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Loneliness is waking up suddenly in the middle of the night. The world is pouring with rain. You can't sleep any more. You calmly drink a glass of milk and then read a difficult book, but you still can't sleep. Then you wrap your quilt and look at the sky outside the window, occupying the sky second by second.

Loneliness is that there are more and more phone numbers in the mobile phone, more and more phone calls are received every day, and more and more text messages are sent every day. However, when you suddenly see a sunflower field that once appeared repeatedly in your dream, you are excited to take photos and shout loudly, but then you don't know who to send the photos to. At that moment, you suddenly understand, all the way to now, no one has stood beside you, accompany you to see the scenery.

Loneliness is when you want to ask a friend to go shopping, only to find that he has already asked another friend, so he says sorry to you.

Loneliness is that you will never bother to choose a gift for a person's birthday. composition

Loneliness is that you will never cry because the plot in the book is similar to your own story.

Loneliness is that I am standing on this meridian and you are standing on that meridian. There are several time differences between me and you. composition

Loneliness is a lonely mineral water bottle. When the tears in its heart end, it is abandoned beside the noisy road. When it still has tears, when it still has sadness in its heart, others hold it in their hands. When it one day determined to be a happy mineral water bottle, it told others its secret, its heart full of overflowing tears, but it forgot the meaning of its existence, its existence is to let those sad tears, is to let people know, in fact, there is a person who is not new than me, so it was lost. It's a lovely tragic clown.

Loneliness is the sound of the keyboard at three in the morning, like a password for heaven. All the memories are transformed into stories. Nerves twitch and molt, and emerge one gorgeous bloom after another.

Loneliness is people who look up to migratory birds, because they take away a lot of missing. They think that looking up at the migratory birds is looking up at the concern of leaving long ago. They believe in the legend that angels always fly overhead, so they can live happily.

Loneliness is the subway.

Loneliness is the empty first floor hall of Jiuguang Department store.

Loneliness is when you eat alone until the whole table gets cold, then you get up and pour it out in silence. At that moment, you wanted to cry.

Loneliness is a notice that can never be finished. In the gap from the light to another light, you are chewing bread and drinking mineral water in the car. You are biting your teeth and don't let the tears fall down. You don't dare to think of some sensational topics such as' why should I do this'. Loneliness is the silent and stubborn conviction that my work is about to be finished.

Loneliness is a sudden major change the day before. The content of this page is from "read. 4" ”I've been crying for you all night. My eyes are red and swollen, and my skin is dim. But the next day, I still went to a variety show. I carefully asked the producer if I could change the notice. As a result, I was scolded and said that it would be great to play a big name? So he pretended to be happy, chatted with the host, played tricks and shared happiness with everyone. He just shared happiness with others, and he became more and more lonely.

Loneliness opens up in the northern hemisphere and ends up in the southern hemisphere.

Loneliness is that you finally finish reading this lengthy text in the middle of the night, because you have nothing to do except read this text. Lonely girl lonely girl

Lonely girl, can only enjoy lonely dream.

Lonely girl, can only look at the lonely spring.

Loneliness is a kind of sadness. And girls are enjoying the sadness. composition

Loneliness is a kind of pain. And girls are enjoying the pain.

Friendship, girl's friendship. Friendship is priceless, but where is the girl's friendship. composition

Family, girl's family. Family is selfless, girls can only have family.

When can the sky of lonely girl be as blue as the sea.

When can a girl get rid of loneliness.

Girls are ignored,

When can girls be valued.

Who can guess the girl's mind. Lonely heart lonely mind reminds of a lonely friend lonely evening wind a silent night looking up at the sky a lonely star lonely evening wind a lonely soul lonely soul wandering in a lonely wild lonely evening wind blowing disorderly is all the thoughts evening wind, evening wind I gently ask my loneliness who understand? Lonely lonely lonely Single figure shuttling through the street is the main melody of heaven, but the lonely angel is like a bird without wings --- there is no happy heaven.

