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Don't litter

Whenever I walk into this clean classroom with neat tables and chairs, I can't help feeling a lot. "Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment". It's easy to say, but hard to do. There are always people around us who litter everywhere and destroy the environment. Over time, we have formed a bad habit.

My classroom used to be like a garbage room. Why? There are a lot of students littering, garbage can be found everywhere. The drawers are full of eaten food bags and mineral water bottles; the useful waste paper under the table and the torn paper pushed by ""; the corner is full of ginseng sticks, milk boxes and paper towels; the garbage in the garbage can is all over the outside; there is still milk on the ground that has not been drunk; people walk by and fly a few flies from time to time. All kinds of rubbish can be found everywhere in the classroom. The classroom is full of smoke. Some students fight a broom fight, gun broom, shield garbage can cover, the classroom is full of dust, so where is so much garbage produced? Some students throw away the outer packaging bag (milk box straw) after eating snacks (milk) during the break; some students tear the book into pieces of paper in art class, or throw the necessary articles such as origami, cardboard and double-sided adhesive tape on the floor; some students throw the unfinished milk box into the corner of the wall, and the wall is full of them; others throw the old milk box on the floor The chalk of the teacher's class is thrown everywhere, and the garbage is produced and sold here.

In such a vicious circle, within a few days, the classroom will become a garbage classroom full of garbage and dust. Walking into the classroom, some students chased each other with brooms, accidentally stepped on the milk box, and the milk that they didn't drink was sprayed everywhere like a water gun; some students danced around with blackboard erasers, and there was a colorful spring rain in the air; some students kicked the mineral water bottle as a ball, which brought up bursts of dust, and made the classroom miasmatic.

In class, the teacher asked the students, "how do you feel when you study in such an environment?" At this time, the teacher bent down and picked up the garbage one by one. Students, you look at me, I look at you, the small face is red, all hurry to pick up the garbage under their feet. composition

Now, after class, the students consciously clean up. Everyone cleans up their surroundings. The food bags, milk boxes and used paper are all consciously thrown into the dustbin. The students supervise and compare with each other. The classroom becomes clean and comfortable. "It's good not to litter!" I read it in my heart. Every time the students come into the classroom, they see neatly placed desks and chairs, clean classroom. Everyone's words are "everyone is responsible for protecting the environment". Please don't litter. One day, my parents and I went home from outside. On the way home, I always found that some people took the rubbish and threw it away. I think this will destroy our living environment, make many places stink, and let passers-by have to endure the smell.

I think these people should take the garbage to find the garbage can to throw. If they feel dirty or smelly, they can trot all the way to find the garbage can, but they can't throw it on the roadside. If there are too many such behaviors, the whole earth will be occupied by garbage. Think about it, how terrible the earth is occupied by garbage! However, there are still some people who take the garbage to the garbage can. I think that person is throwing the garbage into the garbage can. It turns out that the person is throwing the garbage casually, and the garbage will be thrown wherever it flies. Then the person goes away, and the garbage is surrounded by the garbage can. Some people think that as long as the garbage is beside the garbage can, it's not. It's also a littering when the garbage is beside the garbage can Garbage, in this way, will still harm the earth.

So, for our common home, let's not litter.

It is a common phenomenon that some people do not know. If this goes on, the natural environment will be seriously damaged. Let's calculate, if people all over the world litter once a day, we can imagine what the earth will be like.

Littering not only pollutes the environment, but also brings serious harm to human beings. People suffer from gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer and other diseases, which have something to do with littering. Because people come out for activities or work every day, some garbage will rot for a long time and give off a very smelly smell. People will get sick if they inhale the odor for a long time. Garbage can also breed a lot of bacteria, attract mosquitoes and spread diseases.

In order to avoid littering, you have to start with the small things around you. In fact, it is a very simple thing to correctly handle the garbage. No matter where you are, there are garbage cans. Some people are very lazy. Before they go to the garbage can, they throw the garbage on the ground. If everyone can do so, we should remind them or take the initiative to pick up the garbage Garbage pollution to the environment will be greatly reduced, people's diseases will be reduced a lot, so we can create a beautiful environment for ourselves.

