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'vitality and vigor & hellip; & hellip; this belongs to us. '

Every time I think of myself, I always feel lost and sad. 'hard work leads to success, strong willpower & hellip;' what people are tired of hearing is truth. How much motivation do we have? School, friendship, family and responsibility rush to us.

'I'm so tired! Want to escape 'everyone will think that they are trapped & hellip;

I remember that Han Han, who is good at Chinese, is famous for his outstanding academic performance. What can he do? It's hard to remember how many times we have to face the cruel reality. composition

Looking up, it snows. The night is quiet, but I can't feel it in my heart. It's like turning into a snowflake and never falling, flying in the air, clean and spotless, aimlessly free. Never stop thinking of the world as a fairy tale, even if it's not a dream.

I like to watch the cartoon "pirate king". I think that Luffy, no matter what he faces, will always give people his lovely smile. But every time I am shocked, maybe it's because there are too few such people in reality! Hehe, but I like it very much. composition

Yes, everything always has an end, since we have to face & hellip; then why not smile! Why not even a silly smile? I get it. I laugh! There were two marks on both sides of my cheek - the punishment of not laughing for a long time and the witness of my starting point!

No more fantasy in my heart. Self-Improvement! Face it!

Sixteen year old me, sixteen year old sky, is it rainy season or flowering season? I will be brave to say: is the crystal clear rain embellishment only belongs to our flowering season!

Shijiazhuang Wuji Chenguang middle school junior three Zhang LinSong this article is the site user original article, without permission to prohibit reprint! Youth, the interpretation of life, students often race against the clock in the sea of books title 'Expo', a little do not pay attention to, others left out. In the examination room, campus and class, there is a strong desire to study and read books eagerly. But the situation is different. There are always naughty children making trouble, and there are unexpected 'surprises' in the mediocre campus life from time to time.

In that warm spring season, I can't help sighing the sad beauty of falling and falling on the eve. Today, I suddenly realize that the reincarnation of a season will come to a complete end, but the passing of this season only implies the beauty of rebirth. The two hands also work together, holding the back of the chair on one side, and carrying the bench on the other side, walking with both legs as usual. In this way, the Wanzhuan birdsong mixed with some students' whispering 'playing', walking to the playground & hellip; & hellip;

The sun father-in-law, who had not been seen for several days, was under such circumstances. It was a fool that made me laugh and cry. There was no noise in my ears, but most of them were sighs. The whole school held a meeting in the scorching sun, just like pieces of fresh meat on the stove. Then we all walked into the hall one after another. Before we could sit down in the chair, the teacher on the rostrum took the microphone and said sincerely: 'students, the meeting will last about two hours. If you want to go to the toilet, please do it as soon as possible! As soon as I heard the news, I didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse. My classmates came out like sparrows. Ten years later, a strange figure and clothes came to the rostrum with a microphone, and the music played on the playground was lingering in my ears.

He walked on the stage with his head held high and his voice was loud. His voice was confident and full of vigor, and I inevitably felt inferior. His opening remarks made us laugh. With the extension of our sight, we unconsciously saw the banner of "Dr. Zhang Xukun's gratitude and inspirational report meeting", and finally knew the purpose of this afternoon's meeting. Soon, Dr. Zhang asked us to slowly close our eyes and lower our heads, and then some pleasant background music made me gradually look back at the door of my childhood home. A familiar touch made me have the courage to push it open and look at the same furnishings as before without any change. The cries made me cry, because it was my grandfather's kind call, but he had already left me and gone to a place where my close relatives' dreams haunted me. Before long, I have walked through six years of primary school life, in which laughter over sorrow spring hurt autumn. Until entering middle school, success and failure gradually made me realize that social competition is cruel, never as simple as primary school. The only way to have a foothold in a huge school is to master the books in my hand. In the beginning of my life, the love of my parents is always in my heart. composition

Before this link, although I was confused in the crossroads between success and failure, now after a short quarter of my life, I find my true self again, and I will not walk on my back in disguise. This kind of life is really tired. The fall of tears is not only the great feeling of the soul, but also the confirmation that finding oneself is not an illusion.

Dr. Zhang used real examples and captured our thoughts to write down the most effective medicine for us. Of course, we also need to thank Shen Zhong for his painstaking efforts to cultivate a group of talents. The afterglow of the setting sun shines on every inch of the land, and then we suddenly find that the reason why the grass is green is that it has to endure the baptism of the storm and the limit of the scorching sun. And now I am just a short continuous rain haze, my world, this can only take time to leap over, so I must for the wings to grow up! composition

Xincun middle school grade one: Xu Yongxin's writing is the first step of her youth. It's easy to say, but hard to do. Some students' academic performance is very poor. They think that they are stupid and not smart, or that the teacher didn't teach them well. In my opinion, poor performance is not a matter of talent and teachers. The most important thing is that I don't take learning seriously and study hard.

