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My favorite little animal

You know what? There is a lovely dog in aunt's house. It has white hair all over, snow-white like marshmallow; Its eyes are black and white, like two gemstones; The ears are semicircular, the nose is black and the tail is short. How beautiful!

One day, I went to my aunt's house to play. As soon as I entered the door, I saw the little dog barking at the door, as if I were welcome to his house. When I saw it, I smiled and said, 'little naughty, don't worry, I'll play with you right away.'

When I entered the house, I sat on the sofa and wanted to have a rest. But it licked me with its tongue. I can't stand its' intimate 'hospitality, so I have to accompany it out to play.

Outside, we played hide and seek. I hid behind the middle car and waited for it to come to me. After a while, I saw it running quickly towards this side. Suddenly, it came to a sudden brake, which surprised me! However, it did not realize my existence. So I decided to take a look at it. Its whole body of dog hair looks like it has taken a bath. It kept spitting out its tongue to the sun. Yes, today's weather is really hot, just like a fire barbecue the earth. However, it also took advantage of this time to find me. Ah! It becomes more lovely! The white dog hair is shiny and looks very smooth. Its eyes looked at me with a smiling expression, as if to say, 'children, look, I found it'. composition

I really like this lovely dog! My favorite little animal puppy my favorite little animal puppy

I like small animals very much, but my favorite is dogs.

The dog's body is not big, but its head is big. There are a pair of small triangular ears and a small face. A pair of big eyes as flexible and transparent as gemstones and a round black nose. The hair on the body is earthy yellow and smooth as if coated with oil. The tail is hairy and often swings around. It feels very comfortable.

The dog will make a little noise when eating food. He eats quickly as if he was hungry. Sleep motionless, very quiet, as soon as there is a movement, look up, and continue to lie on the ground to sleep. When playing games, if you are happy, you will swing your tail hard, jump around in the distance, and often stick out your tongue. composition

Because my neighbor has a little dog, I often play with it. The dog's head is big, so I call it "big head". Once, when I just got home, I saw the dog playing on the roadside and running around. I was about to open the door when the dog ran over and waved his head and tail in front of me as if he welcomed me.

I really like this lovely and naughty dog! I believe you will like this "big head" too! composition

My favorite little animal puppy my favorite little animal puppy my neighbor has a naughty and lovely puppy called Panpan.

Pan pan has a brown and white face. The content of this page is pushed by " reading" for you. Its eyes are big, bright and look very energetic. Its tail is loose and soft, rolled up high. When it is happy, its tail swings left and right, like a blooming flower. Its legs are fluffy. It runs around all day. It seems that it is curious about everything.

After a day of intense study, I am very tired. As soon as I came home from school, the dog came up and licked me. From time to time, he put his front paw on my leg and asked me to hold it. Seeing it, I relaxed a lot.

I like playing the clarinet very much. Every time I go to my neighbor's house to play the clarinet, Pan Pan looks up and roars with the sound of my clarinet, as if he is playing accompaniment for me. composition

I like my neighbor's dog Panpan very much because it brings me happiness from time to time. My favorite little animal, little white rabbit, grandma likes beautiful peacocks; Dad likes naughty dogs; Mother likes naughty kittens. But I like the clever little white rabbit. The little white rabbit has a fluffy, white and bright hair. It looks like wearing a fur coat from a distance. Its ears are long. When it is quiet, its ears droop; Stand up when there is movement. The little white rabbit's eyes are red, just like a drunk drunk. Its mouth is in the shape of three petals. It crunches when eating radishes, as if it was eating with relish. The limbs of the little white rabbit are very interesting. Its front legs are short and its hind legs are long. It jumps high and far. The little white rabbit has a short and small tail, like a fluffy ball. I like the long white rabbit; I like the big red eyes of the little white rabbit; I like the sound of little white rabbit eating radish; I prefer the way the little white rabbit jumps. This is really what the children's song says--

'little white rabbit, white and white,

Both ears stand up.

