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An unforgettable thing

In the years I grew up, I met many people who moved me, but the people who affected me most were in 5. A heroic mother who gave up her life and saved her child's safety appeared in the 12 earthquake. I think she will always stay in my childhood memory and accompany me forever.

When the rescuers found her, she was dead. She was crushed to death by the collapsed house. Through the gap of the pile of ruins, we can see her dead posture, kneeling on both knees, supporting her body with both hands. Rescue workers reached in through the space of the ruins to confirm that she was dead. They yelled at the ruins and knocked on the bricks with crowbars. There was no response. When the crowd came to the next building, the rescue team leader suddenly ran back, shouting 'come on'. He came to her body again and put his hand under the woman's body to feel for it. He touched it a few times and cried out in a loud voice, "someone, there's a child, still alive.". After some efforts, people carefully cleared away the ruins blocking her. Under her body lay her child, wrapped in a small red quilt with yellow flowers, about 3 or 4 months old. Because his mother's body protected him, he was unharmed. When he was taken out, he was still sleeping quietly. His sleeping face made all the people present feel very warm. The accompanying doctor came to untie the quilt and prepared to do some examination. He found that there was a mobile phone in the quilt. The doctor subconsciously looked at the screen of the mobile phone and found that there was a written message on the screen: 'dear baby, if you can live, you must remember that I love you'.

An ordinary mother, one of hundreds of millions of parents, is willing to sacrifice her life to protect her son in the face of merciless natural disasters. It's the miracle of life and the power of love. Let's warm the world with hope and hope in the face of nature. About unforgettable composition: an unforgettable thing_ 600 words there is a picture on my desk. The person in the picture is my mother and I. the corners of our mouths are slightly tilted. Our scarlet faces are full of joy. There are countless lotus flowers around. The background is the antique pavilions and the faintly visible North Temple Pagoda.

This photo was taken in the Humble Administrator's garden when my mother and I visited Suzhou in August this year. At that time, the garden was full of tourists. My mother and I walked and saw the North Temple Tower in the distance. I said to my mother, 'Mom, look at the North Temple Tower next to our hotel! Why is it in this Humble Administrator's garden? '。 When we were puzzled, an old man came by. He was neatly dressed, with white hair and bright eyes. He said to us with a smile, 'you know what? The design of Humble Administrator's garden is very ingenious. Although the North Temple Tower is not in the garden, the designer borrowed this tower to the garden by borrowing scenery. Isn't it interesting? '

'well! 'I nodded again and again.' it's really interesting. '

My grandfather was very happy to hear that. "Suzhou garden is the pride of Suzhou people. It's famous all over the world. We need to taste it slowly. 'it's too hot, and the big sweat falls from my grandfather's face, but he's still smiling.

'come on, let me take a picture for you. '

'great, thank you! "Mom said and handed the camera to Grandpa.

'1, 2, 3' old man pressed the shutter, 'ah! The other tourists were photographed. another one piece! "This one is still not good. The picture of Beisi Pagoda in the back is blurred. '

'that's it. It's too much trouble. 'mom's sorry.

'don't mention it. Another one! I'm very patient.

My mother and I quickly posed with a smile.

'This one is wonderful! You see! "The old man looked at the camera screen carefully and showed a satisfied smile.

'Thank you, thank you! 'mom said in unison.

'There are many scenic spots ahead. Have a good time! '

'goodbye, grandpa! '

My mother and I said as we walked, "this Suzhou grandfather is so warm. '

Yes, Suzhou gardens are more beautiful because of him. '


After a few steps, I couldn't help looking back and saw the old man taking pictures of other tourists who looked like college students. What a warm-hearted grandfather!

I like this picture very much, not only because it is perfect, but also because through this picture, I can see that a warm-hearted old man loves his hometown and is ready to help others. About unforgettable thing composition: an unforgettable thing_ 350 words I have experienced many things, but the most unforgettable thing is what happened that day, it has been deeply imprinted in my mind, let me forget.

It was last spring, my parents and I went to the park to play. Just walked in, only to hear 'PA'. When I looked back, it turned out that a blonde 'foreigner' dropped a coin on the ground when he was pulling out his pocket. I fixed my eyes and saw that it was a one yuan coin with the national emblem facing up. When I was about to pick up the coin and return it to the foreigner, a soldier quickly walked up to the foreigner and stood at attention with a standard military salute. He politely said: 'sir, you have dropped the coin. Please pick up the coin on the ground. "Foreigner" a Leng, some accident. He said with blunt Chinese: "it's only one yuan, I don't want it. The national emblem should not be trampled on the national dignity! Even if there is no national emblem, it should not be, it is with your sweat! "The PLA uncle said solemnly. 'good! I'll pick it up right away. "Foreigner" is a little ashamed. He picked up the coin, blew it with his mouth, wiped it with paper, and carefully put it into his pocket.

