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Cooking for the first time

There are many first times in life, the first time to ride a bicycle, the first time to play cards, the first time to plant flowers. Some went down the river like duckweed for the first time. Some of the first time is like a knife deep into my heart, let me for a long time can not forget. The most unforgettable thing for me is that I cook for the first time.

I remember last summer vacation, I had nothing to do at home. My grandmother and mother went out, and an idea flashed into my mind to cook and cook by myself. For grandma and mom. I'm going to fry a plate of eggs for them today. I took out the eggs and scallion, at this time, the first question in front of me, how to beat eggs? I imitate the previous mother's practice, first the egg shell gently broken, and then, the egg shell along the broken place to break in half, egg yolk on the trend, flow into the prepared bowl. Then I chopped the green onion and put it into the egg in the bowl. I had a long sigh of relief and thought, my God, it's so difficult to make eggs! But who ever thought, I just entered the first level. The second level has been honestly placed in front of me. How do you stir the eggs? I first along the side of the bowl, holding chopsticks to turn a few times, found that only stirred the egg white, but not to the yolk. I used chopsticks to stir up and down a few times, full of hope that it would succeed, but I miscalculated. When the chopsticks approached the egg yolk, the egg yolk ran away like a naughty child, or the bamboo basket was empty. I am angry with chopsticks to make trouble with yellow, did not expect that I actually succeeded. It was a real windfall. In my imitation of my mother's appearance, a little bit of the "egg wave.". The egg is also done, I put the heavy barrel of cooking oil into the pot, began to fry eggs! I put the stirred eggs into the pot, light the fire, in the calm egg liquid, welcome to pay attention to wechat: www4hw for more knowledge. One by one, the golden beans are springing up. The next hurdle has come. I don't know how to turn it over. I picked up the shovel and prepared to experience the feeling of closing the feather and playing with a big knife. The shovel is in the pot, left and right. The egg is still standing in the pot. This is, I realize that the bottom of the egg has been stuck by the pot! I had to remove the hard part from the bottom. I can't wait to taste the taste of their fried eggs, but a piece of eggs in the mouth, I immediately want to throw up, I did not put salt! I look at this piece of failed works, want to laugh but not laugh, want to cry but can not cry out. Who told me I didn't put salt?

I copied the array drum again. According to the method I just thought about, I remembered to put salt this time. What's more, I summed up the experience of the failure just now. I heated the oil evenly before putting it into the egg liquid. This time, I picked up my own scrambled eggs with confidence and chewed them in my mouth. It tasted good! I finally took my hard sweat in exchange for a plate of delicious eggs.

I didn't expect there was so much knowledge in scrambled eggs! I really underestimated it. This dish of eggs, however, I understand that there are skills to do anything. Only by mastering the skills can we succeed! composition

Name pan Yiyu BR & gt;

Li Zhaoqi, the instructor, wrote the composition for the first time. Today, I cook for the first time. My mother taught me to stir fry "braised bean curd".

My mother asked me to do the preparatory work first: cut the tofu into small cubes, cut some shredded chili, ginger and green onion leaves. And wash the pot clean.

It's time to show off when the preparations are ready. When the pan is heated to smoke, add appropriate amount of oil. When the oil smokes slightly, pour the bean curd into the pan. I only heard the bean curd creaking and a stream of cigarettes rising. After about two minutes, turn the tofu over. When it turns golden, add shredded chilli, ginger, scallion and salt and stir fry gently.

After a while, a dish of incense spray 'braised bean curd' out of the pot. My mother praised me for my good cooking. I think: the first time if there is no mother's advice, certainly can not, later, I want to practice more. Let my parents try my craft and let my mother have a rest. Writing for the first time, today is my first time.

I'll fry the meat with chili. I first remove the pepper handle, and then wash the pepper with water once. After cleaning, I take it to the chopping board. With my right hand, I touch the pepper with my left hand. With each knife, I cut the pepper into pieces, and then cut the meat into pieces. When I cut it, I was very afraid that I would cut it on my hand. My hand would not touch the knife. The cut meat was thick and thin. Grandma saw it and cut me thick again. Seeing this, I thought, if you want to make a good dish, you must cut it well. I have to study hard, because cutting vegetables is also a skill. I started cooking. I asked my dad to be my instructor. Father said: 'first heat the pot, and then put the right amount of oil. When the oil in the pot starts to emit white smoke, then put the meat into the pot to fry. 'I did it in the order my father told me. When I put the meat into the pot, it made a crackling noise, and then there was a splash of oil. A little oil spray hit my hand, which scared me straight back and didn't dare to stir fry it. There was a burning smell in the pot. My father told me to shovel the vegetables in the pot with a shovel. I plucked up the courage to take a small chair and stand on it, leaning over, one hand shoveling in the pot with a shovel. Then put on the seasoning prepared in advance, and then shovel a few times, at this time issued a fragrance. Then put on the pepper and shovel a few times, a spicy smell came. The dishes are almost ready, my hands are a little sore, sweat on my forehead. At that time, I thought, it's not easy to do a good job. Through this stir fry, let me realize that grandma cooks hard every day.

