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My little dog

There is a little yellow dog in my family. It is covered with golden hair, which is as bright as oil. Its round, dark and shiny eyes are like beads, which dribble around all day. It has a long mouth, and a pair of smart ears. If there is a little noise nearby, it will put the ears up. Its yellow claws are like four plum blossoms, and its pouting tail always shakes leisurely It's very lovely. I call it Xiao Huang.

Xiao Huang is very honest. Every day it will find a warm place, carefree sleep. I sleep for hours. When it sleeps, no matter what you call it, it will treat it as if it didn't hear you. It goes in and out of its left ear, and even ignores you. Another characteristic of Xiao Huang is that he has a strange sleeping posture: when he sleeps, he has his feet up and his head high. From a distance, it's really like a prisoner raising his hands to surrender to the police! When it wakes up, as soon as it sees you, it will perform its tricks: sometimes around you; sometimes somersault; sometimes & hellip; & hellip; when it finishes performing, it will jump on you and stick out its pink tongue to lick your hand. What about? Isn't it cute enough?

I still remember one time, my mother didn't spread the newspaper on the floor. When she went to pee, she couldn't see the newspaper on the floor, so she looked everywhere. Later, she saw some newspapers spread on the table. She was ready to pee on the table. When she saw it, she quickly picked up the stick and hit it. It screamed. Her mother said to it, "if you pee everywhere again, I'll kill you! You should remember the place where you pee every day. If I don't have a newspaper, you should go there to pee too. "The dog seems to understand his mother's words. He lowers his head and sits in front of his mother. It looks like he is saying to his mother," sorry, master, I'm wrong. Please forgive me! "

Although the dog is so cute, but there is also a greedy side, I took a box of ice cream, eating with relish, the dog saw, greedy, 'Wang, Wang & hellip;' to please me, finally I really can't bear to, had to 'obediently' put a box of ice cream in front of it. My little dog 500 words my family has a dog, its name is' Wangwang ', its hair is very black, its tail often rolled up like a small black circle, its black pearl size eyes, its footprints like plum blossoms, its teeth pointed, like hills, when it sleeps, its ears close to the ground. Its character is a little strange. It is said to be good. Sometimes it will find a warm place to sleep, carefree and free, and it doesn't care about anything. But if it wants to go out and play, it will run away for a day and a night. No matter what I call it, it won't come back. It is said that it is playful, but how dutiful it is. As long as someone passes by the door, it will scream until the owner hears it. I get along with it very well. As long as I see my schoolbag on my back, it keeps turning around, as if saying: 'little master, don't go, don't go, play with me for a while! 'when I came home from school, when I got to the door, the dog was already wagging its tail to meet me. I often bite the corner of my pants when I go out. If it sees a bone, it runs as fast as Liu Xiang in the Olympic Games, runs back biting the bone, gnaws the bone in the yard, in case the nearby dog grabs its bone. After gnawing it, it runs out of the yard, and then it will rest, stick out its tongue, and drool from its tongue. As long as it sees acquaintances, it will vigorously wag its tail like a little girl's braid. If it sees strangers, it will make a 'woof woof' cry. It eat food: bones, fish bones, ham sausage, fish balls and other food. As soon as I put the food on the ground, it wolfed it down. After eating, if anyone gave it something to eat, he would wag his tail to show that you are very good to it. This is our family's dog, which is playful, obedient, dutiful and lovely. It makes me study and progress, and have a good time. It and I spent every day and year happily in a warm childhood. My little dog 100 words, my family raised three cute little dogs, one called joy, one called Lele, and one called Doudou, they are happy little dogs, occasionally husband and wife will fight.

Xixi bought it for the first time. When she bought it back, it was very cute. It was a female dog and only had a shoe as big as 38. It had a light brown dog hair, a short tail and a pair of sharp and big eyes. It was very beautiful!

Lele is the second time to buy, it has a dark brown hair, is a male dog, has a pair of small eyes, watery, really lovely!

Doudou is the last time to buy, it is a white dog, but also a very naughty dog.

This is our little dog. Do you like them? My little dog 100 words, my family raised a little dog, called Xiaoyu. It's snow-white, ears, nose, two big eyes, like two black grapes, small mouth, very cute.

It's naughty, too. Once, I was playing with dolls in bed, and I suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom. But I found that my shoes were missing. Did they run away? At this time, I heard a sound in the hall, so I came to the hall curiously. Half of Xiaoyu's head was in the shoe hole, and I couldn't pull it out. Ah, I really couldn't help it!

I like Xiaoyu!

