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Should not miss the scenery

The night is deep, close the book, turn off the light, ready to go to bed, but when I look up, I find that there is still a light flowing quietly in the study.

I crept past, the door of the study half closed, through the narrow gap, I saw the back of my mother's desk. That figure slightly side, the head from time to time to side, draw a beautiful arc. She kept writing, the rustle of paper and NIB friction, such as the spring breeze over the grass tip, the gurgling mountain spring gently across the mountain bay, I used to complain, why so much homework, learning so tired, but now looking at my mother, suddenly feel that what I said is so ridiculous. My mother is also studying every night, even more difficult than I am. But why hasn't she complained to me? On her left side, there is a white mug. Curling mist transpiration, in the air rotation transformation, coffee into my nostrils. I knew it was my mother, studying. In the practice of our agreement; if I am admitted to a class of high school, she will become a first-class accountant. Since we made this agreement, the light in the study has replaced the moonlight in the night sky every night, accompanying me through one night after another & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot;

I love my mother. I open the door and walk in quietly, but it still startles her. She turns around. The quiet light like a lake is broken in an instant and reconstituted in an instant. She vividly draws her mother's silhouette on the ceramic tile. Like a painter's creed in his heart. It's like a naughty spirit. With a light wand, everything in the room is covered with a layer of fluffy gold. "What's the matter? "Mother raised her head and asked me. I turned back and said in the same whisper:" Mom, it's too late. Go to bed early. "" I know. "Mother laughed, and the light was streaming on her black hair. Now the light blue was more and more vivid. She was with black and ink. Shining lights in the eyes of the mother flow Shenghui,.

That's right. The light and the back of my mother's desk accompany me through lonely nights. Whenever I am tired, I straighten up, drive away sleepiness, and devote myself to the struggle for a better future.

Shanghai Huangpu District experimental junior high school grade three: the other side of the flower s miss perhaps not necessarily should not miss 650 words, this year's high school entrance examination is very not simple, the key is to grasp too tightly, a school only recruit hundreds of students.

Three years of junior high school career to the end, I finally nine years of compulsory education to the end, but not satisfactory. Just after the exam, I went home and thought it would be good. After more than ten days, I slowly got the information about the results of the high school entrance examination. From that day on, I began to be worried, always afraid of failing. I thought my mother had arranged everything for me, so I went to play with my friends. After a few days, I finally heard something I didn't want to know from my mother. Because I was too tight, and I didn't report in time, I finally fell off the list. For the first time in my life, I felt the sense of heartbreak. No, I had to go to vocational school, because I had no choice & hellip; & hellip;

In fact, I was not interested in learning from childhood, so my grades were very poor. In terms of artistic talent, I'm even better than my peers. So I grew up hoping that I could make a success of my career and become an artist who didn't rely on waves to gain a false reputation.

With the increase of age, I have a deeper understanding of life. I finally understand that reading is the driving force for me to achieve my dream of life. But it's too late to say anything. He may not be my & hellip; & hellip;

My mother contacted a vocational school for me. An introducer from that vocational school came to my home. He asked me to choose my favorite occupation, and then arranged me to go. When I told him that I wanted to be an art major, I was opposed by the people present. The introducer just looked at my appearance and denied me. It turned out that my mother had only one reason: "it's too expensive to spend money.". I want to say to my mother: if it was my brother, would you make the same decision?

Without my dream, I am like a bird without wings, so I can only choose other careers. Otherwise, I will not be allowed in the world!

Maybe it's right to miss it. I've thought about it for a long time and finally figured it out. If I choose high school to cultivate in it, it is impossible, only to be pressed in the book every day. The content of this page is selected by "read. 4" ”Push his career for you, maybe I will be just as good. I hope this dream can be realized by my future children.

What I missed may not be missed, at least it let me really understand how I should grasp life in the future, let me get the power of how to be a responsible father, how to educate children's wisdom & hellip; & hellip; scenery that should not be missed 600 words, time is like running water, and I can't think clearly in the wind. The sky steps and the night, a season of Acacia, billows of eternal sorrow, loneliness condensed into drops of crystal clear, ice sealed the friendly heart, but you turn into a butterfly, flying in a little bit of sunshine, this beautiful scenery vaguely swings in the heart. When the cool air comes with the fragrance of orchids, a clear sentence is immersed in my heart. 'I've been bothered by your thoughts. "Like a pearl landing, the voice abruptly interrupts the anger in my heart. I turn around and see a girl with good temperament. Most of her black hair is folded up, intersecting and braided into a braid. There are a few strands of hair hanging sparsely on her forehead, and a pair of eyes are shining gently. As the star that marks the Milky way is more dazzling, the anger in my heart also subsides unconsciously Now, the light blue book is in my hand, which is clever and full of moistening spirit. It's interesting for me to look like a pair of slender and beautiful hands. At this time, I only have shame and chagrin. Although the smiling face is friendly, it's especially ironic for me.

