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Those years, my childhood

Childhood is a beautiful flower in the spring breeze. Childhood is a brilliant star in the galaxy. How many past events, recall is to feel sweet, warm. It was in this joy and happiness that I spent my childhood. On the first day of school, my mother took me to school. At the gate of the kindergarten, my mother gave me to a teacher with long hair and went to work in a hurry. The female teacher took my hand and walked into the kindergarten. Walking, they heard a burst of crying from a classroom. My teacher and I ran over. It turned out to be my classmates. One by one, their faces were red with tears, and they said: 'dad, mom, I want to go home! 'a few teachers are coaxing them to stop crying. Soon after watching them, I joined them and burst into tears. The whole classroom is full of excitement. In addition to crying together, of course, we have to play together. Among them, the botanical garden is the most popular. The botanical garden is a wonderful paradise. All kinds of trees and plants give off pleasant fragrance. Grasshoppers appear in the grass from time to time. Although there are not many kinds of plants in the botanical garden, the area is not small. There are also small wooden signs on the ground, indicating the species of plants. A large aisle was lined with chrysanthemums. Some pots of chrysanthemums are blooming, like a palm; some are budding, like the fists of small babies; some are flowers, like a ball of fluff, which are in a variety of forms. They have different colors, some golden, purple and scarlet. It's really beautiful! With a crisp bell after class, my friends and I rushed out of the classroom like birds flying out of the jungle. We jump rubber bands here, play hide and seek, sit on the grass and talk and laugh. Sometimes we don't even know when we are in class. Every time we play to class, we either come back to the classroom one by one, or one of them will have a stomachache to distract the teacher. After a short period of kindergarten life, I entered primary school life. Primary school life makes me very happy. It not only makes me learn a lot of knowledge, but also makes me make many friends. My childhood is so beautiful, so full of fun. It is like a painting, depicting the laughter of my childhood, it is like a Chinese medicine bottle, containing the sour, sweet, bitter, spicy of my childhood. Those years, the childhood we had together_ 600 words childhood is a song, childhood is a picture. Childhood thought is naive and pure, childhood behavior is serious and persistent, it is the pursuit of beauty, the return of love & hellip; & hellip; & hellip;

Childhood is a landscape on the road of life growth. Laugh all the way, along with everyone's growth.

Inadvertently, I opened the colorful picture of my childhood and found such a page & hellip; & hellip;

The days seem to come back like this again. With the ticking sound of time, I have been on this page from "read. 4" ”Push for you, not primary school students, no childhood. Year after year, day after day, I was sitting in front of my house under a big tree by a stream, reading boring books and listening to boring English radio. At this moment, just want to have a meeting, I suddenly heard a few careless laughter.

With laughter, I looked to the stream. There are a few naive lovely little brothers and sisters, about five or six years old, in the stream constantly groping for something. Looking at their cute smile, clumsy action, beautiful voice. It reminds me of my childhood.

It was also a very hot summer. I was fishing in that stream with some friends. The stream is not deep. At that time, we indulged in it and completely left everything behind. We keep groping in the stream, like to touch all the fish, from time to time will jump out a sentence: 'I caught it! '。 Sometimes I yell, 'let you run again. Hum, I'll catch you next time. Don't run! 'I'll read vaguely in my mouth:' don't run, don't run, stop! '。 Chase us sweating, but, looking at the small bucket full, burst out laughing.. Finally, we put all the fish we touched back to the stream, because the little fish were really beautiful.

Childhood, a warm dream. It makes our life better, fuller and more wonderful.

The past is squeezed and condensed into symbols. We need to add these symbols to our own childhood picture. The past remains the same, and some things will disappear with time.

In the past, I will remember the warm dream of my childhood.

Those years, the childhood we had together. Unit composition: in those years, we were together_ In the three years of wonderful study and life, we all know each other and walk, run, make and laugh together. Many scenes in life, I carefully used to show here one by one.

Scene 1: our shyness in the spring breeze

Step by step, enjoy the warm spring breeze, into this strange campus. We didn't dare to talk to each other until a warm man's "hello" broke the cold and strange wall. So we shook hands with each other and said that we should be good friends, help each other and forge ahead in unity. In the spring breeze, a class formed a close and united collective, and a pair of friends embellished the warm color for spring.