Started to eat, the family ate my first fried dishes, all said I fried very delicious. I am also happy, but I know that there are some places to learn more. Instructor Zhang Manyu

Luojiang experimental primary school, Deyang City, Sichuan Province

Grandma bought a cookbook with a lot of dishes on it. She made all kinds of dishes for me. It was delicious. I said to Grandma: "teach me, I want to make a delicious dish!" Grandma agreed.

I read a book and picked a fried bacon with Dutch beans. Grandma said, "this is a dish with all kinds of colors and flavors." I asked her, "what is color and fragrance?" Grandma said, "then you will know."

I bought green lotus beans and lean and fat bacon from the vegetable market. Under the guidance of my grandmother, I chose two old tendons along the two sides of the lotus beans, then washed them and put them in the small dish basket to drop water. Grandma helped me clean the bacon, cut them neatly and put them aside, and sliced raw ginger into thin slices. Everything was ready. I put the pot, started the range hood, and then cautiously lit the fire, poured some peanut oil into the pot, the oil was hot and emitting light smoke. First, ginger slices were put in, and then the bacon slices were put into the frying. The fragrance came out. My grandmother reminded me: "it's OK to have lotus beans!" I turn down the fire a little, pour in the lotus beans, and then add a small spoon of salt, wow, it's delicious! Finally, I added a little chicken essence, yellow bacon, green beans with the aroma of the pot! composition

When I brought the delicious dishes to the table, my grandmother said, "this is the color, the flavor and the flavor." This is my first work in the kitchen. I will work hard in the future. I will make more delicious dishes for grandma.

When she brought the delicious dishes to the table, grandma said, "this is all about color, flavor and fragrance." This is my first work in the kitchen. I will work hard in the future. I will make more delicious dishes for grandma. I'm tired of eating beans every day. 'I said to my father. 'what would you like to eat? 'My father asked me. I said: 'or, you teach me to stir fry tomato with eggs! "Easy! 'Dad agreed. This is the beginning of my first egg fried tomato.

Dad first told me how to stir fry: "first take the raw egg, knock the raw egg on the table twice, then pour the yolk and egg white into the bowl and stir it with chopsticks. When you've stirred enough, cut a few slices of tomatoes. Finally, heat the oil into the pan, then add in the eggs and stir fry. Take out the egg and stir fry the tomato. Stir fry twice and pour in the egg & hellip; & hellip; '

I was so impatient. Before dad finished, I said impatiently, "I understand! Got it! Just stand beside me and give me some advice. 'as soon as I heard that, I ran to the refrigerator and carefully took the raw eggs out of the refrigerator. I pounded the egg on the table twice. Before I could react, the white and yolk fell from the shell and landed on the ground. I was in a cold sweat, but the egg was just like this. No, I have to do it again. This time, I just can't believe I can't deal with these "little villains". I beat the raw eggs on the edge of the bowl and then quickly pour the egg white and yolk into the bowl, ha! Ha! I've defeated the little villain! According to the method, I made three in turn. After finishing, I use chopsticks to stir in one direction. Stirring, hands began to feel numb, but I insisted on stirring the eggs into a uniform liquid. I haven't come yet. I have to catch my breath and cut the tomatoes.

It's ready to go. I'll dry the remaining water in the pan over medium heat and pour it like oil. The oil came out of the pan and I ran to the door of the kitchen. Then Dad said, "don't be afraid! Quick, pour the egg into the pan! 'I came over timidly and poured the egg mixture into the pan. At this time, the oil is not cheap, I take the spatula carefully turn the eggs, and then use the spatula to divide the eggs into pieces. Then I shoveled out the eggs and put them in a bowl. Stir fry the tomatoes in oil pan. Stir fry to five ripe eggs, tomatoes and eggs fried two times, I put them into the prepared plate. composition

I fried the eggs and tomatoes for my parents to taste. Dad frowned after tasting it and said to me: 'you don't seem to be putting salt in it! 'I suddenly realized, but then I blamed my father and said,' you didn't say that just now. "You, you, just now you did not wait for me to finish, you fired, this is of course, cover B panic gallop, lured to cook. Today, I cook. My father is not at home tonight. After dinner with my mother, my mother said, "today I'll teach you how to cook shrimp chips, chips and peanuts. 'I said happily:' great! This is my first time cooking. '

I washed my hands clean with detergent. My mother brought me an apron and a mask. My mother said, "this is to prevent oil from splashing on my clothes and face. "I turn on the fire and wait for the water in the pot to steam dry. After a while, my mother poured the oil into the pot. After a while, my mother said," you can put the shrimp slices. 'I picked up a slice of shrimp and put it into the pot. It opened like a flower. I quickly picked up the shrimp slices, dropped a drop of oil, put it on the plate, and then I put the second piece of shrimp into the pot. I exploded 20 pieces in one breath. Some pieces were not caught in time. They were a little yellow.

Then, we began to fry French fries. I grabbed a handful of French fries and put them into the pot. The oil in the pan splashed, and a few drops of oil splashed on my hands. I asked my mother, 'why