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Parents' love composition 200 words

I remember when I was three or four years old, I was eating.

'the content of this page is provided by "read. 4" ”Push it for you, Minmin, open your mouth, I'll feed you! 'grandma said happily. I immediately opened my mouth and ate with relish. Suddenly, sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, my father seemed to sing "empty city plan" in his stomach. Immediately, three steps turned into two steps and came to the dinner table.

I eat while playing with toys, walking around, grandma is the same, follow me around. When dad saw grandma feeding me, he immediately went over and said to grandma seriously: 'Mom, just let her eat by herself. It's not without hands and feet. 'but grandma said nervously:' but & hellip; & hellip; you see, she's still young. She's not even five years old, and she's not sensible yet! You see she's so small, it's normal to feed her. '

At that time, I was really young and couldn't understand what adults were saying. But now growing up, I gradually understand what is care, what is love. At that time, my father was also for my good. Good habits should be formed from childhood, do what you can, so that you won't be able to do anything in the future. Today, I saw an episode of animal world, called "parents' love". The first and greatest animal is the wild dog. In the animal world, few fathers raise their children, while the father of wild dog bears the responsibility of raising 27 children. Every time I come back from hunting, I will give the ruminated meat to my sons and daughters.

The second is the strongest father of African bulleye frog, who protects the tadpole for every second. When a snake came to attack, it rushed forward bravely and scared the snake away.

The third and most remarkable is mother salmon. When they migrate home to have a baby, the salmon will meet the master brown bear who preys on them. On the way home, they need to jump over the waterfall. If they are not lucky, they will be eaten by the brown bear, and if they are lucky, they can return home to have a baby. But they died after giving birth because of lack of physical strength.

This episode of animal world let me understand what is true love - parents' love for their children.

My parents love me very much, but their love for me is different. When I say something in life, you will understand it.

Once, my parents and I went to Xingqing park to play. Dad told me to climb high, but I fell off before I got to the top. My mother rushed over and hugged me and asked painfully: 'are you OK, baby, where are you hurt'? Before I could answer, my father came over, pulled me away from my mother's arms and said: 'it's OK, we are young men. What's the pain? Keep climbing! 'so I climbed to the peak again. Unexpectedly, I fell down again. I didn't succeed for several times. Once I fell to the ground, but I didn't want to admit defeat and stood up again. I climbed higher and higher and finally reached the peak. At this time, I know that parents have love, my mother's love is gentle, let my heart warm, and my father's love gave me courage and encouragement.

This is the love of my parents. My mother's love can heal the pain in my heart, but my father's love can help me summon up the courage to move forward. When I was young, I couldn't fully understand the meaning of this sentence. As I grow older, I gradually realize the meaning of it.

Last year, I went to balloon castle. When I was sliding, I fell off the slide and broke my hand. I cried in pain. Mother ran quickly, quickly picked up 60 kg of me, quickly ran to the nearby hospital. Summer weather is very hot, my mother's clothes were soon soaked with sweat, but did not rest for a second, I was sent to the hospital in time. Looking at her anxious eyes, I realized her love.

Every day, dad is the first person in our family to get up and go to work. I can't see him every morning from Monday to Friday. Not only that, he was the last one to come back in the evening, often working overtime. But every time Dad comes back, he laughs. His hard work has brought me a happy life.

The love of my parents moved me and made me happy. I will study hard, grow up happily and repay my parents' kindness. My love for my parents is 200 words. In life, my parents love us so much. Therefore, we should also love our parents and do what we can to repay them.

Now I will tell you what I have done to my parents. One day, when it was raining, my mother came home at night. She was so tired that her back was aching. Because she was always staring at the computer all day, she was so tired. So I asked my mother to sit on the sofa, and I tapped her on the back with my little hand. After a while, my mother turned around and said to me with a smile: 'you are really my mother's baby! 'after hearing this, I feel very happy.

Another time, it was summer, it was very hot, my father was repairing the TV for others, sweat straight down, I was very sad, with a towel to wipe my father's sweat, handed a cup of cold water to my father. My father praised me and said: 'what a sensible child! 'My heart is as sweet as honey.

In real life, we should care for mom and Dad, and use practical action to express this love. The care and care our parents give us is a kind of love. There are many ways to love. The love of my parents is the warmest love, for example:

Worried love

One night, when I was sleeping, I felt very hot and weak. I was very weak and cried out: 'mom. mum

My mother felt that it was not right, so she touched my head. My mother was startled. I had a fever, and my father quickly sent me to the hospital. When I was in the hospital, when I was in the injection, my parents were very worried. Although I was sleeping, I could feel it. This is the love of worry

Nagging love

Another time, my classmates and I were riding bicycles together, but my parents kept calling me, one hung up and called again. I didn't know how many times I stopped at that time. Finally, even my classmates were annoyed. Although I was annoyed, I knew that my parents wanted us not to be hurt before they made so many calls. This is nagging love.

There are many kinds of love from my parents, which are the warmth we must not get. A love composition for parents 200 words Who are my white hair? Hard work makes my hands rough and my face full of vicissitudes and wrinkles. They are all working for a family. They are my parents. When I was a child, I often talked back to my parents and wanted to leave them. Gradually, with the growth of age, I understood the hardships of my parents and found that my father's burly figure became bloated My mother's body is not as swollen as before, but she is still working hard for me. Her skin has been tanned in the past. My parents have paid time and sweat for me. They have paid too much for me. What I can do for my parents is not much. I still have time, but my old parents have less time. Maybe the word 'love' is hard for me to say to my parents, but when you are young When I grow old, I will go with you to where you want to go and do what you want to do

The love of Wei Caili's parents is the greatest love between heaven and earth. Since I was born into this world, my parents began to love me forever.

As the saying goes: mother's love is like water, father's love is like mountain. My parents are like this.

One night, I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep. My mother gently stroked my forehead with her hand and said, 'Oh! Have a fever! 'she said. I put on my clothes and ran to the hospital. Because of the cold weather, I sneezed several times. My mother took off her clothes and put them on me. We finally came to the hospital, I saw the sweat on my mother's forehead, I thought: when I grow up, I will repay my mother.

And father's love is as thick as a mountain. He always gives me the right guidance when I make mistakes, and he always gives me the right guidance when I encounter problems & hellip; & hellip;

My father, mother, take care of me in different ways, care about me. I love them!

"Who said that the heart of an inch of grass will be rewarded with the sunshine of spring. 'I will repay them when I grow up