Love to eat turnips, love to eat vegetables, composition

Jumping is so cute. "

Zhongguancun No. 3 primary school (Wanliu), No. 3 of 101 middle school, my favorite little animal Cao Yunting, my favorite little animal

Cao Yunting

My family has a little dog. It's called "ugly". It's like a little hairball. Although it's ugly, it's very cute.

One day, after school, only Liu Yuanyi and I were left to clean the classroom. After cleaning, I suddenly heard the classroom door open. Because after a long time, ugly heard a voice in the classroom, so he knocked the door open with nine cattle and two tigers to pick me home

I like this very lovely dog.

Instructor Cui Meiru's composition my favorite animal, Zhang Jiacheng, remember^^

I like animals

Zhang Jiacheng

Today, I went to my brother's house to play. Recently, my brother has a puppy. It's very cute

The dog's eyes are big, shining brightly, its nose is black, it smells very sensitive, and its four legs run as fast as flying. And its small tail is hairy. As long as a guest comes, its small tail wags to welcome the guest.

The dog is best at guarding the door. In the evening, my brother and I go out to play. When we go back, a young man passes by my brother's door, and the dog barks. The dog is worthy of being a good guard

The dog was also very close to his master. Once his uncle went on a business trip, but the dog was reluctant to part with his master.

This little dog is just like our friends. We should love it.

Instructor Cui Meiru, remember? ^ ^ the story of "Kangkang" between me and the dog Xu Jiawei (this website). Original works, all rights reserved. Unauthorized reprint must be investigated!

I like small animals very much, especially dogs.

My grandparents said that we used to have a dog in our family. Because I was born, it competed with me. As soon as Grandpa sat down, he jumped on Grandpa's legs and sat in Grandpa's arms first. In order not to affect my growth and life, my family gave it away. Since then, my family has never had a bigger pet. My second grandmother has a dog at home, whose name is "Kangkang".

During the Chinese new year the year before last, I went to my second grandmother's house as a guest. As soon as I got home, Kangkang jumped out and barked. At first, I was very afraid, but later I found that its cry was not hostile, but a welcoming cry, shaking his head and very cute

"Woof, woof..." while we were talking happily, Kangkang ran out of the kennel with a ball in her mouth and put it in front of me. I asked my second grandmother what she was doing? She replied that she wanted to play with me.

At first, I felt sick because there was dog saliva on it, but after playing for a while, I forgot and didn't feel dirty

Playing, I found that it likes sports very much. Look, as soon as I throw the ball forward, it seems to know where my ball is going to fall. It's waiting there. When the ball is about to land, it pours fiercely, and the ball is in its mouth!

Not only that, Kangkang is also very smart! When he saw me eating melon seeds, he shouted at me. I threw the melon seeds in front of him. He ate the melon seeds at a fast speed and unexpectedly spit out the melon seed shell. What's more wonderful: after eating, he closed his claws and stood up and bowed to me. Hehe, I'm embarrassed.

And "Kangkang" has an unimaginable memory. Whenever I go to my second grandmother's house, it knows me and always welcomes me with a wagging tail.

Although Kangkang and I haven't been together for a long time, there are countless things that have happened, and everything is very interesting.

I love the dog "Kangkang", and I also love all the lovely little creatures in the world.

Original works, all rights reserved, reprinted without authorization! There are many animals in the world, including kittens, chickens and birds & hellip; & hellip; but my favorite is my sister's pet dog? Snow white.

It has a pair of round and bright eyes, a short small tail, and its hair is white and shiny.

Although Snow White is cute, she has a bad temper. Once, I pulled the soles of her feet with a ruler while she was sleeping. She turned over and continued to sleep. I hit her stomach with a ruler again. She immediately opened her bleary eyes and shouted 'woof woof woof!' ah! No, she lost her temper! She was furious and rushed at me. I was so scared that she closed the door, but she was still angry He kept scratching on the door as if he was going to overthrow it. It's this' full of energy 'that's cute!

Bai Xue is so cute. Do you also think it is cute