Shot 2: our enthusiasm in the summer rain

Thunderstorms roar outside the window, playing fanatical music for summer. In the classroom, we get together to discuss major learning events. Sometimes we nodded and praised each other, sometimes we quarreled and blushed. Even so, we put our arms on each other's shoulders and sang together in the rain. Sing the beauty of youth, let thunderstorm play music for our youth! When we buy delicious food, we will share it together. When we get good books, we will enjoy them together. When our friends are sad, we will quietly go into their hearts and help them open the heart lock. It was summer, it was heavy rain, but it was passion and love. The quarrel has embellished the green color for the summer!

Scene 3: our maturity in autumn

Autumn is crisp and the leaves are dancing like butterflies. We are enjoying the leisure of physical education on the playground. On the court, we sweat together; on the track, we encourage each other to rush to the end. We have no previous shyness, but full of happiness and maturity. Striving for the autumn embellishment of the color of joy!

Lens 4: our farewell in winter snow

The snow in the north is the pronoun of cold, and we all feel the warmth around the stove. The snow is like goose feather, the more it falls, the stronger the north wind is, and it dances around. There is no idea, but there is a hold of nostalgia, we are going to experience 'mountain circuit turn not to see you, the snow left over the horse line' sad Chu miss. Farewell embellishes the color of sadness for winter.

Three years later, I collected these scenes and gave them to my friends to share. When remembering, the sea memory bosom friend, the end of the world if neighboring! Happy composition: the girls we chased together in those years_ What do you think of when you see the title? Is it a hit movie, or is it boys' pursuit of girls. No, it's all wrong. What I'm talking about is chasing, chasing a girl running in front of me; recalling, recalling a happy time; recalling, recalling a wrong past. Some people come into your life, just to give you a lesson, and then turned and rushed away. Before I could turn around, she was gone. 'for this sentence, I always have too much resonance, she just like the saying, like an angel, rushed into my world, taught me a lot of things, and then left quietly. In fact, to tell you the truth, I have been blaming myself, because the end of our friendship is due to my mistakes. After that, I have cried many times alone, which is self blame, guilt and memory of her. I once apologized to her, but the original pure friendship was forever embellished with a flaw. But the time to play with her is always the happiest. She is a kind and careful girl. We only met when we first entered junior high school. When she was the monitor of our class, what drew me most was the smile that she always hung on her face. Sometimes I even felt that seeing her smile was like getting the warmest sunshine. Of course, I found out a few weeks later that I didn't study in this school on the first day of junior high school. I studied in a boarding school, and she lived in the dormitory next door. At the beginning, we didn't talk much with her, but later no one thought that we became good friends who talked about everything. We went to the canteen for dinner, rushed into the classroom at the last second of the bell, and wore the same coat together. In fact, she cares more about me than I do about her. In the classroom, she sat behind me, so the relationship between the two of us was better. Because of this, she also taught me some things that I will never forget in my life. In the first year of junior high school, I hated mathematics very much. In fact, I didn't like the math teacher. For this reason, I even thought about whether to teach myself, but I immediately felt ridiculous for my 'stupidity'. I remember clearly that I failed in the first section exam of junior high school. For this reason, my math teacher taught me a lesson. From then on, I hated her class even more. During a meal, she asked me: 'do you hate math teachers? 'I'm not surprised because she's my friend and I hate what she knows best. I also answered her very frankly. She stopped chopsticks, blinked and stared at me, as if thinking about something. Suddenly, she said: 'do you want to prove that you can learn mathematics well? 'I was stunned for a moment and replied:' come on, I can't listen to her class at all. 'she wants to talk and stops. When I saw that I got up to clean up my dishes and chopsticks, turned around and left, I rushed to catch up from behind, grabbed my arm and yelled: 'it's not good for anyone to do this. Do you think the teacher will care about your little embarrassment? Tell you, not at all, if you really want to prove yourself, work hard, don't give up your life for others! 'I still remember the way she yelled at me when she said that. I was stunned by her yelling at me for the first time, standing there, and then, she said something to me. Finally, I decided not to be willful any more. I wanted to try to accept the teacher's teaching method and study hard, but then it was difficult again. It had been more than half a semester, and I didn't take notes in class. How could I review them? At this time, she seemed to guess what I was thinking, patted me on the shoulder, and said with a smile: 'silly girl, don't worry, I've been copying two copies of my notes The two books as like as we bought together are as like as two peas. I sleep every time I see you in math class