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Chinese traditional virtue stories

The article introduces that Zeng Zi is a student of Confucius. One day his wife was going to the market to sell cloth. In order to keep her son out of trouble, she said to her son, "son, if you don't sell cloth with me, I'll let you eat pork when I come back." As soon as his son heard that he had meat to eat, he stopped making noise. When his wife came back, she found that Zeng Zi was about to kill a pig. She was very reluctant, so she cried and begged him not to kill a pig. But Zeng Zi firmly said: "you can't be dishonest. Since you promised your son to kill pigs and eat meat, you shouldn't regret it. I don't want my son to be dishonest when he grows up, so I want to set an example for him today." So Zeng Zi killed the pig. His son is also an honest and trustworthy man when he grows up.

After reading this story, I have a deep understanding. In the past, I often didn't keep my promise and didn't do it in time. I didn't make my teachers and parents angry about it. I remember once when my mother took me out to play, I promised to write a diary when I came back, but I didn't write it. I procrastinated and tried to muddle through. Now think about it. Confucius once said, "words must be true and deeds must be fruitful." Only when a person does what he says will he win the trust of others. I am determined to get rid of my bad habits and be a man of my word. After reading the Chinese virtues story, I feel that China has excellent traditional virtues, such as respecting the old and loving the young, loving the motherland, thrift and moral cultivation I respect everything. In order to have a deeper understanding of virtue, the school issued the book "Chinese virtue story". When I opened the first story, I was attracted by the spirit of the ancients.

Among these stories, my favorite ones are Zhang Liang picking up shoes and ambition. These two stories have taught me two important principles. "Zhang Liang picking up shoes" is about when Zhang Liang was a child walking on the bridge, an old man came over, threw down his shoes and asked Zhang Liang to help him pick them up and put them on. After that, the old man asked him to come here at dawn five days later and taught him the art of war. Since then, Zhang Liang studied hard and became a very famous counselor. "Ambition" is about Han Xin's humiliation in his youth. A hooligan asked Han Xin to cut off his head or climb under his feet. Han Xin chose the second. The reason is that he is ambitious and disdains to fight with the uneducated young man. Killing him is meaningless. From these two stories, we can see the existence of modesty and self-cultivation. Zhang Liang can choose not to help the old man pick up shoes and turn around to leave, but he does not. He thinks that respecting the old man is the basis of life, and picking up shoes for the old man is also the right thing to do. Han Xin, on the other hand, is a man with lofty aspirations. Those villains don't understand.

"Chinese virtue story" is really a good book, not only let me know a lot of truth, but also smooth my way of life

What is the national spirit after reading the story of Chinese virtue characters by Chen Yuming, class 5 (3) of Fangcheng primary school in Wenling City? National spirit is reflected in the long-term historical process and accumulation of national consciousness, national culture, national customs, national character, national belief, national religion, national values and value pursuit. It refers to the essence of national traditional culture to maintain, coordinate, understand and promote the survival and development of the nation. It is a national vitality, creativity and cohesion The concentrated embodiment of cohesion is the core and soul of a nation's survival, common life and common development.

China is one of the ancient civilizations in the world. The spirit of self-restraint, love for the people and filial piety to parents has been extended to the present. Every time we say that we are Chinese in front of foreigners, we can't help but feel proud. We talk about the spirit of our ancestors and what we should learn from them, but a few people have done it

The construction of a motherland depends not only on one person, but also on the wisdom and hands of the people of the whole country. Have you ever heard of the proverb "three cobblers are better than one Zhuge Liang"? Doesn't that mean 'unity is great'? However, with the development of China's economy, our young people's learning has been greatly improved, and our ability to build the motherland and carry forward the national spirit has also been enhanced. Therefore, the responsibility of our young people to carry forward the national spirit accounts for two thirds of the people who carry forward the national spirit. But it does not mean that the remaining one-third can just say no more and carry forward the national spirit. Everyone in the whole country is responsible. No one can leave this responsibility behind!

Since ancient times, many nations and countries have been born on the earth, and most of them have declined. How can the Chinese nation still shine through thousands of years of vicissitudes and shine through the history of the world? The answer is: relying on the internal power of the great national spirit. composition

Carry forward the national spirit and love China! What are the Chinese virtues that support the great Chinese nation? What is the unity of hundreds of millions of Chinese people? What is the courage of the Chinese nation to say 'no'? It's blood, it's sweat, it's cohesion & hellip; & hellip;