Lane, the dead of night alone wandering. Alone, lonely is also. Happiness, the cold wind, the light moon and the whirling tree shadows are the main melody of the night. Walking in the idle court, the cold moon is in the sky, lonely and lonely, and full of thoughts. If the heart has no direction, there will be no forbidden area for loneliness. Any lonely phagocytosis of every cell in the body, the heart is dead, walking dead has been. Tears, tears, wind, merciless blow. The wind is gone with tears. Pain in the heart, but can not express. The pain of loneliness is like the surge of tide, but it is worth to bear. Does it hurt? can't! Because loneliness has been used to, just feel that the heart has no way, only a pool of stagnant water.

Lonely has been used to, but also become not lonely. But when I think about it, I find that I have nothing but loneliness. In fact, why not be alone? There are many troubles in groups. In contrast, being alone is the most important. There is no happy paradise, although it is not a paradise, it is still a pure land. No injury, no pain, no tears. So, is a person still lonely? Not alone! The pure land is always with you. Why are you lonely? No matter how bad it is, there will be loneliness!

The moonlight is bright, the breeze blows, my heart is relieved. Leaving a pool of broken Pinghua, thousands of wisps of smoke, disappearing in the sky - --- writing lonely, am I really lonely? I don't know, when do I find myself lonely? Is it when I lose friends? Is it when there is no company? Is it Now I know: life is a confidant, die without regret! The truth, yes, even if you have not met, as long as you fail, she will encourage you; as long as you lose, she will comfort you; as long as you are lonely, she will accompany you; enough, really enough No longer alone I call Lonely is who guides me to walk out of the lonely world, raises the self-confident sail.

Once I, childlike, perhaps lonely, but what is that? In the end, I can always drive away the loneliness in my heart.

In the past, I didn't understand its connotation deeply. It was only a one-sided meaning, only a light and astringent emotion of the past.

Now I have a deep understanding that maybe there is no comprehensive dictionary, but it is more meaningful and valuable than a dictionary. Because it's the most real emotion in the heart. composition

Remember 'the meaning of loneliness is not to give up, but to understand the challenge' this sentence, although not a famous person said, but it has been moistening my heart. I only remember that my father is the strongest person in my life. He once told me that no matter how difficult and lonely the world is, they still have weaknesses. Warm heart close to the people, when alone, it will be warm melt, but the hearts of cold people, lonely approach, can only be alone dragged into the dark cellar. I believe in my father's words, I believe that everyone needs sunshine, just like a candle, if it is a candle, it can only be blown out, when countless candles at the same time, even if it is blown out, it will once again ignite the fire of hope.

Let loneliness be the barrier we abandoned, and bravely pursue the new dream of mankind. We use a smile to sweep away the lonely clouds, to meet the more brilliant sunrise. I savor loneliness. In the dim night, I quietly absorb loneliness and leave it behind. Composition has love, no longer lonely, love, no longer lonely

Mother's love

Make me no longer alone

Because of my mother's love

It gave me hope

Gave me the spiritual support

Father's love

Make me no longer alone

Because of my father's love

It gave me strength

Gave me faith

A friend's love

Make me no longer alone

Because of the love of friends

Gave me friendship

Gave me a confidant

Love of the motherland

Make me no longer alone

Because of the love of the motherland

It contains expectations for me

Including the love for me

There is love

No longer alone

No longer afraid

No longer tears lonely night, missing lonely is a person walking on the quiet road

Loneliness is climbing by the window and looking up at the dim moonlight

Loneliness is my friend leaving me one by one

Loneliness is when you need someone else's company, no one dials your mobile phone

Loneliness is the clock of twelve

Loneliness is lying in bed with your eyes closed, but you can't fall asleep all the time

Loneliness is to choose gifts for friends without any consideration

Loneliness is sitting in the center of the square at night, listening to the wind with both ears

Loneliness is that everyone is busy in school, only sitting in their own narrow world

Lonely is in the middle of the night dream and her parting scene, suddenly wake up, can no longer sleep, can only recall that sad dream

Lonely is looking at the fairy tale, fantasy is the prince in the fairy tale, there is a beautiful princess waiting for him

Loneliness is crying secretly in the room. The next day, I have to go to school with a smile. I play tricks with my friends and share happiness. In fact, I share happiness with others, but I am more and more lonely

Loneliness is playing music, tapping the keyboard of the mobile phone, but I don't know who to send SMS to

Loneliness is reading this simple text at 12 o'clock, because there is nothing to do except reading this text