At this time, I found that the five pointed star on my uncle's hat was so bright. It lights up the way of my life and teaches me how to be a man.

I think, if we all love our motherland like the PLA uncle, then our motherland will be prosperous and strong! About unforgettable composition: an unforgettable thing_ 550 words I have done countless interesting things when I was a child, any one can make you laugh, but the most unforgettable thing is that & hellip; & hellip;

When I was a child, my mother told me that fire is a very dangerous thing. If I was not careful, I might burn my house down. In order not to let me touch the fire, she also lied to me that if I played with fire, I would wet the bed. If I wet the bed, she would spank me. When I was a child, I was afraid of spanking, because my mother was more irritable than my father, so my mother would not be merciful. Because I was afraid of spanking, I didn't touch a match for a long time. However, after being honest for a while, my hand itched again. My mother didn't let me touch it, but what do I want to do? One day, when my mother was not at home, I went into the kitchen carefully and found many things in the drawer, such as towel, handkerchief, mask, etc. Suddenly, I saw a small box, which said: matches. Ah! It's a match! I found it! I looked at the box of matches, and I was distressed. Do I play or not? Don't play, my hands itch; play, what if I wet the bed? In this way, a period of time passed, and it was not easy for me to decide. I slowly pulled out a match and struck it gently. Looking at the little light, I was full of joy. But after a while, I saw that the match was about to burn my finger, so I quickly threw it to the ground. The match that was thrown to the ground still didn't go out, so I stepped on it with my feet and finally put it out.

I had to go to bed in the evening. I went to the bathroom 11 times in a row. Then my sister and I slowly lay down and fell asleep. In my dream, I dreamt that I peed in bed and my mother was beating me with a feather duster. I kept crying and my voice was hoarse; I suddenly woke up, thought of the dream, quickly turned up the quilt, found a map on the quilt, I was stunned, thought that my mother would hit my ass, and cried, the mother who was looking for food heard my cry, ran over, saw me cry, called me up, I whipped up, my mother looked, laughed, said: 'your sister wet the bed, what do you cry for? It turns out that my sister is sleeping on the map.

Ah! My heart suddenly relaxed. About unforgettable composition: an unforgettable thing for me_ 250 words that day, there was a thunderstorm, because I ate something unclean, so I was sick. My home was far away from the hospital, and it took me half an hour by car. Originally, my mother wanted to call a car to take me to the hospital, but there were a lot of people in the car, so my mother decided to carry me to the hospital for fear of crushing me.

I hold a small umbrella on my mother's back to block the rain for me and my mother, because the umbrella is too small to cover my mother, only to cover myself, but my mother has become a drowned chicken, but she never complains and cheers for herself.

I thought to myself: 'grandfather Lei, brother Wuyun, don't let it rain any more. I beg you. 'I was complaining when my mother stopped and I said:' Mom, let me down when the hospital arrives! 'but my mother insisted on carrying me to the doctor. At that time, my mother was very tired, but she was always worried about me.

Back home, my mother cooked a bowl of chicken soup and said to me: 'come on, drink it, drink it, your disease will be better. 'I can't persuade my mother to drink a bowl of chicken soup every day. Gradually, my illness has been better, but I always want to say to my mother: 'Mom, thank you. 'an unforgettable thing_ When the bell rings after class and "athletes march" rings on the radio, it's telling us that it's time to do exercises. "Oh, it's time to do exercises again. 'I don't know which one complained. Yes, there's so much homework and exercises. 'a classmate should be in harmony. "Don't do exercises," another student said.

This can drive the whole class, we collective 'strike', although the music sounded, we still do not care, all motionless, each doing their own homework. Just as we were complacent, a serious voice came: "why don't you do exercises? 'it turned out to be Mr. Zhuang. Mr. Zhuang asked us seriously. We were all squeaky, just like dumplings in a teapot. 'plop like a rabbit in my arms. Fortunately, Mr. Zhuang just criticized us a few words, and then left angrily. Now our hearts calmed down a little. But who knows, the mouse is pulling the plow - big head is behind. Suddenly, a dark shadow appears in front of the classroom door. It turns out that Mr. Zhuang's hind foot just left, and principal Ye's hind foot came. The headmaster said to us angrily, "why don't you do exercises? "Oh, this is a big deal. Even the headmaster was shocked. President Ye criticized us seriously, and we had to go down to do the exercises again twice. We lined up to go down, and our heart was so heavy. Began to do exercises, in the face of other students cast strange eyes, my face 'Shua' red up. I want to find a crack in the ground. Not only have we not played a leading role, but we are not as disciplined as the first and second grade students! We should learn from this lesson, next time we must remember to do exercises!

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