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Friendship by my side

I used to curl up in the dark corner and cry. You came over with a smile and gently stroked my long hair. I raised my head and looked at your smiling face. You gently wipe away the tears on my face, take my hand and fly together in the jungle.


Snow began to melt, everything slowly recovery, you always pull me in the forest running, dancing, like two just born butterflies, happy to enjoy everything in this world.

Why do you like spring so much? You smile and say, because we met in spring! You say you want to make the whole spring full of laughter, no sadness, only happiness. I was just silent. composition


This summer came early and hot. There are few people on the street. Maybe they all stay at home and blow the air conditioner. The cicada on the tree has been crying, you toot mouth said how the cicada kept calling, even if its life is short, it doesn't have to be so annoying! composition

I said with a smile that I am not a cicada, you told me also useless, to say you look for a cicada to say!

After class, you always take me to the school canteen to buy Vanilla ice cream, and then we eat and listen to MP3. I asked you why you like park Shu so much, and then you said to me seriously, because Park Shu's music is very clean and refreshing, just like you.


The hot summer finally passed, and the leaves began to turn yellow and fall. Flocks of geese flitted through the air and headed south. You always drag me to climb mountains. When I am out of breath and ask why you want to torture me like this, you knock on my head and say, "you are stupid. Look at you. You are going to become a pig. Of course, you have to take advantage of climbing now to lose weight.". I am so thin. How can I say that I am becoming a pig? When I looked up, you had already run away. I found that I was fooled by you. I chased you to death. Then I gave you a shudder. You nagged me all day.


You have been admitted to a key middle school in C City. You said that you may leave after the new year and go to study there. I am happy and sad after hearing that. I am happy that you have been admitted to a key middle school, but sad that you will leave after the new year. If you are not here, I will die lonely.

On the eve of the new year's Eve, I bought a big bag of fireworks and put them in the morning with you. I said, our time together is like these fireworks, although beautiful, but very short. Why do all the good things fade away so easily? You say it may be because we don't know how to cherish it. Some things, perhaps only lost, will know how to cherish.

Annie baby said: 'the fireworks are blooming and we are leaving. '

Xueman once wrote in "the golden castle of the little demon" that "on a white day and a dark night, I can see my own color, a clean child, without despair, because of the broken, looking up at the sky & hellip; & hellip; 'I feel that I am that sad child, because of you, I am not lonely, not lonely, but now even you are leaving me, can I be happy in the future?

On the day you left, I didn't cry, because you said that you like to see me smile, like to see me strong, so I didn't cry in front of you, I don't want you to worry about me, I just want to watch you leave quietly, just quietly & hellip; & hellip;

From that day on, I seem to have grown up, I learned to cherish, people often say, there is no feast in the world, this is life. Time old man told me that there is a kind of thing that can be seen but not touched. This kind of thing is friendship. I've been in place forever how far, I don't know. Even forget you say we are forever friends when my expression! I don't remember. I really don't remember. Some things can be forgotten so easily!

What does time take away? I don't know. You don't want to tell me. People are still close, but the heart is separated by several mountains and rivers.

In fact, everything can be forgotten, even promises, as long as you do not want to think, will forget it! I didn't leave, I didn't leave, I never left, but you know what? How I wish you could look back, just for a moment, but it's a ridiculous wish. You've never turned your head, but I'm waiting for happiness to come back to me one day.

I said I have a lot, almost a lot of people believe that, but only you can understand my emptiness, you said to be my sun, my light? You left before you could fulfill your promise! Between us smoke, really scattered? Why? You have no answer, I have no, I can only wait in place! composition

In fact, I have always believed in friendship, and believe that there can be no distance between hearts, but you don't want to talk to me well! Unfortunately not you, really, unfortunately not you, unfortunately accompany me to the end is not you, really not you! My sun, I miss you so much, why don't you give me light, everything around me is far away from me with you, you say you are my forever sun! We said to face difficulties together, we are sad and happy children, because of each other ah? I doubt you and my simplicity, really doubt. Originally I only have you, you are my each other, but I am not your each other!

Originally, it is like this! I want you to come back. Really, I didn't set up a wall in my heart. No, no, no, you have the key to enter it, but you seem to have lost it! I can't figure it out. When I was defeated and lonely, you didn't go back. I cried behind you. I cried in the darkness when the sun was gone, but your light couldn't shine here. You couldn't see my cry! composition

You can't even hear my powerless words: for you, I can give up everything! Including & hellip; & hellip; I love Chuang Wang! Really, can give up, but you can't hear me say this sentence, you think I'm not in place, in fact, I've been here!

