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New year's Eve dinner

It's new year's day. Every family is decorated with red lanterns and couplets. Everything is jubilant and boisterous. Dinner is on the table, wow! What a rich dish! There are sweet radishes, fragrant steamed chicken, glutinous rice balls like big pearls, and a plate of steamed fish, which symbolizes the surplus every year... When I look at the dishes at this table, my saliva comes out. I immediately picked up chopsticks, sandwiched a piece of food, and put it in my mouth, ah! How delicious! We all raised our glasses and said in unison, "happy new year to you all! "I couldn't wait to raise my glass and said to my grandparents," I wish you health and longevity. " They laughed and said, "my good grandson, I wish you a tiger spirit and a tiger body in the year of the tiger. I wish you progress in your studies." Then I clinked glasses with my father, mother, uncle and aunt and said, "I wish you a happy life and a younger life." They also wish me happy every day... At this time, the sound of firecrackers, laughter, blessing and clinking cups, interweaved into a song of spring. In the evening, everyone around the stove, while watching the wonderful spring festival gala, while eating. My sister and I also received a lot of red envelopes to wish us peace all the year round. This is really a happy and happy New Year's Eve! What day can it be today? I don't know. "

"Look at your brain. It's stuffed with cotton! Today is the first spring festival in the new century

"What?! "Spring Festival," "Oh yes! How can I be so confused! It's hard to forget such an important thing! " After a pause, I said, "it depends on your skill this time."

Mother put on a confident look, said: "look at this, I will let you surprise!" composition

In the evening, when the new year's Eve dinner was ready, I went into the kitchen in high spirits and wanted to see it first, but I was surprised: "what?! We'll have dinner on New Year's Eve That's all

"Yes! How about one meat, two vegetables and one soup today? Let's have a good meal composition

"How can I have a plate of cabbage, a plate of tomato, a late night fish and a pot of egg soup for new year's Eve dinner?" I'm a little angry.

Mother said to me seriously: "you eat it quickly!" I had to obey. I love fish most, but I don't think it's unlucky to eat the fish that has passed the night. I just want to make it break down and lose it.

My mother saw what I was thinking at a glance, and said earnestly, "son, this fish is a fisherman who can't come in spite of the difficulties and dangers on the rough river. I still remember your poem in the third grade: "people come and go on the river, but they love the beauty of bass. You can see a boat in a storm. " You can imagine how dangerous it is! You should cherish the fruits of other people's work, at least understand a little bit of thrift!

After listening to my mother's words, my eyes became moist, and I deeply felt the gap in my mind

After this revolutionary Spring Festival, I deeply feel how important saving is. Happy New Year's Eve dinner today is new year's Eve. I'm here to wish you a happy and safe new year. I wish you all the best.

The evening is new year's Eve, so it's natural to have new year's Eve dinner. My mother said to me: 'today is new year's Eve, and the dinner is very rich. 'I felt itchy when I heard that, so I asked my mother,' what do you eat for dinner? 'mother replied: 'you'll know then. "The aunt called out:" it's time to eat. I thought: it's time to eat at last.

I said: 'I'm so hungry. Can I have some dumplings first? My mother said: 'no, we can't start eating until everyone comes. And every dish today has its own name. I'll introduce it to you later. 'after a few minutes, the meal is ready. First of all, my mother introduced me to "family reunion egg", which is composed of lion head and tiger skin quail egg. This dish shows that the most important thing for Chinese people is family reunion, and no delicacies are more important than family reunion in festivals. Then my mother introduced me to 'spicy fried New Year cake'. Crab stick and chili sauce were added to the cake, giving people a feeling of red and golden. This dish wishes you every success in the coming year. Next, my mother introduced me to "carp leaping New Year". Since ancient times, it has been said that "carp leaping dragon's gate" in China. Koi is a symbol of good luck. I wish you all a prosperous future, a prosperous official career, and great progress for your children and grandchildren ”Push xiangruyi for you, more than every year! Later, my mother introduced me a lot of dishes & hellip; & hellip;

Finally, my mother introduced me to my favorite dish, which is called 'lucky dumpling'. Because there is a piece of sugar in one of the dumplings, which means sweet, so whoever eats it will be happy and safe in the coming year. Everyone began to rush to eat dumplings. Finally, grandma ate 'sugar dumplings', and we all gave our best wishes to her. The new year's Eve dinner ended with everyone's blessing. composition

First day in Qingdao: Yin xiuqiang's composition: the sound of firecrackers in my family's dinner is one year old, and the spring breeze brings warmth to Tu su. Thousands of families always exchange new peaches for old ones.

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Only once a year, the most lively is that night, I look forward to the arrival of that night, to meet the charming night.

