcomings, which made me feel very happy! After class, I give my work to the teacher. Soon after, my paintings were pasted in the most prominent place on campus, and others were looking at my works. I was very happy.

Want to know what I draw in my work? That is: a classroom, neatly placed tables and chairs, careful art teacher taught me painting, such a warm scene.

I love painting! Painting fascinates me! Planting trees fascinates me_ Life is rich and colorful, it is a colorful world, it brings us unlimited fun, from which we can learn a lot of knowledge.

There is a osmanthus tree planted on the roof. Under the breeze, I smell a refreshing fragrance of flowers. The whole tree is full of silver osmanthus flowers, which can't be counted, just like pieces of white jade. Some fall under the wind like a fairy.

. I hardly give her water, but it is strong to live. I am very grateful to him, every afternoon after school, heavy homework will make me breathless. So, after finishing this mountain of homework, I went to the roof, opened the door of the roof, and a smell came to my nose, which made me feel a little relaxed and refreshed. You said, how can I not thank it?

I often take a pair of scissors, want to Tiantai run, to trim the osmanthus tree, a cut is good for a long time, until they are satisfied. I squat there for a long time, sometimes with backache, but I think it's very interesting to decorate my friends there, isn't it?

When the rain comes, the tree will be more beautiful. Its leaves swayed in the rain, and the flowers were shaken down. Don't be careful, it is so strong, it will be OK, it's rooted very deep, it's OK under heavy rain, it's like a fairy, showing its graceful dance in the rain. The rain is also scented by osmanthus. I sit by the door of the rooftop and watch the fairy like dance, which is very pleasing to the eye. When the rain stopped, I was fascinated.

This tree not only fascinates me, but also teaches me a truth: as long as you are strong, you will not be defeated in the storm.

How interesting it is to plant trees! Life fascinates me_ 600 words life fascinates me

Look at the flying birds and animals between heaven and earth; listen to the ups and downs of the heart pulse in the body; smell the intoxicating fragrance in the shade. Life, you really fascinate me.

As night falls, listen to the Symphony & lsquo; quack quack quack; in the summer pond, and the chorus among the green leaves & lsquo; cicada, cicada;. Playing the violin in the fine grass & lsquo; sizzling & rsquo;. Winter seems quiet, but listen carefully;. This is the mother vole building a house for her children. This is the harmony of life, moving and wonderful.

Sparks lit up, the windows of thousands of families revealed a warm atmosphere, adding a beauty to the moon. The night elves wave their wings again and work hard for the warmth in their hearts. If the mission of the sun is to rise and fall in the sky day after day, then the mission of the moth is to find the warm firelight and let life burn with the firelight. Let the soul rise to the sky with the smoke. One after another fly in, again and again decision, regardless of everything, in exchange for the last brilliant. Such a tiny body, such a fragile life, how can it be so determined, so persistent. Firelight is the home of moths, and the sky is the paradise of butterflies. The butterfly's life is only seven days. I once saw a dying butterfly rising and falling to the sky with its broken wings, disappearing in the sky. This is the persistence of the butterfly, which is the persistence of life. It is determined and desperate, just for its own belief.

The sun rises from the horizon, the light comes again, and the figure in a hurry appears on the road. What people welcome is a clean and happy city. Look, the people in yellow uniforms are sanitation workers. They are very careful to sweep away the garbage on the ground and give the city a clean road. Look, standing in the middle of the road is the traffic police, he has an unstable command of the road order, convenient for people to travel, look, people on the breakfast stand, will smile and steaming food walk together, hungry people. What broadcast on the radio is the weather forecast analyzed by the weather forecast station overnight. The TV shows the prime minister working hard for the happiness of the people, and the people around him are caring and smiling. It is they who make life, the city and the world so beautiful. This is the selflessness, obscurity and indispensable of life.

The harmony of life, the persistence of life, the selflessness of life, why you are so changeable, how elusive, and so fascinated me. 2013 Liuzhou high school entrance examination composition topic: "heart in the distance" or "let me fascinated" you can use this page to timely understand the 2013 high school entrance examination Chinese information.