Maigaoqiao central primary school three my little dog 600 words speaking of dogs, my eyes immediately shine, I like dogs, dogs are very cute. My dog is twin, one is Dudu; the other is Paopao. My grandfather likes Paopao, but I like Dudu.

Doodle's feet are white, his body is black, his eyes are round and big, and his small ears are really like a 'little princess'; the whole body of bubble is black, and his body is bigger than doodle's, and his eyes are black, which is very likable. Like doodle, it is also a' little princess'.

People say that dogs are spiritual, which is right. My little dog is just like this. For example, I was doing my homework when Doodle and bubble came to me and looked at me with pitiful eyes. I knew they wanted to play games with me, so I said: 'go and play. I don't have time now! 'They seem to understand. When they look at me, if it's too soft, it's too hard. Two puppies bite my trouser legs together. Alas! I have to give in to them, 'OK, OK, I'll play with you! 'They immediately let go. They played so wildly that they forgot to do their homework. The next day, they were scolded by the teacher. Students asked me not to blame the dog, they are so cute, I like it too late, how can blame it?

Those are the past. What's the use of recalling? One day, I went to school. When I got home, Dudu didn't come out to meet me. I was a little nervous. I went to ask my grandmother in a hurry. She said: 'what do you want some dogs for? I gave Dudu to an old woman! 'suddenly I felt like a bolt from the blue. I gave it away! I didn't agree to give my dog away! When I do my homework, I always wonder what to do if others are not good at it? What if grandma hits him? What if grandma doesn't feed it? In case & hellip; & hellip;.

After returning to my mother's home, I cried a lot. My father went home. I told my father about it. My father said that he knew the old man and that the old woman was very kind to the dog. My hanging heart finally came down. Dad also told me that grandma's house is not far from here, so she can go to see the dog at any time. Now I'm at ease.

Do you like dogs? Dog is very cute, it will help you do a lot of things! Heart is not as good as action, raise one as soon as possible!

Laixi City Chengnan primary school five, my little dog 200 words too good, my dog 'little home' gave birth to three lovely quiet dog.

This morning, when I got up and came to the garage, I heard a few barks of puppies. I was wondering when I suddenly found something moving in that haystack! I quickly went over to have a look, ah! It's a white and black flower dog. It's very cute. Then I found another black dog under the grass. He is trying to climb out! I wanted to help him, but I didn't. I squatted there - quietly - yes, I watched him climb up from under the haystack. Hehe, a strong guy! I hold them all in my hands. At this time, Xiaojia came over. Oh, come to see his baby. He was worried when he saw that I was holding his baby. Yelling at me. I think it's begging me to give him his baby back, but he calmed down a lot after I touched him.

Haining No.2 Middle School Grade One: Chen Enyu my favorite little animal dog 600 words if you ask me what is my favorite little animal? Then I will tell you without hesitation that my favorite little animal is the dog.

My dog's hair is snow-white, as if the snow fell on the dog's body, very beautiful! If we don't bathe it for a lot of time, it will pester us and look at us as if to say: 'little master, you are so bad. Do you want to turn me into a little dirty dog? 'at that time, we would laugh. It couldn't see what we were laughing at, and it looked at us with an incomprehensible look. Its eyes are watery, as if it had just had a spring rain and the raindrops fell into his eyes. It has a long tail. If there is much dust on the street, it can sweep the dust clean with its tail.

Once when I came home from school, I went to see the dog. I took the bone to lead it to eat, but it not only did not eat, but also motionless, as if bored by something. Originally, the dog is about to have a baby. After a few days, I saw that it gave birth to some lovely puppies, some white and brown, some as white as big dogs, some white with black inside, and some snow-white. The eyes of these puppies were closed tightly, and the big dog was lying there to feed the puppies. If someone came to touch the puppies, it would not spare him!

I heard that a relative's son wanted to touch my big dog when he heard it gave birth to a little dog. Before he could touch it, the big dog started barking and scared my relative's son to run out. Look, my big dog is fierce!

After the baby was born, I love the dog more. I feed it every day, and then I transferred to Yixing, so I didn't have time to accompany it. Later, as soon as I got home, I saw only one dog. I asked my parents, and they said: 'the dog was sent by us. 'I cried when I heard that, and then they said,' they're not far from our house. 'I don't cry until I hear it. I asked my mother to take me, and she agreed. As soon as I went, I saw the dog. I was very happy. I ran to hold it, but it ran away. I waited for a while, and it came out again. I went to catch it again, but I still couldn't catch it. I went to catch it again, but I still couldn't catch it.

My mother said it was time for us to go home, so I left reluctantly. Dog 200 words my family has a dog who is not very obedient. You hand it a ball, it can be happy, holding the ball on