I remember a famous person said, "genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.". Gorky also said: "genius comes from diligence.". These words are quite right. For example, Edison, the great inventor, carried out thousands of experiments in order to develop the ideal white woven lamp, and almost all metals were tested by him. It was with his hard work that he achieved the success of "white woven lamp" and became the king of invention admired by the world. Almost all the people who have made outstanding achievements have a history of hard work, struggle and competition, and few of them have won by speculation. It can be seen that any achievement is inseparable from hard work and hard study.

But some students' academic performance is poor, they don't listen in class, they don't sleep or play, and they don't study at all. How can they get better in this way? Some students think that they are smart, arrogant and complacent. If they don't listen in class, they will indulge in online games after class. Let's think about it. Since talent and diligence are the sources of success, can we just keep talent and give up diligence? Wang Anshi tells such a story in a piece of classical Chinese entitled "hurt Zhongyong": there is a Fang Zhongyong in Jinxi County, Jiangxi Province. He was very intelligent since he was a child. In order to get people's praise and money, Fang Zhongyong's father took him to other people's home every day to write poems for others. He was not allowed to study. Because Zhong Yong had no time to read books and study, he gradually declined. At the age of 20, Fang Zhongyong died Yong has completely become an ordinary person.

14 years old is a special age. It's an important period for young people to move towards youth. Therefore, it's very important to set foot on the right road and move forward in the right direction on the first day. composition

Youth is the flowering season of life, youth is the golden age of life, it is the most abundant, the most beautiful part of our life, but also the most valuable part, so to grasp youth is to grasp life, so it is very important to take the first step of youth. Carry forward the spirit of the May 4th Movement and bloom the beauty of youth. Liang Qichao, a famous scholar in modern times, said in his essay "on Young China" that "young people's wisdom is the rule of the country, young people's wealth is the wealth of the country, young people's strength is the strength of the country, and young people's independence is the independence of the country..." What Mr. Liang Qichao said is good! The future of our country depends on the young generation, who are always the most keen and brave!

Today, 90 years ago, a group of enthusiastic young people with strong patriotism held high the great banner of science and democracy. He launched a fierce attack on the dark old system, imperialism and feudalism. It opened a new chapter of China's historical development and ushered in a new era of China's historical change. It opened up a road of victory for the suffering Chinese people to turn over and liberate.

Time flies, nearly a hundred years of time between the vast changes. Now the Chinese nation has come to an important crossroad on the road of rejuvenation. At this great historical moment, we should bear in mind the spirit of the May 4th movement. Because he is an important source of strength to recapture the glory of China.

What is the spirit of the May 4th Movement? I think it is patriotism and ideal

Patriotism is the fuse of the May 4th movement, and the patriotism shown in the May 4th movement is the earliest in Chinese history. At the historical juncture of national peril, Chinese youth showed noble patriotism and fearless heroism. Today, our country is strong, and our nation is proud to stand in the forest of nations in the world. Five star red flag. March of the volunteers has also been respected and admired by more and more people in the world! But patriotism is still the main theme and the strongest voice of our time. Therefore, young people should not only create a strong country in science and technology, but also strive to build an excellent intangible civilization of the Chinese nation.

Ideally, the May 4th movement experienced 90 years of ups and downs. But the practical significance is not reduced! One important reason is that the youth of the May 4th movement had lofty ideals. Today we have many ideals and ideas. But in a word, to carry forward the spirit of the May 4th movement is not to shout Abstract slogans. Similarly, it is not enough to only aspire, but also learn to inspire and cultivate. As young people, we have golden years, we have high spirited and enterprising spirit, and we have the ability to succeed. It's just not enough! We must also continue to work hard to train and develop ourselves. To achieve their aspirations and ideals and strive to the end! composition

There are so many examples to realize my ideal! 2006 super girl champion Li Yuchun is a senior. In just a few years, he became an ambassador of love. In April 2007, the Red Cross Foundation of China announced the establishment of "corn love fund"! More than 13000 people donated. Millions of donations! Li Yuchun used the money to save more than 20 children with leukemia! Yuchun's behavior moved us. There are many people like Xiang Yuchun! On the morning of November 30, 2007, Meng Xiangbin took his wife and daughter with him