Requirements: 1. According to the title, choose the style (except Poetry). 2. Not less than 500 words. 3. Do not disclose personal information. 4. No plagiarism.


For more information about the composition of the senior high school entrance examination, please click: Tano really fascinates me_ 400 words beautiful field has infinite interest. Trees grow very thick, birds sing in the branches, swallows fly in the spring, nest at home, beautiful flowers bloom.

In spring, grass comes out of the soil, green, they have a tenacious life, withered in winter, spring growth. The birds are singing here, and the sweet song will bring you to a fairyland like world. The leaves of big trees gradually increase, and birds often settle down on their heads. It gives us a shade in summer. The golden rape flowers open, it is like innumerable gold flashing, it symbolizes life, its flashing flowers attract innumerable small bees, spring, is the world of trees and flowers, is also the world of beekeepers, they bring a few boxes full of bees to the field, they release bees, bees in the cauliflower honey.

When you enter the field, you will feel relaxed and happy. The field, you are a farmer's world. You will hear the wind calling you and the big tree taking care of you. It seems to say that the scenery is beautiful and the air is fresh. It is really a tourist destination. When you enter the field, it will take you to another world and make you relaxed and happy. The field, a farmer's world, you will hear the wind calling you, the big tree In the care of you, it seems to say: children, ah, tired! Come on, stay with me. Come on, I'll give you a cool place. Wind said: child, you are hot, let me wipe sweat for you. The sun said: 'child, you are cold, let me warm you'. Flower said: 'child, let me see my beautiful posture and beautiful color. '

Field, let me fascinated, because of you, the air, the environment will be beautiful, because of you people can survive. I really, really love you, nature, field. Reading really fascinates me_ Some students like watching TV, some students like surfing the Internet, playing games, some students like sports & hellip;, although I also like sports, but I prefer reading!

Why do I like reading? This is also due to my mother, she in order to make me love reading, when I was very young, she read me stories every night, those good stories make me very fascinated! I'm looking forward to the evening every day. After I went to primary school, I could read. My mother let me read story books by myself, and prepared a bookcase for me. She bought a lot of books and stuffed them in to let me enjoy reading.

At that time, my favorite stories were Andersen's fairy tales, Grimm's fairy tales, one thousand and one nights and so on. Those wonderful stories attract me, I often take a book to read all day, even my mother told me to eat. However, with the growth of age, these books can no longer satisfy my taste, so I fell in love with historical story books and four famous books. The more complex plots and interesting characters in them deeply attracted me. Later, I fell in love with foreign famous books, such as Robinson Crusoe and Tom? The adventures of Sophia, ancient Greek mythology, etc. By the way, I also like to see the complete works of Sherlock Holmes. In order to satisfy my desire to read, my mother specially bought me a set of the original complete works of Sherlock Holmes. So, in that winter vacation, I was reading this set of books before going to bed, during eating, even when I went to the toilet. My mother said that I was a 'little book fan', but because I was too absorbed in reading before I went to bed and refused to sleep, my mother threatened me: if I do this again, I will never read again! How can I be to blame? It's because the book is so good!

Reading not only increases my knowledge, but also is a very enjoyable way of entertainment for me. It's much more interesting than watching TV and playing games. I think if one day I'm not allowed to read, I really don't know how to live this life. Reading really fascinates me_ The 400 word book not only increases my knowledge, but also brings infinite fun to my life.

Once, my mother asked me to help her carry a bucket of water to water the flowers, but I was still reading a book. Every word in the book made me infatuated. As I walked, the water overflowed out, but I was still staring at the book. Accidentally, I slipped. When my mother saw the spectacular scene when I fell, she couldn't help laughing.

Although I have learned this painful lesson, I will not give up.

Saturday morning, I bought a packet of potato chips, ready to go to the library to read while eating, to the library, I took a book "composition encyclopedia", then went to a place with few people to sit down, open the potato chips, put on the ground, have a look to eat, for a while, the book has read more than half, but a little brother beside me is looking