The arrival of that night brought me a lot of happiness and fun. For this year's "big meal", my mother and grandmother began to "start construction" two days before New Year's Eve. Because the new year's Eve dinner in my mother's eyes is a reunion dinner, which indicates the beginning of the new year. Everything should be perfect, not a little careless. At this time, I would be careful in my speech, for fear that I might inadvertently say something unpleasant or unlucky, which would attract my mother's scolding. For my family, the annual New Year's Eve dinner is not only a simple dinner, but also a ceremony for the whole family. So in today's rich material life, we still keep the habit of eating New Year's Eve dinner at home. composition

My family's new year's Eve dinner stresses division of labor and cooperation, and each takes its own responsibility. Mother is the chief designer, responsible for personnel scheduling. For the new year's Eve dinner, my mother would take out the delicate light blue tableware in the disinfection cabinet. My father helps my mother to do small jobs, buying side dishes, spices, cooking oil, salt, soy sauce, pots and pans; my grandmother is the right-hand assistant of the chief designer; my grandfather cooks some of his specialty dishes; as for me, I'm responsible for "stealing". After the dishes are ready, I always try the salty food to steal them. Alas, who calls me a mouse?

Mother is particular about making new year's Eve dinner. The number of dishes must be even. There are cold and hot dishes, meat and vegetables, and each of them should be in pairs. She wants to make a good couple. Every year at the big dinner, my mother will show us some good dishes she has learned, but there are several dishes that my mother keeps, such as "steamed egg roll", "stewed chicken", "fried meatballs" and "braised fish". My mother thinks that having these dishes indicates a rich life in the coming year. composition

Under the command and control of my mother, our midnight dinner officially began at seven o'clock in the evening. Plates of delicious food with all kinds of colors and flavors were brought to the table. I was dazzled. Dinner! I wolfed the delicious food into my mouth. Mother took out the juice and red wine and poured them into a goblet. This is a necessary program for us every year. New Year's wishes (we always give our best wishes to our family before dinner every year). This year, I was the first one to go on the stage. I held up my wine cup to wish my father and mother good health, happy and smooth work. I wish my grandparents happiness and longevity. Mom and Dad, grandparents also gave their wishes to me, mom and dad wish me good health, good mood every day; grandparents wish me progress in learning. Then we take our glasses and "cheers"! Our family is really a warm and harmonious one. I love my family.

My family is not only rich, but also happy. I'm proud of a mother who can cook delicious food, and I'm also proud of a happy family. New year's Eve dinner (Reprint) as far as I'm concerned, the happiest thing in the Spring Festival is to eat new year's Eve dinner besides collecting lucky money. Because it's really a happy thing for us to get together and enjoy delicious food together.

The new year's Eve celebration also starts with the Spring Festival dinner, which often has to be prepared for several days. It is the most abundant family reunion dinner in the year. It usually starts when the lights are on, and some of it lasts until late at night. We can see how important this "reunion dinner" is. Family reunion, get together, share family feelings, farewell to the old and welcome the new, reposing people's good expectations for the coming year.

This year's dinner also has my participation, I am my mother's little assistant. I'm sorry that I don't know how to cook, but I can still do such things as washing, cutting and cooking. First, I started panning rice and cooking. It was very easy for me, so I finished it very easily. Then I help my mother wash and cut vegetables. But in the process of cutting vegetables encountered a little difficulty, I not only cut slowly, but also cut unevenly. My mother said that I haven't mastered the essentials and I'm not proficient, so it's difficult to cut. My mother stopped and patiently taught me the essentials. Although she was not proficient, she was still a lot faster. I felt very happy. I will help my mother carry water for a while and help her serve vegetables for a while. Very busy. My help is small, but it can't be ignored. It's sweet to be able to help. The most important thing is that we have gained a lot today.

After busy, it's time to have dinner. Then I think of being hungry. This table is really rich! Our family got together and had a good time. There was a warm smell in the air. composition

I think this is the charm of the Spring Festival. People love her just because they can enjoy the warmth of home on this day. The warmth on this day is the strongest and the happiest. The most valuable thing in the world is family affection. Bad new year's Eve dinner today is new year's Eve. The whole family should have new year's Eve dinner together, but my grandparents didn't want to go, so they stayed at home.

We searched in the hotel for a long time before we found out where the seats were. I immediately sat down, regardless of three seven twenty-one to do it, picked up chopsticks to eat with relish. Our table is full of children of my generation, so we all talk very opportunistically. My brother is playing with his mobile phone. After the dishes were served, we began to eat. First of all, my cousin stood up to wish the people at our table a happy new year, and we also stood up to drink. Adults see, as if unwilling to lag behind, also stood up to drink. Eating, I feel full, so I began to go to the adult table, like my father to play with a mobile phone, my father does not lend me, I can only play with my brother to play cards, my brother is not good, I win every game, I feel boring, more and more boring, and my brother is playing more and more hard, drag me to play with him, I have to play with him. One more game, I won. In order not to play with him, I said, "if you want me to play with you again, you can, but you don't want to play with my computer at home in the future." The younger brother was a kid who didn't admit defeat and said, "don't you want to escape after winning so many games?" I said impatiently: "OK, OK, play with you, but