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Swimming weekly record 100 words

My father and I went swimming in Huayin garden this evening

We came to the swimming pool. There were so many people. Dad swam first. He asked me to have a rest. Watching my father swim, I can't wait to go into the water. I just started swimming by the pool. My father came and asked me to swim. The content of this page is from "read. 4" ”Push it to the middle for you. I'm a little afraid and dare not swim. My father said 'you swim here, I'm beside you'. Listening to my father's words, I'm more daring. I slowly left the pool and swam towards the middle. I kept rowing and felt tired. Now I'm far away from the pool. My hands and feet are a little hard, and my swimming is a little disordered. At this time, my father came to me immediately, and I quickly caught my father I'm so tired. Dad encouraged me and said, 'I'm so happy today.

I had a good time today. I'll come next time.