Just a stiff thank-you, she snatched back the seemingly weak book from her hand. This action made her smiling face froze, and then a smile came out. This smile made me feel more ashamed and embarrassed. I just turned around and left, leaving her with a bright smile and hidden sad eyes, but I missed it.

In the early morning sunshine, the roadside flowers are crowding. The strong fragrance of the flowers becomes fragrant white. In the clear wind, they fall down loosely. Walking on a path paved with pebbles, they are suddenly attracted by the sound of zither and chased away. The white clothes and green vines are elegant but spotless. When they approach, they suddenly find that they are still the same one The warm woman, who wants to leave, is intoxicated in the beautiful ripples swept by the sound of the piano. Her beautiful smile, like the arc of the crescent moon, is full of intoxication. The smile swept by her hair is a bit hazy. Her slender fingers are like butterflies fluttering wings in the light and shadow, dancing on the fingertips of spring, and the spray like flowing water always washes away in the heart of Miaoyuan. This dream like water like sound, reflecting her beautiful smile, has become a landscape in my heart.

'hello. 'This time I took the initiative to speak, but I was surprised that she didn't respond. 'child, she can't hear. "When I was startled, I realized that the old man beside me had pity and sympathy in his eyes. Turn around. I left a blank face.

'she can't hear, she can't hear & hellip; 'it's hard to believe that people who have such beauty can't hear. The breeze walks gently among the flowers, and her face rises with unspeakable holiness.

Rosy clouds all over the sky, white clothes floating, that beautiful woman is how I should not miss the scenery. Scenery should not be missed

Should not miss the scenery

Facing the sea, the intimate relationship between the seagulls and the sea is a scenery that should not be missed; looking up at the blue sky, the illusion of white clouds and the sky is a scenery that should not be missed. Looking back in the evening, I should not miss the scenery is you - lovely you.

Open the gate of memory & hellip; & hellip;

When I was 14 years old, I entered the gate of middle school full of longing. Everything is so beautiful. Early autumn breeze blowing camphor treetops, the air dense with the taste of white clouds quiet, but also mixed with a few threads of cool. By the side of the path, the purple flower dimples dimly and blooms in profusion. Walking into the classroom. The moment I got into the classroom, I started my journey.

At our age, friendship is the mast and sail of a ship and the driving force of our navigation. In the journey, friendship is the first scenery.

I remember it was a PE class, the first PE class since the beginning of school. A girl in our class may be late because of discomfort. The teacher was very angry and punished her for running three laps. Our whole class is helping her to plead with the teacher, but the teacher also punished us to run together. Three laps down, although very tired, but no one complained. We looked at each other and laughed. That day, sweating, we were the beautiful scenery beside the playground, and also the scenery that I can't miss in this trip.

Time is in a hurry, two spring and autumn have passed. At the same time, our junior students are separated.

Because of all kinds of reasons, we are divided into different classes. The once united group is now scattered. But I believe that our hearts, the pure hearts of lesson 42, are closely linked. Because, at night, we hugged each other in the shed after school, there were 40 sentences of "Happy Birthday" in a student's birthday party, and the teacher's Day gift signed "miss you, we" on the teacher's desk before teacher's day. All these are the result of our missing. All these are the scenery that I can't miss in my journey

Along the way, my journey is wonderful because of your scenery. You are the scenery that can never be missed in my heart.

It's not my wonderful journey with you, it's my journey with you that makes it wonderful. Should not miss the scenery 800 words should not miss the scenery

'ding Ling, Ding Ling 'the golden bell shakes in a small range. The wind in May is always crisp and fragrant.

A touch of bright red fell into the girl's hand, red startling, looked up, but saw that grandma's favorite rose slowly withered, a piece of petals in the wind ups and downs, the girl turned around, it's time to see grandma. Under the setting sun, the lonely shadow was pulled very long, covered the rose only a few petals.

'grandma. 'the girl murmured to herself, and the bits of the past reappeared before her eyes.

A girl is a left behind child. She lives alone with her grandmother, who always gives her the most meticulous care. She remembers that day.

The weather is very good, cloudless, grandma carefully care of the small garden is a vitality, especially the rose, red enchanting.

The girl still shut herself in the room. She didn't understand why her parents didn't come back to see her for so long. She gave them a high sounding excuse to throw herself to her grandmother who was not very familiar with her.

'dong Dong '

She thought of the annoying knock on the door. The girl impatiently opened the door, but saw her grandmother standing there with breakfast. Her face was like yesterday's kind smile.

'ding Ling, it's going to be cold without breakfast. "Grandma came into the room and gently put her hand to the East