Let's join hands to contribute to the protection of the environment and create a beautiful home for mankind! Please don't fly around any more

When I was doing exercises in the square

You fly over my head

On the green grass

A mass of rubbish was left in the clean garden

Bird, please stop flying

When I was resting on the park bench

You come to me

Reluctant to leave

The birds

You are thin and transparent

Easy to use

You are a good helper for people to take things

But someone's putting you around

Now you're in a team

To attack our blue sky

Bird, please stop flying

We don't throw you around anymore

I hope you tell the king of plastic bag kingdom

We will put you away

Protect the beautiful home with actions

Don't let your strange 'bird' appear on our head again

Beijing Haidian experimental primary school six I can't stand littering. On my way to school, I have to go through several garbage dumps, which are caused by the littering of nearby residents. I often see people at work throw their garbage on the side of the road. Even if there is a garbage can nearby, they don't want to take more steps. Some people even go to the garbage can and don't want to take the trouble to put the garbage in the bin, but leave it outside. After breakfast, people throw napkins and plastic bags on the side of the road. Even if the cleaners have just cleaned the road and cleaned up the littering piles, and even if there are signs on the roadside such as "don't litter" & lsquo; please put the garbage in the bin ", people still go their own way. Soon, there will be new littering piles on the roadside, and the road will be full of littering. In sunny days, dust is flying; in windy days, plastic bags are flying all over the sky; in rainy days, sewage flows across the sky and stinks.

We all hope to live in a clean and beautiful garden city. We all hope to have a good mood on the way to work and school. I encourage people to start from themselves, from small things, to protect the environment. Let's walk in a clean and tidy road! In the days of rectifying the "four chaos", recently, our city has carried out the activities of rectifying the "four chaos". "Four disorderly" refers to spitting, walking, littering and scattering paper money. For spitting, 20 yuan will be fined, 30 yuan will be fined, 50 yuan will be fined for littering and 50 yuan will be fined for scattering paper money. Propaganda slogans can be seen everywhere in the city, all kinds of them are propaganda to rectify the "four chaos". In the past, many people in the city were involved in the "four disorder" activities, but now these bad habits have obviously improved through the rectification of the "four disorder" activities. However, some uncivilized people still have the "four disorder" activities.

Once, I was on my way to school when there was a man waiting for me. At this time, he spit on the ground, and behind him there is a propaganda to rectify the "four disorder" slogan, I read very angry, I dissuade him from spitting, he glanced at me and said: 'what do children know, don't worry, hum! I tried again and again to dissuade him, but he didn't listen, so he had no choice but to go to the school.

In the days of rectifying the four chaos, I hope people will consciously abide by it and resolutely refrain from doing so. Talk about the garbage can, master Chen

Talking about the garbage can

Yu JiangHao, class 4, grade 4, No.1 school

Hello everyone, my name is garbage can. Although there is the word "garbage" in my name, garbage is my natural enemy. Since I got this name, I have the responsibility to protect the earth's environment composition

You human littering, the original beautiful world, let you give destruction. Fortunately, the world is full of people who care about the environment and throw all the garbage into my mouth, so that the surrounding environment can be recovered We should cherish the good times now, and do not let mother earth suffer from a serious disease that is hard to cure.

There are differences between our trash cans! I am a recyclable garbage can, but my friend is not recyclable, to confirm whether it can be recycled, to let the garbage become our beloved items. composition

It's everyone's responsibility to take good care of the paper. Sometimes I become the object of waste. As soon as some people see me, they throw the unfinished drink into my mouth and make me smell of moldy drink for three or four months! Environmental protection is the only way to a better life! At the same time, I would like to say to you: "you know, we are distributed all over the world, and some places do not, so you have to lend a helping hand to help. When you see the scene of garbage standing by, I'm really sad, sad

Human beings, it's a small matter for you to cherish the beautiful earth. How can you just sit back and ignore it? Let's take action and put the garbage into our mouth. What you see is not the garbage everywhere, but a beautiful and lovely new world!

Instructor Cui Meiru

In the past, there were some students who didn't love environmental hygiene and threw litter, peels, paper scraps and so on at any time. But in recent days, the campus can be clean, because I invented a super trash can, which can be used to clean the campus. If you are interested, I will take you to have a look! This kind of garbage can like robot has a square head and body. Its arms can be flexed and extended freely, and its legs and feet can be retracted and extended freely. It's about 1.4 meters high. The biggest advantage of this garbage can is that it is controlled by computer. The computer is mainly in the body of the robot. The two cameras are used as the robot's' eyes'. When the robot sees someone throwing garbage, it will open the lid. When the garbage is poured into the garbage can, the computer will separate the waste, silt and clods that can be used. At the same time, it will make a partition between the beginning and the body. These waste will enter into the two spaces of the 'body'. If you look closely, you will find that there are two 'compressors' on the barrel arm. When the garbage is poured in, the two