I have been in the same place, in the same place, but you can't see & hellip; & hellip; friend, I had a cold in that corner (Reprinted) friends are friends, absolutely nothing can be replaced, absolutely nothing can be described as all the roses in the world, together with all the flowers in the world, can not compare with the fragrance and beauty of friendship.

This sentence is said by elder Gulong. He is right. A friend is a friend, and nothing can replace it!

I don't know how to describe my friendship with Shan. We are very close, but our friendship was stopped by adults. The reason is simple: Shan is a bad child, she only makes me learn bad.

Shan and I are extremely emotional people, often make the whole class laugh, and often hide in the bed crying, talk to each other and comfort each other. We all like the song "I had a cold in that corner", which had no lyrics and the singer didn't know. I said, this song is sunny, like basking in the sun. She said the voice was nice, soft, like a lullaby. Two hot tempered girls fell in love with the light music at the same time. Our hobbies are so unified, that's it. Even if she is a bad child, I will always be with her. I thought so. composition

She hid her parents' puppy love. Then, in a quarrel with her parents, she resolutely ran away from home, and her parents "searched" a large pile of letters in her room. So she transferred. My parents no longer allow me to associate with this girl who used to come in and out of my house. They want me to forget the name completely. But, how could it be! Forgetting her means that I will never and forever lose a friend who can cry and laugh with me and be crazy together! So, I began to look forward to the weekend, because the weekend can go to her home, and can laugh with her!

On the second day of junior high school, the political teacher said that we should distinguish between bad friends and good friends. I felt a pause in my heart, and Shan was smiling at me. "To live with a good man is like entering a room of orchids without smelling its fragrance for a long time; to live without a good man is like entering a shop of abalone without smelling its smell for a long time." Then I began to keep a distance with Shan. I was worried that I would "stink", so there were a lot of "good people" nerds who had never been associated with before. I knew very clearly that those "good people" could not be my intimate friends at all. I just wanted to "smell" up! Intimate friend or her, just alienated a few just! That's what I thought. composition

But people can change, not all the time.

The sun on that day was unexpectedly bright and warm in winter!

"Hi, Shanzi..."

I was shocked before I called her home! Who is that? Head, a face of heavy makeup, strange clothes "Hey! What's the matter? " She didn't look up at me, didn't notice my surprise. I shook my head. "It's OK." She just said, "what's up?" "Ah? It's OK. Come and see you. " Shane in the past would never say that. I stopped talking and went into her room and played the song "I had a cold in that corner.". The melody repeats the only lyric, darling. Close your eyes and indulge. Suddenly she ran in. "Why do you play this song? I'm tired of listening to it!" Tired of listening! I was in a trance again! So I told her I had something to do and went home.

The sun is shining, but I clearly feel a chill!

Shan changed. She didn't look like a student. I didn't know her anymore! And I don't seem to care much about her indifference.

Is this the end of our friendship? I grabbed the corner of my coat, lowered my head and walked on the way home.

Maybe we are too young to maintain our friendship.

Maybe we can't tell a friend from a friend

"I've had a cold in that corner" is the same song... Da Da len Da len Da len Da len da da da a... Da len Da len da da da da da a... Da len Da len Da len Da la

Perhaps, in which sunny day, listening to this song, I met my long lost friend again The devil is by the side, the devil is by the side

Night, dark people lost everything

Under the light, the tip of the pen vibrates, but I don't know how to write. I hesitated: friend, what is a friend?


That day, in the geography class, the teacher was talking on the platform, while I was lying on the table lazily, a faint residual fragrance

I told the boys behind me about my friends in my memory. When I talked about the unhappiness with them, I subconsciously wrote

He didn't ask much, and I didn't want to say anything. He just handed him a note quietly, with six on it

I don't believe in my friends! He laughed and laughed at my stupidity and asked me curiously: can you insist on not talking to others all afternoon?

I did not answer, maybe guilty, maybe want to escape. He continued to enlighten me, told me that people can't do without friends, I love you

A sneer: Yeah?

He told me a story about a friend. It seemed that he was performing a perfect fairy tale

Romantic, and there is no blackmail between me and my friends. That kind of pure trust is what I lack

The bell rang unconscious. School is over

I put my head on it