A country or a famous ethnic group can not stand on its own in the world without inspiring spirit and noble character. Every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the world, diligent and thrifty, discerning good and evil, knowing how to correct mistakes, worrying about the world first, then enjoying the world & hellip; & hellip; what makes our Chinese nation brilliant? What makes it the focus of the world? It is the traditional virtues handed down from generation to generation. In this piece of land, our working people from generation to generation inhabit here and pass down culture and civilization from generation to generation. Because of this, a number of excellent talents, ancient land, simple people, long tradition, noble quality & hellip; & hellip;

In the motto of traditional Chinese virtues, the little story of Zifa admitting his mistake is unforgettable to me. It tells that during the Warring States period, Zifa, the general of the king of Chu, led his troops to attack the state of Qin. After a few months, there was no progress, and the food was running out. He sent an envoy back to raise food and asked him to give a letter to his mother. The mother learned from the letter that her son was not considerate of soldiers because of his privilege in life, so she was very angry. When Zifa returned triumphantly, his mother refused to let him in. Realizing his mistake, Zifa immediately ordered the soldiers to be given what the king of Chu had given him.

In fact, there are many similar examples in our life, and my brother is one of them. composition

It was a summer morning, my brother secretly took away the 5 yuan on the desk, although my mother didn't pay attention to the small 5 yuan. But I want to take this opportunity to test my brother and I. When I came back from school, my mother pretended that she couldn't find 5 yuan and forced me to take it. My tears flowed down in my mother's injustice. At this time, the elder brother admitted his mistake and gave 5 yuan back to his mother. "When you see good things, you move; when you have bad ones, you change them," isn't it?

Inherit Chinese virtues and cultivate national spirit. Today, our Chinese youth will certainly be able to fuse everything into infinite power and push forward the new era. "As long as everyone gives a piece of love, the world will become a beautiful world" is the song of love dedication, and as long as everyone does this, I think our socialist country will become more prosperous. Spring is like the sea, and flourishing times are like flowers. At that time, all things will be equal, and the whole country will be full of prosperity and harmony. composition

As the successors of the new century, we must start from now on, respect our parents and love our motherland. Since childhood, we should establish the belief of carrying forward traditional virtues and hope to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Listen, on the land of the Chinese nation, the two mother rivers are rolling, converging into a thundering call: inherit Chinese virtues, vow to be the descendants of the dragon! To carry forward Chinese virtues, every Chinese must have the traditional virtues of his own country. There are many Chinese virtues, such as comity, modesty, respect for the old and love the young, and so on.

It's like the story of Kong Rong let the pear! At a young age, Kong Rong knew that he wanted to give the big pear to the people who were older and younger than himself, but he took the smallest one alone. This is one of the Chinese virtues - respect for the old and love the young.

There are many ways to respect the old and love the young, such as helping parents pour water, washing their feet and playing with their younger brothers and sisters.

For another example, now some people on the street throw things casually, which makes the street full of garbage. You can see plastic paper and fruit peels in the blink of an eye, which makes the cleaners busy every day, leaving early and returning late. If you are a cleaner, what do you think of those who throw rubbish? Is it going to be very uncomfortable? So, I want to tell those littering people: 'reflect quickly, don't litter any more, be a Chinese who can't litter! "This is the second virtue of China - not littering. composition

When it comes to littering, I think of its twin brother: spitting everywhere. Spitting everywhere is also a bad problem. Spitting underground will cause air pollution, which is not good for you, me and everyone.

In fact, it's very simple to do these things. As long as you have this belief in your heart, littering and spitting will no longer appear. composition

China midley is also ready to help others. When a classmate is in trouble, we must help him, not despise him. Or, when there is a vacancy on the bus, we have to first see if there are elderly people or people with physical inconvenience around us. At this time, we have to give the seat to those people.

Students, in addition to these, there are many Chinese virtues. It often appears among us. Therefore, we must be a Chinese with Chinese virtues! On Chinese virtues: I found the mystery of the old man in my childhood stories; I found the kindness of the old man under the care of my grandmother; I found the bitterness of the old man in countless property disputes; I found the loneliness of the old man in the quiet nursing home.

New era, new term, new human. In today's society, there are a number of "new and fashionable" gnawing old people. These unemployed youths and even middle-aged people wandering in the streets are devouring their parents' pension money to satisfy their insatiable appetite and insatiable desire.

Respect for the elderly is an eternal traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. But should we really respect the elderly under any circumstances?

I used to think that with the development of the world and the progress of science and technology, ideas have also improved. Finally, I found out I was wrong. At the same time, many practical problems emerge. composition

Xiao a told me her story. I was shocked after hearing it. I never thought that there was such an idea in such a progressive modern society.

Xiao a's grandparents have six children, except for a boy who died of birth and an adopted son, with a total of four children. This resulted in the complicated relationship of the family and the patriarchal preference. Little a's father is one of them. As a child, she seems to resent her grandfather